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The 43 Best Halloween Costumes for Disney Superfans

Becoming your favorite Disney character on the big day is a lot easier—and more affordable—than you might think!

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Disney Halloween Costumes
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The most magical costumes on Earth

Of course, Halloween is all about dressing up, and if you’re a Disney fan, it’s an excellent excuse to embrace your obsession as you search for an amazing Halloween costume idea. After all, with decades of princesses, superheroes, and villains in the studio’s vaults, you don’t have to settle for being a basic witch. Drawing a blank? Don’t worry—this monster list of DIY Disney costumes will provide the perfect dose of inspiration.

Thanks to the magic of Disney, it’s easy to come up with a stunning solo look, a best friend costume, or a huge group Halloween costume, including costume ideas for kids if you have little ones at home. Bonus: Depending on your preferences, you can either DIY these costumes or have them magically appear on your doorstep (with a little help from Amazon). Either way, this list is the place where all of your Disney Halloween costume dreams will come true!

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Tiana and Naveen Halloween Costume

Transform into your favorite Princess and the Frog characters by using clothing from your own closet or hitting up a thrift store to find them. It’s the perfect couples Halloween costume—and super easy to DIY.

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Winnie the Pooh Halloween Costume

If you or one of your family members loves Winnie the Pooh, consider going as the adorable stuffed bear this Halloween. All you need is a yellow skirt, a red shirt, and a yellow beanie. If you’re a new parent and looking for the sweetest baby costume idea ever, dress your little one as Pooh’s favorite thing in the Hundred Acre Wood: a pot of honey.

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Shego Halloween Costume

Tap into your dark side this Halloween by going as a villainess. Shego from Kim Possible is a slightly unexpected but very cool choice. To get the look, you’ll also need some black and green face paint. If Shego isn’t quite your thing, try these other easy face paint ideas for a showstopping look.

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Cruella Halloween Costume

We can give you 101 reasons why you should be Cruella this Halloween! Make sure you don’t forget to wear a black and white wig (her signature hairdo). And if you want to coordinate with your pack, have them dress as Dalmatians. They can even DIY those looks by wearing white sweatsuits and adding black spots with fabric paint. Got a pup you want to dress up as something other than a Dalmatian? You can’t go wrong with one of these clever dog Halloween costumes.

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Queen of Hearts Halloween Costume

Do you need a work-appropriate Halloween costume? This Queen of Hearts getup will do the trick and also bring the wow factor. It isn’t hard to fashion a collar out of a deck of cards with a little patience and hot glue, but it is totally impressive.

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Cinderella and Evil Stepsisters Halloween Costume

Make everyone jealous with this coordinated Cinderella group costume. You and your BFFs will all get to wear ballgowns, and who knows—one of you may even meet your Prince Charming! If you already have a prince of your very own but he isn’t into the fancy costume, send him this list of costume ideas for men he’ll love.

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Captain Marvel and Captain America Halloween Costume

Calling all superheroes! Don’t forget: The MCU is part of Disney, which means the sky (and the universe) is the limit as far as costumes go. This Captain Marvel look is perfect solo or with Captain America as your sidekick. If you’re not looking to save the day, go the opposite route with Thanos or one of these scary Halloween costumes.

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Alice in Wonderland Halloween Costume

Fall down the rabbit hole just like Alice with the costume of your choosing, whether it’s classic or a little flirty. For this Disney Halloween costume, you’ll need a sky-blue dress with a white, apron-like overlay, a giant bow, and some knit tights. The perfect accessory? A stuffed white rabbit with a pocket watch, of course! For more classic looks, check out these vintage Halloween costumes.

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Mary Poppins Halloween Costume

Being Mary Poppins is a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious DIY Disney costume idea! Here are the easy-to-find costume components you’ll need to gather: a black skirt, black tights, a white button-up, a red ribbon, a brim bowler hat, a black umbrella, and a large bag.

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Hocus Pocus halloween costume
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Hocus Pocus Halloween Costume

Witches and Halloween go hand-in-hand, and if you’re a ’90s kid, you won’t be able to resist dressing as the Sanderson sisters from Hocus Pocus, a classic (and very quotable) Halloween movie. To pull this off, you’ll need a corset in your character’s outfit color, a long-sleeve shirt, and a couple of different maxi skirts to layer and cut up a bit. For more ideas (or just some not-so-scary fun), curl up on the couch with these Disney Halloween movies.

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The Ashleys from Disney’s Recess Halloween Costume

You and your besties won’t have to spend a dime if you dress up as The Ashleys. If you don’t have quite the right gear to pull off these animated characters, shop in one another’s closets for plaid skirts, sweater vests, yellow sweaters, pink dress shirts, and all the fixings.

