Here’s Why People Are Putting Out Purple Pumpkins This Halloween

The health and safety of our families will always come first.

With everything going on in the world, we know that our normal holidays aren’t going to go as planned. While some have petitioned to change trick-or-treating to a different day entirely (they have a point!), some just prefer to stick to tradition. So what kind of changes can we expect to see this year?

You might see some purple pumpkins out on porches this Halloween

Purple pumpkins? What’s the deal? The idea of using brightly-colored pumpkins as a symbol of something specific certainly isn’t new. Last year, FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education) helped raise awareness with teal pumpkins. Basically, to help trick-or-treaters who might have serious food allergies, those who placed a teal pumpkin outside their door offered non-food treat items instead.

Not only was it beautiful decor to fit the holiday, but it also offered understanding and solidarity to those who might have otherwise found trouble in the traditional practice of trick-or-treating for candy. That’s exactly what we like to hear!

This year, we’ve got a new color with a new reason. It’s difficult enough trying to adapt to our new normal—wearing masks, social distancing and consistently keeping our hands clean everywhere we go. It’s even more difficult trying to explain that to a child. That’s why some parents have banded together to create the latest viral Halloween trend: purple pumpkins!

What do purple pumpkins mean?

Placing a purple pumpkin out on your porch, in your window, or on your lawn signifies a safe location for trick-or-treating. While this doesn’t completely ease the worries of protective parents, it certainly helps. Even though we always want to do what’s going to keep our children safe, it’s difficult to take away something so enjoyable.

Parents have encouraged those who wish to participate to paint a pumpkin, cut one out of construction paper, or even just draw them on their windows! The idea is to show kids and parents alike that Halloween doesn’t have to be completely canceled as long as everyone’s practicing safe social distancing and being considerate of their surroundings. Individually-wrapped candy is key! Here’s more about how Halloween could look this year.

Will you be joining the purple pumpkin trend this Halloween?

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