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25 Funniest Book Memes That Book Lovers Will Understand All Too Well

Here's a novel idea: Take a break between flipping through pages and scroll through the funniest book memes.

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I Don’t Usually Take Breaks From My Book But When I Do, It’s Because I’m Reading Rd Memes
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These book memes are sure to take the words right out of your mouth! Whether you’re enjoying a quick read or one of the books currently trending, you’ve likely found yourself in some of these predicaments. Been there, done that! Take your eyes off the page and enjoy the light hearted laughs that come with the best memes.

If you’re in need of a break between chapters or just want to laugh a little too hard at some of the most relatable summer memes or even back-to-work memes, you’ll surely be in for a treat with these 25 book memes. Take a page out of our book and laugh for a bit before heading back to your reading oasis. What can we say? It’s a novel idea!

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When Your Favorite Author Releases A New Book
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Eager reader

Running to the nearest bookstore to grab the latest book from your favorite author is a must for all book lovers. The anticipation and excitement is just something we can’t handle!

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The Moment When The Book Has You Rethinking Your Life
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The “woah” moment

You know that feeling when something hits a little too close to home and you have to rethink every life decision you’ve ever made? We’ve all been there. The realization hits and we’re all still stuck rethinking those book quotes

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When You Find The Next Book Of Your Dreams Without Even Trying
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Dreams come true

Shopping and browsing through numerous books can be fun but the moment you find the one, the world stops. Perhaps it’s one of the top rated books or a new release!

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How It Feels Knowing What's Happening In Someones Book But You Can't Tell Them
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Spoiler alert

Nothing is worse than trying to contain the excitement/spoilers when your friend is reading a book you’ve already finished! Pass us tape, or a lock and key because no spoilers are coming from us!

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When The Book Is Just Too Good To Put Down
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Reading never stops

Time just can’t seem to slow down when it comes to reading a good book. We’ve all found ourselves flipping through pages when we should be hitting the hay or maybe it’s because it was one of the scariest books of all time. Guess we’ll never know! 

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The Emotions Flowing When It's Not The Happy Ending You Were Expecting
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Saying goodbye is never easy

Tissues please! The ending is here and it’s not what we we’re hoping for. Looks like we’re going to need some cheering up and luckily these 25 good morning memes will do that for us. But we’ll save those for tomorrow, we still need time to process.

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Dream World Reading A Book With No One To Bother You
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Ideal setting

Reading can become our very own personal oasis but it’s the worst when that oasis is cut short or interrupted. In our ideal world we would all have a good book, all the time in the world, and no one around to bother us. Looking for a new book to add to your reading list? These female authors have you covered with a wide variety of options.

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What The House Looks Like After A Trip To The Library
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Never enough

There’s always that awkward moment when you realize you may/may not have gone a little too crazy on your latest book run. If you ask us, what we all really need is more bookshelves, not fewer books. By the way—check out these grammar memes that are sure to make you laugh!

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The Movie Is Better Than The Book
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Books reign superior

Book to film adaptations always have a mixed review. While it can be exciting to see pages come to life, books always hold an extra special place in our hearts. Of course, that doesn’t mean we aren’t beyond excited about these 18 books that are now hit movies!

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When You See Someone Dog Ear A Book...
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#1 rule

Every proud book lover knows the sacred unspoken rule of reading. No matter the circumstance you should never ever dog-ear a book!

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When You Have All The Books In The World But Keep Rereading The Same One
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The one we can’t get enough of

We all have that one book we can’t stop going back to. It’s just too good and comforting to put down!

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That Awkward Moment When You Realize You've Created Your Own Library And You're The Librarian
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At home amenities

Are you sitting around your collection of books wondering exactly how this could happen? We’ve been there and we simply love it! While you start growing your collection, scope out the competition by heading to the most impressive library in every state.

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Getting Time To Sit Down And Read Your Book Only For Someone To Interrupt It
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Interruption disruption

Oh no! The phone is ringing and you have to pick up just as something juicy was going to happen in your book. Name a more frustrating feeling. We’ll wait.

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Seeing A Good Book Being Used As Decor
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Reading material

Books around the home scream comfort and happiness until you realize they’ve never been read as they serve as decor. Maybe we can get these decor owners to finally read by sending them these book puns

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When You Can't Trust The New Character The Protagonist Befriended
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Suspicious activity

New characters are always welcome but sometimes it seems like we can see the true motives before the main character does. If only we could warn them!

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Staying Up All Night Reading And Not Realizing It Until The Sun Shines Down
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Sleeping optional

Getting sucked into the pages of a good book until the early morning hours without realizing it is a skill we could all go pro in. Take a nap and when you’re done, continue your break by reading these heartwarming (and hilarious!) kindness memes.

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Awkward Moment When You Forget What Page You Were On
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Regretful actions

Forgetting to bookmark your page (or even dog-ear them…but only in absolute emergencies!) can lead to some frantic, and heart-pounding page turning as you scrambles to find where you left off.

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When Your Bestie Is Reading The Same Book As You
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Books and besties

Finding a book can be hard but finding a best friend who loves the same books as you can be even harder! Once you’re done exchanging notes about your favorite character or chapter, check out these funny best friend memes!

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When The Author Kills Off A Fan Favorite Character
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In memory

Many authors have created characters that have found a special spot in our hearts from young adult books to romance fiction and everything in between. While we’ve had to say goodbye to a few, it never gets easier and, well, someone has to be the blame for all our tears. Our pillows and tissues are begging all authors to stop!

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When Someone Says Their Going To The Bookstore
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Don’t stop, let’s shop

Our wallets must be crying—tears of joy! Grab your coats and hit the road because we have some new books waiting for us to read them! While we’re on the road we might as well stop at one of the best cities in the world for book lovers!

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Wanting To Read One Book But Then Remembering All The Other Ones You Want To Read
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Stuck at crossroads

How long is your “to be read” book list, exactly?

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He Said What Now?!
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Shell shocked

We would never have guessed that would happen!

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When They Say It's Just A Book
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Only readers will understand

A book becomes part of you, so no it’s not just a book! Non-readers just don’t understand.

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When You Can't Stop Reading So You Go In Grind Mode
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Grind mode

Sometimes a book is too good you can’t stop reading and you’ll soon realize you finished going through all the pages!

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Getting A New Book As A Gift
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Nailed it

Nothing says “I know you better” than receiving a brand new book from someone. We’re getting emotional thinking about the receiving one of the must-have gifts for book lovers.