What to Expect for Succession Season 4

After four seasons, HBO's Emmy-winning drama will come to an end, but not before audiences get to enjoy the final season, which premieres on March 26.

Since its debut in June 2018, Succession has been one of HBO‘s most popular shows, and the buzz around the smash hit only increases with each passing season. A blend of drama and comedy, Succession has received tremendous critical acclaim, is beloved by audiences everywhere, and some would argue is one of the best TV shows of all time. Recently, the show’s creator, Jesse Armstrong, revealed that Succession’s fourth season will be its last.

When will Succession season 4 air?

The fourth season of Succession will premiere on HBO on March 26. Fans have been excitedly anticipating the new season of Succession since Season 3 wrapped up in December 2021. While fans only had to wait one year between Seasons 1 and 2, the gap between each subsequent season has consistently been two years.

Is Succession Season 4 the last season?

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Series creator and showrunner Jesse Armstrong recently announced that Season 4 of Succession will be the last. While some series are meant to go on for a much longer run, Armstrong shared that he never had any intention of Succession running beyond four or five seasons. When he convened the writers’ room for Season 4, it became evident within Succession’s inner circle that this season would wrap up the series. While Armstrong is confident in his decision, the news came as a surprise to many viewers who are naturally sad to say goodbye to the Roy family.

What’s happened on Succession so far?

Succession tells the story of the Roy family, who own the media conglomerate Waystar RoyCo. The family works to navigate the declining health of the family’s patriarch, Logan Roy, played by Brian Cox. Roy’s four children each have their own unique connection to the company—or lack thereof—and they come together in often conflicting ways as they prepare for an era of Waystar RoyCo that doesn’t include their father.

When we last left the Roy family at the end of Season 3, Kendall, Roman and Shiv had just learned that their father and his second wife, Caroline, had renegotiated the terms of their divorce, the outcome of which left the siblings as well as the audience stunned: The children have officially been stripped of any company control. It’s revealed that Tom Wambsgans, Shiv’s fiance, tipped off Logan regarding the pending revolt set in motion by his three children.

When Season 4 returns on March 26 on HBO Max, we expect to find out what moves the Roy family have left in store for one another—including who will ultimately step into Logan’s shoes as the head of Waystar RoyCo.


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