Thanksgiving Turkey Spoon Craft

This cute turkey craft is a good project for kids, and it uses up leftover plastic spoons.

There was no tomfoolery here. This youngster followed in her mother’s footsteps to design a pleasing project.

“Mom was making crafts for a fund-raiser at my school, and I wanted to do something, too,” explains April L. of Detroit, Michigan.

Thanksgiving Turkey Spoon Craft

To April, a bird in the hand was a fun choice. “I decided to make a turkey out of a spoon, because I’d never seen one decorated for Thanksgiving before,” she says. “I thought foam feathers would be pretty to use. My family and friends also liked it.”

Ready to dress up a project of your own? Just ask a parent for the materials and any help you need, then follow the simple instructions here.

You Will Need Patterns (below) Tracing paper Pencil Scissors White plastic spoon Scraps of craft foam in five colors, including red (April used Foamies) Two 10 millimeter wiggle eyes Scrap of gold felt Low-temperature glue gun and glue sticks 6-inch-long stick of hard candy or small sucker Transparent tape

What to Do Cutting

1. Trace patterns onto tracing paper with pencil and cut out.

2. Trace around the patterns on craft foam with pencil as directed on patterns and cut out, removing the traced lines as you cut.

3. Cut the beak from gold felt as directed on pattern.

Assembly 1. Glue the eyes and comb to the back of the spoon as shown in the photo above. Fold the beak in half as shown on pattern and apply glue along the back of the fold. Attach the beak to the back of the spoon below the eyes.

2. Glue the feathers to the bowl of the spoon as shown in the photo.

3. Tape a stick of hard candy or a sucker behind the handle of the spoon, planning the position of the tape so it will be covered by the bow tie or wattle.

4. Glue the wattle and bow tie to the handle as shown, covering the tape.

Finished size: The turkey is 4 5/8 inches wide x 7 1/2 inches long.

Patterns Beak



Wattle Bowtie

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