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Zenon and Nebula Halloween Costume

Cetus-Lupeedus! Go for some throwback DIY Disney costumes, like Zenon and Nebula from the 1999 Disney Channel movie. You’ll need a pink turtleneck and pink leggings for both characters, as well as a blue skirt and blue blazer if you’re going as Zenon or a purple skirt and purple jacket if you’re going as Nebula.

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1950s Minnie and Mickey Halloween Costume

There’s no more iconic duo than Mickey and Minnie, and you can up the cool factor by going retro. To create this look, you’ll need a white sweater and an “M” patch you can iron (or sew) on, a red skirt (or tulle skirt), a red polka-dotted necktie, and Minnie ears. Your Mickey will need a red varsity jacket, a Mickey patch, a white shirt, black jeans, and Mickey ears. Teenage lovebirds might adore this idea, or you might want to show them these super cool teen costumes.

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Inside Out Halloween costumes
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The Emotions from Inside Out Halloween Costume

If you’ve been feeling all the feelings over the past year and a half of pandemic life, any of these Inside Out costumes will cleverly express that. Even better, it’s easy to have your friends get in on the action: Just have each person pick a character to dress up as, and don’t forget to mug for the camera with your chosen feeling.

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Tinker Bell Halloween Costume
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Tinker Bell Halloween Costume

Clap if you believe in fairies. When you think about it, Tinker Bell is pretty much perfect costume because it’s the ultimate in Disney magic—and you get to wear wings! Of course, Tink is a super sweet supernatural creature, but here’s where Halloween’s spookiest monsters originated.

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Ursula halloween Costume
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Ursula Halloween Costume

You’ll make a splash this Halloween as the ultimate under-the-sea baddie. You can even have your besties join in on the Little Mermaid theme and dress as assorted characters from the hit movie, too. Check out this list of easy Halloween makeup looks for more Ursula ideas.

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Princess Diaries Halloween Costume
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The Princess Diaries‘ Amelia Thermopolis Halloween Costume

Want to be the Princess of Genovia? It’s easier than you’d think. You’ll just need a blue plaid skirt, a black blazer, a light blue button-up, a black tie, and, of course, a tiara. Don’t forget to work on your princess wave!

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Merida Halloween Costume

The key to a great Merida costume is the hair! So if you don’t have naturally red curly locks, you can find a wig that resembles her iconic ‘do. Then, all that’s left is for you to get is a long-sleeved green dress, a brown belt, some brown boots, and a bow and arrow to become the Brave heroine for the night.

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Toy Story Rex Halloween Costume
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Toy Story‘s Rex Halloween Costume

If you’re looking for a COVID-safe costume that puts some distance between you and everyone else, go as this super friendly T. rex! The inflatable jumpsuit has a battery-operated, air-inflating fan and comes with a pair of gloves, too. By the way, this is what time trick-or-treating starts.

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Sleeping Beauty Costume
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Sleeping Beauty Halloween Costume

The first rule of Halloween shopping: When it comes to buying a costume, you snooze, you lose. You’ll want to nab this pretty Aurora getup while you can, but if you wait too long, it’s still OK—you can DIY it with a pink thrift-store dress, a blonde wavy wig, and a crown.

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Pinnochio Costume
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Pinocchio Halloween Costume

We cannot tell a lie: Going as Pinocchio for Halloween is classic, cute, and creative! DIY the elements by starting with a yellow T-shirt and red suspenders and building from there, or buy this costume kit and you’ll have everything you need—nose included!—delivered to your doorstep in a few short days.

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White Rabbit Halloween Costume

Are you late—very, very late—in choosing your Halloween costume this year? Then it’s only fitting to go as Alice in Wonderland’s iconic white rabbit, a costume that you can easily pull together at the last minute. You might even have some of the pieces in your closet already: a red blazer, a white dress, white socks, blue shoes, a blue bow, some bunny ears, a cotton ball tail, and a round purse that you can paint a clock face on.

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Kristoff Disney halloween Costume
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Kristoff Halloween Costume

We can’t let it go: If you have a little Elsa or Anna in your life, going as Kristoff is a no-brainer! Dads will earn even more brownie points by doing these Halloween crafts with their kiddos.

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Ariel Halloween Costume

Ariel is a favorite of little mermaids everywhere, whether they’re actually little or all grown up. Bring your favorite Disney princess to life with a shell-shaped swimsuit top that you can glam up with pearl strands, a form-fitting green skirt decked out with tulle, a red wig, and a DIY pearl-and-shell headband.

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Fairy God Mother Costume
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Fairy Godmother Halloween Costume

Bibbidi bobbidi boo—now you have a Halloween costume, too! Cinderella gets all the attention, but her fairy godmother is pretty darn impressive in her own right. Bonus: Amazon can grant your wish for a Halloween costume instantly! If you’re a mom-to-be, you’ll probably want to show off your baby bump in one of the best pregnancy Halloween costumes this year.

