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The 15 Best Halloween Costumes for Disney Superfans

Everyone will know you're a true Disney fanatic if you wear one of these costumes on October 31.

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Disney Men's Plus Size Gaston Deluxe Adult CostumeVia


“No one’s slick as Gaston. No one’s quick as Gaston. No one gets as much candy on Halloween as Gaston!”

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Disguise Men's Frozen Kristoff CostumeVia


If your family is looking to wear Disney Halloween costumes this year, Frozen is a great choice for inspiration. All you need now is an Anna, Olaf, and Sven.

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Disguise Women's Anna Traveling Prestige Adult CostumeVia


Voilà! This is the perfect costume to complete your Frozen family. Now, you’ll be ready to get some candy and build a snowman. Look at these other adorable family Halloween costumes you’ll want to try this year.

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Disney Toy Story - Buzz Lightyear Accessory Kit (Adult)Via

Buzz Lightyear

To infinity and beyond!

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Disguise Women's Red Minnie Mouse Classic CostumeVia

Minnie Mouse

Show off how much of a Disney superfan you are in this cute Minnie Mouse dress. Check out these punny Halloween costumes that will make you laugh.

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Disguise Men's Olaf Deluxe Adult CostumeVia


This adorable costume will have you looking festive this Halloween.

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Disney Disguise Women's Snow White Deluxe CostumeVia

Snow White

Round up your friends to be Snow White’s seven dwarfs.

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Disney Disguise Men's Pixar Monsters University Mike Deluxe CostumeVia

Mike Wazowski

Dress up as everyone’s favorite one-eyed green monster. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money this year, check out these cheap Halloween costumes basically anyone can DIY.

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Disney Women's Belle Village Dress Deluxe Adult CostumeVia


Dress up as Belle before she fell in love with the Beast. Bring a book as an accessory.

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Disguise Men's Alice Mad Hatter Deluxe CostumeVia

The Mad Hatter

This is one of the spookier Disney Halloween costumes. All you’ll need to complete the look is some colorful makeup.

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Disguise Women's Pocahontas Deluxe Adult CostumeVia


Disney Halloween costumes are guaranteed to help you stand out at any party, especially this gorgeous Pocahontas dress. Every couple has to try one of these cute couple Halloween costumes.

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Charades Unisex Adult Peter Pan CostumeVia

Peter Pan

Fly away to Neverland with this Disney costume.

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Disguise Women's Mrs. Incredible CostumeVia

Mrs. Incredible

If you dress up in any of the Incredibles Disney Halloween costumes, get ready to be asked to show off your superpower.

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Disney Disguise Men's Aladdin Genie Muscle CostumeVia


Grant wishes when you wear this costume. Just be prepared, most of them will be about getting more candy. Check out these genius Halloween costumes you can make at the last minute.

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Disney Disguise Women's Maleficent Black Christening Gown CostumeVia


You’ll fit in with all the witches in this spooky Halloween costume. Next, read about these cheap DIY Halloween costumes for kids.

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