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Whether you have a fur baby you adore, are thinking of getting one, or are just an animal lover, this is the place for you. We’ve got answers to your pet questions and advice, fascinating facts about creatures big and small, and, yes, cute pictures.

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    10 Adorable Black and White Dog Breeds That Are Too Cute to Ignore

    When it comes to pups, the black and white color combo is an all-time classic.

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    20 of the Best Dog Movies to Watch with Your Pooch

    Get your tails wagging! Here's our round-up of the best movies for dogs to watch with the humans who love...

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    17 Too-Cute Teacup Dog Breeds

    These teensy-weensy teacup dogs are too cute for their own business! But there's a lot you should know before you...

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    15 Dog-Friendly Beaches Your Pooch Will Love

    Pack up your beach umbrella, water bowl, and leash—it's time for some fun in the sun.

    After a Woman Rescued an Injured Swan, Strangers Helped Her Get the Bird Across the City to a Rehab ...

    This woman went above and beyond to save a swan in the Big Apple—and some passersby stopped to help.

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    8 of the Best Toothbrushes for Dogs, According to Vets

    Brushing your dog’s teeth shouldn’t be an afterthought. These expert-recommended toothbrushes will help you get the job done easily and...

    The 17 Dog Grooming Supplies and Tools Pros Recommend

    Keep your pooch clean, healthy, and ready to dazzle at the dog park with these top-rated grooming must-haves.

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    13 of the Fastest Dog Breeds in the World

    Looking for a pooch to keep up on your bike rides or trail runs? We've found the fastest dog in...

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    The 11 Best Dog Shampoos to Keep Your Dog Clean and Healthy

    Is there really a difference when it comes to dog shampoos? Yes! Here’s how to find the best one for...

    12 Dogs with Floppy Ears That Are Irresistibly Cute

    Basset hounds and beagles are only just the beginning.

    The 20 Most Strikingly Beautiful Animal Photos You Need to See

    You won't believe some of these actually exist.

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    7 Best Dog Sunscreens to Protect Your Pup

    If you've never protected your pup's skin from the sun, it's time to start. A little SPF can go a...

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    50 of the Cutest Photos of Sleeping Kittens

    These funny cat photos from readers prove that a cat nap can happen just about anywhere. Here are some of...

    15 Toxic Plants You May Already Have at Home

    When it comes to houseplants, sometimes the beautiful can be itchy—or deadly.

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    How to Groom Your Dog at Home

    Whether your groomer’s currently closed or you’re looking to save a little money, here’s what you need to know before...

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    20 Plants That Are Poisonous for Cats

    They may be pretty…but they’re also pretty toxic to our feline friends.

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    My Favorite Neighbor Was a Golden Retriever

    Jersey Girl wasn’t technically Karen Dickson’s dog, but their bond was nothing short of spectacular.

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    After Their Son Passed Away, His Beloved Dog Served as Their Last Living Link to Him

    Lucy was Eric’s dog first. After he passed, she became ours.

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    A Cancer Survivor Finally Found the Perfect Dog to Adopt—Their Odds Were 50-1

    Ryan was able to get through treatment because of his beloved dog, Kyra. When she passed, it was years before...

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    This Dog Belonging to a Boarding School Teacher Taught a Few Lessons of His Own

    Forty years ago, when I taught eighth grade at a boarding school in California, the headmaster somehow ended up with...

    The Therapy Miniature Horse With a Magic Touch

    Gentle Carousel Miniature Horse Therapy has a menagerie of animals that provide comfort to those in need all over the...

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    When a Cryptic Stranger Lurked Toward Their Owner, These Mild-Mannered Dogs Sprang Into Guard Mode

    The normally affectionate pair weren’t going to let anyone threaten their pack.

    The Stray Cat Who Brought Home a Stray Cat

    People used to say that during the Great Depression, the needy would mark the doors of sympathetic households. I believe...

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    This Guardian Angel Cat Helped Save His Owner from a Life-Threatening Seizure

    A friend showed up at my door with a little black kitten, a barn cat from eastern Kentucky, as a...