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Disney Rapunzel Costume
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Rapunzel Halloween Costume

Make your dream of having Rapunzel-length hair a reality…at least for one day. If you already have blonde hair, you can clip in extra-long hair extensions, or, of course, you can simply go with a wig. The dress will be clear exactly who you are, though.

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Jack Sparrow Costume
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Jack Sparrow Halloween Costume

Set sail this Halloween as Jack Sparrow, captain of the Black Pearl. He’s the ultimate cool pirate and a must if Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean ride is your all-time favorite. In addition to some pirate gear, all you’ll need is a bit of eyeliner (and Johnny Depp’s swagger) to complete the look. What else will make you howl with laughter? These Halloween memes!

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Toy Story's Woody Costume
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Woody Halloween Costume

When it comes to DIY Disney costumes, follow Woody’s life advice: “Reach for the sky!” No one will question who you are in this instantly recognizable outfit. All you’ll need to get are some boots and you’ll be good to go.

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Princess Jasmine Costume
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Princess Jasmine Halloween Costume

Embrace the sweet and the sexy as Princess Jasmine this year. For a little fun, bring along a mini stuffed tiger to represent Rajah, or, of course, pair up with an Aladdin. Just beware: You might break out into song when you wear this outfit…which, actually, may happen with most of these Disney Halloween costumes! For a different kind of soundtrack, add these spooky and fun Halloween songs to your costume party playlist.

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Beast Gaston Costume
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Gaston Halloween Costume

No one’s slick as Gaston. No one’s quick as Gaston. No one gets as much candy on Halloween as Gaston! (Report back and tell us if that’s the case!) Speaking of the good stuff, did you know that your candy of choice was ordained by the stars? It’s true! Here’s your zodiac sign’s favorite candy.

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Toy Story Jessie
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Toy Story‘s Jessie Halloween Costume

Tap into your inner cowgirl with this Halloween costume getup. Trust us: You’ll never feel so cool in cow print. Yee-haw!

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Frozen Anna Costume
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Anna Halloween Costume

Elsa is often seen as the star of the show, but let’s be honest: Anna is the one who really saves the day. And hey, now you’ll be able to get some candy and build a snowman.

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Buzz Lightyear Costume
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Buzz Lightyear Halloween Costume

To infinity and beyond! Yep, that’s all we have to say about this one…and that’s what you’ll be saying over and over again if you don this costume. Here are more family Halloween costumes that work well for small or big groups.

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Disney Pluto Costume
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Pluto Halloween Costume

Beyond being totally adorable, this cute Pluto onesie is the coziest and comfiest Halloween costume you can pick for 2022—or any other year. Got a finicky feline at home? These cat costumes are purr-fect. (Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves.)

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Olaf Costume
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Olaf Halloween Costume

If you have a few people worth melting for, go as Olaf and complete the perfect Disney group costume. This one is also easy to DIY if you’re feeling crafty.

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Snow White Halloween Costume
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Snow White Halloween Costume

Round up your friends to be the seven dwarfs and the evil witch. Candy apples are optional but highly recommended!

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Monsters Inc Costume
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Mike Wazowski Halloween Costume

Not all monsters are scary. Case in point: everyone’s favorite wise-cracking, one-eyed green monster from Monsters, Inc.! If you want to be like Mike, check out this giant list of corny Halloween jokes.

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Belle Costume
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Belle Halloween Costume

That poofy yellow gown isn’t your only choice, and when you think about it, Belle only wears it for a tiny portion of the movie! Dress up as Belle before she fell in love with the Beast—and bring along your favorite book as an accessory.

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Mad Hatter Costume
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The Mad Hatter Halloween Costume

Another Alice in Wonderland (and Johnny Depp) classic where you can embrace the quirkiness of the big day. Complete the look with some simple yet picture-perfect makeup. Speaking of which, make sure you have just the right Halloween Instagram caption for this costume and all of your other seasonal shenanigans.

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Peter Pan Costumes
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Peter Pan Halloween Costume

The whole purpose of Halloween is to avoid adulting for a few hours. (Or at least that’s one of the purposes, as far as we’re concerned.) What better way to embrace that sentiment than to go as the ultimate boy who never wanted to grow up?

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Mrs Incredible Costume
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Mrs. Incredible Halloween Costume

If you dress up in any of the Incredibles Disney Halloween costumes, get ready to be asked to show off your superpower. Elastigirl may be a stretch, but we have faith in you! If you love a good pun, these punny Halloween costumes may be right up your alley.

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Genie Halloween Costume
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Genie Halloween Costume

Grant wishes when you wear this costume. Just be prepared: Most of them will be about giving out more candy.

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Maleficent Halloween Costume
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Maleficent Halloween Costume

Maleficent sure knows how to make an entrance—and so will you in this over-the-top Disney Halloween costume. Make sure to perfect your evil laugh before your Halloween party.

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