150 Funny Usernames That Will Crack You Up Every Time You Log In

Updated: Dec. 11, 2023

Get their attention and give 'em a laugh with these crowd-pleasing, laugh-out-loud funny usernames

What do the monikers @cutthroatcutie, @stealydan and @instadummy have in common? You guessed it: They’re not just any old usernames but some of the funniest username ideas out there. Sure, you could use your government-official name on TikTok, Instagram, online gaming platforms (hello, metaverse) and more. But there’s a reason funny usernames stick. Whether your actual name is taken, you want to conceal who you are or you’re just looking for a laugh every time you log in, a knee-slapping alias is one of the best names for your online identity.

Still, the art of the funny username is not all fun and games. On TikTok and Instagram, for example, usernames can contain only letters, numbers, underscores and periods. Facebook, on the other hand, requires you to use a name you go by on a day-to-day basis, which makes changing your name on Facebook slightly more complicated.

What should you consider when choosing a funny username?

Choosing an amazing username is as easy as 1, 2, 3. First, choose where to draw your inspiration from. It might be something like your favorite hobby, a pop-culture reference or just random things you think are funny. Next, create a catchy, punny or downright funny play on words to craft the actual username. So if dancing is your favorite pastime: @soithinkicandance. If you speak in Mean Girls quotes: @personallyvictimizedbyreginageorge. And if you’re just in it for the laughs: @unfinishedsentenc. Finally, make sure it’s not already taken on the social media platform of your choice.

One thing to keep in mind: This account will most likely be linked back to your personal identity, so keep it PG or PG-13. Have fun and be silly, but skip the dirty jokes.

If you’re looking for an LOL-worthy username, you’ve come to the right place: With more than 100 funny usernames, we’ve got you covered. In fact, you’ll become such a pro, you’ll go on a naming spree, coming up with funny Wi-FI names, group chat names, car names and boat names—you (user)name it!

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Funny TikTok usernames

Funny TikTok usernames are having their moment in the sun as the app becomes even more popular. But just as you would when coming up with memorable dog names and cat names, take some time to think through your options. Your TikTok name can make or break your chances of going viral. Check out these funny usernames for inspiration, and you’ll be racking up the likes in no time.

  • notmysundaybest
  • soithinkicandance
  • ivegottalent
  • moshpitmomma
  • twoleftfeet
  • dancedanceresolution
  • hold_me_closer_tiny_dancer
  • holdmeclosertonydanza_
  • illdoittomorrow
  • ivebeenhacked
  • queenkong
  • hereforthedogs
  • generationold
  • wrinklesarethenew20
  • memesrus
  • jokingjester
  • dumbledorky
  • personallyvictimizedbyreginageorge
  • lordofthesings
  • princesscharming
  • myonlinelife
  • mackincheese
  • floptiludrop
  • servintime
  • www.iheartme.com
  • real_or_not_real
  • my_embarrassments
  • thisisntme
  • 1800wrongnumber
  • regret_this_already

Funny usernames for gamers

Calling all gamers! While it may not be as fun as getting a brand-new VR headset or super-speed Wi-Fi router, picking out funny usernames will give you (and other players) a laugh.

  • chinkinthearmor
  • cuttthroatcutie
  • nopainnogain
  • gamergirlsdoitbetter
  • gamerguysdoitbetter
  • slashingsamurai
  • paranoidpirate
  • catman_and_robin
  • deadlydynamite
  • leftoutofsuicidesquad
  • captainobvious
  • gonewiththewin
  • itsamemario
  • wonderwomanwoo
  • donthatetheplayer
  • beardedolddude
  • harleyquinnjr
  • oneofcharliesangels
  • winnerwinnerchickendinner
  • wearethechampions
  • diablodestiny
  • godofgames
  • fastfingers
  • ninelives
  • princesspeachpie
  • iatepacman
  • outofcontroller
  • deathstar
  • 2fast2furious
  • elfishpresley

handwritten usernames on a blue background, hands typing on a keyboardMaya Wang/RD.com, Getty Images

Funny Reddit usernames

Reddit is like a one-stop shop for all Internet information, so whether you’re looking for bad jokes, conspiracy theories, puns for kids, funny inappropriate usernames or absolutely anything in between, chances are there’s a Reddit thread for that. And no Reddit thread is complete without funny usernames to do the tea spilling.

  • hesaidshesaid
  • justanaverageguy
  • stealydan
  • isthisthingon
  • hairypotter
  • piggybackbandit
  • istillusemyspace
  • unfinishedsentenc
  • shaquilleoatmeal
  • hairypoppins
  • couldntfindagoodname
  • thefastandthecurious
  • mistakemaker
  • chinchillin
  • pointlesspencil
  • labracadabrador
  • kickinandscreamin
  • unfriendme
  • themilkyweighin
  • dairyking
  • kissmyaxe
  • spongebobsweatpants
  • hotgirlbummer
  • meandwho
  • womanofsteal
  • trashpanda
  • googlewasmyidea
  • batmanandbobbin
  • anonymoose
  • hogwartsdropout

Funny Instagram usernames

While Instagram is a photo-based social media platform, that doesn’t mean words aren’t important—people still read Instagram captions, after all. The same goes for online aliases. Funny usernames can reel followers in, so make sure yours gets a laugh. Do it for the ‘gram!

  • guesswho
  • reigningcatsanddogs
  • theoginstagrambaddie
  • instafresh
  • morgan_freewoman
  • cerealkiller
  • stillloading
  • imagenotfound
  • mynameis
  • insertsomethingfunny
  • nonamefound
  • thisisafakeaccount
  • crazycatlady
  • heirofthedog
  • breadpitt
  • befurreal
  • hoosierdaddy
  • yesimhilarious
  • cuteasduck
  • reese_witherknife
  • meforpresident
  • instadummy
  • instagramboyfriend
  • facebookgrandma
  • ctrl_alt_dlt
  • budlightyear
  • middleagedirtbag
  • myfakelife
  • mayorofwhoville
  • dontaskmyname

Funny Snapchat usernames

Funny usernames are perfect for Snapchat—from silly selfies to frivolous filters, this social media app screams hilarious. Just like finding the perfect nickname for a girlfriend or boyfriend, finding your perfect funny Snapchat username is all about going with your gut.

  • snapcracklepop
  • dontsnapme
  • bendandsnap
  • snapitlikeitshot
  • ilikeinstagrammore
  • onawinningstreak
  • legallybrunette
  • snapofthefingers
  • peekaboo
  • kentuckycriedfricken
  • snapjudgment
  • oh.snap
  • snap_out_of_it
  • neverbeensnapped
  • itsyourmom
  • makeitsnappy
  • heyyou
  • sorryisnapped
  • 2old4this
  • yungsnapper
  • thekidswerealldoingit
  • saynachocheese
  • mynamehere
  • devilwearingprada
  • ishouldbeworking
  • awkwardturtle
  • snap_ya_later
  • scoobydont
  • 1800dontsnapme
  • strictlybizness

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