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Computers aren’t what they used to be—they’re thinner, lighter, and altogether more powerful. When you add tablets to the mix? It’s a whole new world of work, play, and adventure. Reader’s Digest will show you the ropes of electronics game to keep you typing and swiping with confidence.

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    This $11 Amazon-Loved Laptop Cleaner Wipes Away Keyboard Crumbs

    Kiss crumbs, smudges, and smears goodbye with this do-it-all laptop cleaning tool.

    What’s a Multi-Device Charging Station, And Do You Need One?

    Charge all of your devices simultaneously without scrambling to find a mess of cords and outlets.

    How to Clean a Laptop Screen Without Damaging It

    Whether you use a PC or Mac, laptop or monitor, this guide will teach you how to safely clean your...

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    This Is How Often You Should Shut Down Your Computer

    Do you shut down your computer every night or leave it in sleep mode? Tech experts explain how often your...

    17 Best Laptop Backpacks for Every Style and Budget

    Laptops follow their owners everywhere these days. These are the best options for safely and comfortably toting yours around.

    The Best Affordable Laptops for Back-to-School

    These budget-friendly laptops are perfect for students and casual web surfers. You're welcome!

    How to Save a Video from Facebook Messenger

    You can rewatch videos any time you want by saving them to your smartphone or computer. No Wi-Fi connection necessary!

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    How to Block Annoying Emails for Good

    Ready to finally stop getting those pesky spam emails? Here's how to block them—and clean up your inbox for good.

    The Only Keyboard Shortcut List You’ll Ever Need

    With a few button presses, you can accomplish hundreds of computer tasks, from the simple to the sophisticated without ever...

    71 of the Most Essential Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts

    Drop that mouse! These Chrome keyboard commands offer a much faster and more efficient way to browse the Web.

    24 of the Most Useful YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts

    Whether you’re watching a video for instruction or entertainment, these YouTube hotkeys will make your life a whole lot easier.

    80 of the Most Useful Excel Shortcuts

    Excel at using Excel with these keyboard hotkeys that will save you minutes of time—and hours of aggravation.

    47 Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts to Start Using Today

    Spend less time on email—and save your wrists, too—with these helpful Gmail shortcuts you’ll wish you knew sooner.

    66 of the Most Useful Outlook Keyboard Shortcuts

    You'll zip around your email inbox and outbox like a pro once you know these Microsoft Outlook hotkeys for Windows.

    96 Shortcuts for Accents and Symbols: A Cheat Sheet

    These quick and easy keyboard shortcuts will make your life so much easier.

    The 50 Most Useful Microsoft Word Keyboard Shortcuts

    These shortcuts are sure to make your life a lot easier the next time you're composing a Word document!

    41 of the Most Useful Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

    Your keyboard can do a lot more than you realize. Memorize these Mac keyboard shortcuts to help you navigate your...

    55 of the Most Useful Zoom Keyboard Shortcuts

    Master the art of Zoom with these keyboard tricks. Trust us: You won’t know how you ever lived without them.

    The Most Useful Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

    Control everything on your computer faster and easier with these Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts.

    23 Window Keyboard Shortcuts: A Cheat Sheet

    Once you know these Windows keyboard shortcuts, you'll be able to get all your tasks done in a snap.

    14 Things You Didn’t Know Your iPad Could Do

    If you're not using these features, you're missing out on the chance to make your iPad experience a whole lot...

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    11 Ways You’re Shortening the Life of Your iPad

    You might want to rethink using your iPad without a cover. Learn the surprising ways you’re shortening the life of...

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    15 Things You Didn’t Know Your Mac Laptop Could Do

    You won’t believe what you’ve been missing—and how much easier it will make your life.

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    Why Laptops Need to Go in Their Own Bin at the Airport

    Yes, it's annoying, but there's a very important reason you have to put your laptop in its own bin.

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    13 Mistakes That Shorten Your Laptop’s Life

    A laptop is a big investment, so you want to keep it in good shape for as long as possible....

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    The Best Way to Charge Your Device Will Make Its Battery Last Way Longer

    Let's hope you'll never be stuck with a dead smartphone or laptop again.

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    The Real Likelihood You’re Being Watched Through Your Laptop Camera

    We've all heard that our computer camera can be used to spy on us. Is it true? Is it even...

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    7 Reasons You Need To Clean Your Laptop ASAP

    Dirt, dust, and grime—oh my! If you never clean your laptop, you're doing your health (and the health of your...

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    11 Tricks to Make Your Laptop Battery Last Longer Than Ever

    Having your laptop constantly run out of juice is no fun. That's where these handy tips come in. You're welcome....

    5 Times Paper Is Way Better Than Digital

    Here's when to skip the impulse to reach for your phone or laptop and pick up a pen instead.