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Riddle me this: You love riddles, but you haven’t seen our collection of funny (and difficult) riddles? That’s an answer that doesn’t make sense! Test your smarts with some of our best riddles.

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    30 Emoji Riddles to Stump Your Friends

    Put your skills to the test to see if you can crack these emoji riddles.

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    21 of the Best Scavenger Hunt Riddles for Kids

    Keep your kids (or fellow grown-ups!) occupied for hours with these scavenger hunt riddles that you can place all around...

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    37 of the Best Riddles for Teens (with Answers)

    Have a fun family game night with these brain twisters!

    42 Tricky “What Am I?” Riddles

    See how quickly you can decipher clues with these tricky "What am I?" riddles. You'll have to be super observant...

    50 Easy Riddles (with Answers) Anyone Can Solve

    Looking for a low-key challenge? You're probably not going to have to scratch your head very much to solve these...

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    20 Scary Good Halloween Riddles

    These spooky Halloween riddles will get you ready for October 31.

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    60 of the Best Riddles for Kids: Can You Solve Them?

    Riddles for kids may seem easy, but you'll have to be sharp to solve them. Put on your thinking cap...

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    25 of the Hardest Riddles Ever. Can You Solve Them?

    Who doesn't love brain teasers and challenging riddles? If you think you’re already a pro at solving tricky riddles, put...

    50 Trivia Questions Only Geniuses Will Get Right

    From tricky riddles to U.S. trivia to mind-boggling math puzzles, see how you fare against these challenging trivia questions.

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    12 Detective Riddles Only the Smartest People Can Solve

    Do you think you’re observant enough to solve these tough riddles?

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    11 of the Most Famous Riddles in History

    From the Bible to Shakespeare to Harry Potter, these riddles were dreamed up by some of history's most celebrated writers—and...

    Can You Solve This Tricky Numbers Riddle in Less Than 60 Seconds?

    This numbers riddle is stumping even the savviest mathematicians. 

    12 Math Riddles Only the Smartest Can Get Right

    You might want to break out a calculator because it takes a genius to solve these tricky math riddles.

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    Over 250,000 People Have Tried to Solve This Riddle

    Even people without a license can come up with the answer to this driving riddle.

    This Viral Riddle Has the Internet Scratching Its Head—Can You Figure It Out?

    But what is Teresa's favorite color? The world may never know.

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    Perfect for Parties: The Great Birthday Riddle

    Quick: take a fast guess at this dinner party-worthy math problem. How many people would I have to invite to