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10 Organization Tips for Every Room in the House

The editors of The Family Handyman offer their best solutions to organizing your garage, closets, bedroom, bathroom, and home.

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The Family Handyman

Bathroom organization tips: Hide it away.

Who doesn’t need more storage space in their bathroom? Learn clever ways to hide not only your toothbrush, but also your razor and curling iron, plus find new tricks to clean up under the cabinets. Get how-tos »

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The Family Handyman

Bedroom organization tips: Get your desk together.

Make organization easy and simplify your life with a binder-clip cable catcher, extra storage above windows and doors, an easy office supply holder, reel-easy extension cord management, and more. Get how-tos »

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The Family Handyman

Bedroom organization tips: Divide your drawers.

Organize drawers with simple dividers. Use off-the-shelf trim to custom make a system to fit any drawer in an hour. Get how-tos »

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The Family Handyman

Garage organization tips: Make a home for loose bits.

This inexpensive workshop storage solution is perfect for fasteners, electrical parts and small, miscellaneous doodads, and it takes up almost no space. Get how-tos »

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The Family Handyman

Garage organization tips: Keep tools in one place.

Organize and store all those small shop tools and accessories that clutter your workbench in a chunk of foam insulation. It’ll hold drill bits, router bits, screwdriver bits and a host of other little things and keep them close at hand. Get how-tos »

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The Family Handyman

Garage organization tips: Get it off the floor.

Think you have no storage? Find complete instructions and photos for four simple DIY projects—suspending shelves, ladders, garden equipment, and bikes—that you can do in an afternoon for under $100. Get how-tos »

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The Family Handyman

Closet organization tip: Add shelving.

Build your own birch plywood closet organizer for half the cost of buying one. Using this simple design you can build an organizer to fit any size closet in a weekend. Get how-tos »

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The Family Handyman

Kitchen organization tips: Find a place for everything.

These 10 simple organization tips show how to turn empty space in kitchen cabinets and drawers into useful storage for supplies and utensils. Learn how to create a cool drop-down tablet tray, create extra storage with a rollout drawer for lids, efficient drawer dividers, cutting board storage, and instant knife rack, and more. Get how-tos »

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The Family Handyman

Home organization tips: Carve out spare space.

Here are 10 creative DIY solutions that provide more storage without adding cabinets or drawers. Learn how to make a kitchen window plant perch, under-sink storage bins, above the door shelves, a pullout towel rack, and more. Get how-tos »

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The Family Handyman

Home organization tips: Make sure you have the right shelves.

Simple and sturdy shelving will help you organize without spending a lot of money. See how to create a laundry organizer, between-the-studs shelving, pegboard shelving, an under-bed storage rack, and more. Get how-tos »

Originally Published in The Family Handyman