True Stories

october 2015 WOLI memory

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The Powerful Reason This Neuroscientist Studies Memory

I discovered the three little words that broke through my father’s dementia. >>


Inspiring Stories

The Mystery and Wonder of a Marked-Up Library Book

Author Gary Soto couldn't help but wonder, "Who was the person who'd marked up my library book?" >>

october 2015 the moth

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3 Touching True Stories That Illustrate the Power of Acceptance

These tales from the Moth, America's premier storytelling group, touch on the empowerment and humor… >>


Survival Stories

Incredible Escape Story: Two American Airmen and a Near-Deadly Flood

All that stood between them and a raging flood was a tiny cement shack—and time was running out. >>

mirror man

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This Man is Using a Simple Visual Trick to Cure Phantom Limb Pain

Amputees are often tortured by phantom pain from missing limbs. While scientists puzzle over the… >>

september 2015 everyday heroes dream builder

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One Man’s Brilliant Way to Provide Homes to the Homeless

A woman in his neighborhood was suffering. The way Elvis Summers helped her could help hundreds… >>

rob lowe and son

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“Pull Yourself Together!”: Rob Lowe on the Unexpected Tears of Sending His Son to College

The Emmy award-winning actor had no idea how hard it would be to send his favorite Patriots fan off… >>

grace was her name

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Grace Was Her Name: How the Woman My Father Killed Lives On in My Mind

Lorenzo Carcaterra and Grace Monte are linked by murder and blood, and they always will be. >>


Survival Stories

This Surfer Punched a Shark to Save His Friend

A tiger shark out for blood is no match for cowboy surfer Brian Wargo. >>

great teachers miss pemberton

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These 3 Teachers Gave Life Lessons You Can’t Find In a Textbook

Readers remember their most influential teachers who continue to impact their lives long after… >>

july aug 2015 everyday heroes

Inspiring Stories

“I Won’t Let You Die”: This Teen Saved a Woman After She Was Shot and Pinned Against a Guardrail

On a dark night, Caleb Martin's car headlights signaled hope for an abused woman. >>

shark attacks attacks on males

Survival Stories

These 13 Truths About Shark Attacks May Surprise You

Women are safer from sharks than men, punching a shark isn't the best defense, and most shark… >>

july aug 2015 buried alive miners

Survival Stories

33 Miners, Buried Alive for 69 Days: This Is Their Remarkable Survival Story

Almost half a mile underground for 69 grueling days, a group of Chilean miners hangs on to hope… >>

july aug 2015 going home

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A Man Is Released From Prison After 4 Years. This Is the Incredible Story of How He Reunited With His Family.

In this classic bit of folklore reprinted from the January 1972 issue of Reader's Digest, a… >>

july aug 2015 everyday heroes

Inspiring Stories

A Fire, A Grieving Family, and the Kind Strangers Who Saved Photos—and Memories

When photos are all that remain after an unthinkable tragedy, a team of experts cleans away the… >>

july aug 2015 send in the weathermen

Survival Stories

Forecasting War: The Military’s Weathermen Heroes You Never Knew About

They swing like Tarzan, climb like Spider-Man, and think like Einstein. Inside the secret world of… >>

best of america girl forward

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Extraordinary America: 13 Unsung Heroes Who Will Restore Your Faith in Our Country

From an Arkansas woman who feeds the town on her pension to the Ferguson, Missouri librarian who… >>

airplane illustration

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14 Short Stories About the Kindest, Bravest, Wisest Dads in the World

In 100 words or less, readers share their poignant tales of the bond between father and child. Have… >>

july aug 2015 give a girl a fish

Inspiring Stories

So I Let My Daughter Play With a Stranger at the Beach. And Then Learned This.

My misguided fear about my child interacting with strangers led to a heartwarming discovery. >>