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What Are You Thankful For? 7 Creative Answers

What makes you grateful? Anne O. Kubitsky started the Look for the Good Project by asking people for postcards with their answer, and got thousands of responses from around the globe.

Hand-carved wooden postcard by Noah Kaeser

I’m grateful for … hobbies.

“I am grateful for the meditative place that whittling takes me.” —Noah Kaeser

Painting of Nancy Smith Worthen and her daughter by Lisa Melmed

I’m grateful for … community.

“I believe in community. I believe that if you ask for what you need, people will give it. And sometimes, even when you do not ask, people see what you need and come forward.” —Nancy Smith Worthen

Painting by Partha Pratim Ghosh

I’m grateful for … family.

“I am grateful for my parents, who taught me to dream. I am grateful for my friends, who shared my dreams. I am grateful for my wife, who supported my dreams. Finally, I am grateful for my daughter, who helped me realize my dreams.” —Partha Pratim Ghosh

Postcard by M.

I’m grateful for … the little things.

“My morning coffee. Couldn’t get started without it.”—M.

Handmade leather postcard by Van Logan Franklin

I’m grateful for … creativity.

“I am grateful for my dreams because they push me to do things that I never would have been able to do without them.” —Van Logan Franklin

Painting by Dan Yagmin, Jr.

I’m grateful for … travel.

“I am grateful for being able to travel freely, and to have had the opportunity to visit beautiful places around the world. I have met so many wonderful people who have enriched my life.” —Dan Yagmin, Jr.

Postcard by Judith Barbour Osbourne

I’m grateful for … life.

“Art, poetry, friends, health, freedom, peace, seasons, wisdom, beauty, joy, spiritual inspiration, family, love, creativity, harmony, nature, generosity, simplicity, energy, joy, and more joy.” —Judith Barbour Osborne

Courtesy Skirt! Books

What Makes You Grateful?: Voices from Around the World

“This is such an important question, because without even knowing the answer, it will roll around in your head until your heart opens, your eyes soften, and your whole life begins to reorganize.” —Anne O. Kubitsky, author of What Makes You Grateful?. To learn more about how you can participate in the Look for the Good Project, click here.

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