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40 Dark Humor Memes That Will Appeal to Your Dark Side

Updated: Jan. 31, 2024

If you've got a dark sense of humor or are looking for some serious laughs, these dark humor memes are just the twisted-yet-lighthearted jokes you need. Welcome to the dark side, friends.


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Give yourself to the dark side

What makes mom memes, jokes about dieting and vacation memes so uproariously funny is that they are totally relatable. The same holds true for dark humor memes, which use gallows humor to elicit major laughs.

People with a dark sense of humor view serious or taboo topics—think: death, mental health, inflation, illness and work dissatisfaction—through a comedic lens. Dark humor memes are there for you when you feel like if you can’t laugh, you might cry. They provide a safe venue to express, cope with and share the not-so-bright side of life.

While they might not be everyone’s cup of tea, dark jokes and dark comedy movies and TV shows are having a moment. So we’ve rounded up some legitimately funny dark humor memes to go along. Whether you’re looking to make light of serious situations or simply love black comedy, these memes will deliver the laughs.

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1. Wait, everyone else has ups?

When you’re experiencing more downs than ups, cheer up with some gut-busting funny podcasts.

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2. Life is hard

Funny inspirational quotes have a place, but sometimes you just need to browse dark humor memes in order to feel better.

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3. Is it Friday yet?

Sneak away to the break room and scroll through these hilarious and oh-so-relatable Monday memes that are oddly comforting.

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4. Rerouting …

You might not be ready for the pearly gates just yet, but when it’s your time, wouldn’t it be a hoot to go out with these morbidly funny last words?

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5. Am I late?

You know what they say: Better late than never. Now smooth things over with some hilarious one-liners.

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6. Things look grim

Take two aspirin and look at these hilarious doctor cartoons to ease the pain.

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7. Pro tip: Run

Instantly turn that evil grin into a sweet smile with one of these smile quotes.

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8. Tomorrow is a new beginning

No matter the time of year, you can always use fresh-start quotes to begin a new day.

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9. Enjoy your meal

If you’re loving these dark humor memes and want more of the things that go bump in the night, tell your friends (or fellow vamps) these Halloween jokes.

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10. Good intentions

Swap those snarky comments for something that’ll make ’em laugh. You can’t go wrong if you memorize one of these short jokes.

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11. So that’s why Grandma’s thermostat is set to 85 degrees

You might as well make the best of it and have a hearty laugh with these comical jokes about aging.

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12. That’s a recipe for heartache

Er, instead of organ theft, try wooing your beloved with these funny roses-are-red poems.

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13. Don’t pick up

Oh sure, we’d love to talk on the phone. (If you couldn’t tell, that’s some major sarcasm there.)

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14. A kid at heart

If the adage “laughter keeps you young” is true, then these super funny cartoons about old age should turn back the hands of time—at least temporarily!

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15. Tough love

If this one made you cackle, these cat memes will crack you up.

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16. I can’t afford fear

Turn on all the lights? In this economy?

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17. In need of a self-esteem boost

You don’t give yourself enough credit: You’re a blast to be around. But if you want to be sure your friends call you the funny one, then share these clean jokes with the group chat.

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18. Crisis mode

It won’t solve all your problems (or even most of them), but taking a break to watch some funny movies on Hulu can give you a mood boost.

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19. It’s about more than clean underwear

Whether you’re smartly dressed or in comfy clothes when you go, scrolling dark humor memes and reading these amusing obituaries in between hauntings should keep you entertained.

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20. The poor man’s Aspen

If you’re the sort of person who’d do something like this, you might enjoy these dumb jokes. But word of warning: You really, really shouldn’t do something like this.

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21. Told you so

Pessimist: Who, you?

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22. I’m on fire

If you feel like your life’s a bit of a dumpster fire right now, remember that there’s nowhere to go but up. And if life’s stressors have really got you down, take a moment to veg out in front of some ’80s cartoons that’ll make you feel like a kid again.

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23. This ain’t no block party

Some people love their neighbors like friends. Others want everyone to say off their lawn.

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24. Racing thoughts

It’s one thing to say awake bingeing your favorite funny movie on Amazon Prime. It’s an entirely different thing to let worries keep you from sleep, which is why you may want to meditate before hitting the hay.

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25. Temporary relief

We’re not saying we want to get rid of our kids completely, but a parent can dream about a temporary reprieve—you know, just long enough to watch a couple funny movies before it’s back to Dad and Mom mode.

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26. Taking turns

We’d advise against this unkind tactic. After all, there’s a time and place for gallows humor!

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27. “Hey, Alexa? Find me a new surgeon”

It’s probably best that you book with another MD. And once you’ve scheduled, it’s time to browse these funny things to ask Alexa.

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28. So we meet again

Make sure you’re wearing a name tag! If this meme made you snort with laughter, you’re going to love these funny limericks.

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29. Endless zoomies

You’ve seen hilarious photos of pets acting like people, but this dark humor meme is one pet parents can truly relate to.

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30. This is the bad place

If life is feeling a little less than great, these funny tweets will help you laugh through the tough times.

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31. Retribution

You don’t have to wait until April 1 to get your revenge. Try one of these easy-to-pull-off April Fool’s Day office pranks.

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32. Spayed, neutered and scared silly

You gotta hand it to your dog: He sure knows how to spin a funny animal story for his four-legged friends.

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33. Making an effort

If your mental health could use a metaphorical rainbow, get laughs from the queen of country with Dolly Parton’s down-home humor quotes.

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34. Retirement can’t come soon enough

Until then, take a break, put your feet up and let these funny work quotes get you through the day.

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35. New perspectives

When you hit a certain age, your mindset shifts from “What could go wrong?” to “Why the heck not?”

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36. Too good to be true

In the midst of trials and tribulations, you might be surprised at how funny (not stuffy) poems can perk up your day.

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37. Just here for the funeral

This would surely make for a funny story to tell your fellow mourners later.

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38. Who you gonna call?

Get the Ghostbusters out here—there’s a spirit haunting your house!

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39. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse

How about lightening things up with some funny photos to fuel your upward journey out of the pit of despair?

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40. If at first you don’t succeed

On the plus side, your kid will grow out of the crying stage and into a much quieter teen.