32 Wine Puns That Are Really Grape

It's always wine o'clock with these super punny wine captions!

Ready for wine time? Wine not, right? If your Instagram photos of your favorite glass of red are starting to feel a little bit tired, then it might be time to jazz up your captions with some wine puns. Even if you don’t consider yourself a punny person, you can still tap into some of these grape ideas for your wine captions when you’re not sharing your favorite food pick-up lines.

Think about it—wine-related words provide so many opportunities for cute Instagram captions, and leveling up your Instagram game will make you the most popular host for happy hour. Mix that in with your favorite bread puns and cheese puns and you’ve got yourself a fully stocked party! And don’t worry—if wine o’clock goes a little too late, there are always coffee and coffee puns for the next morning. Check out our favorite wine puns here and let’s get ‘gramming!

Wine Puns Wine O Clock Somewhererd.com, Getty Images

  1. Feeling really grape!
  2. It’s wine o’clock somewhere.
  3. You’re my only Riesling.
  4. Will you accept this Rosé?
  5. It’s a grape day to be alive!

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  1. On cloud wine!
  2. Sip happens.
  3. You’re the wine that I want.
  4. Que Syrah Syrah!
  5. Grape minds think alike.

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Wine Puns Sip Sip Hoorayrd.com, Getty Images

  1. You’re wine in a million.
  2. You had me at Merlot.
  3. Do I like wine? You bet Shiraz I do!
  4. Yes way Rosé!
  5. Forever making pour decisions.

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  1. Where there’s a wine, there’s a way.
  2. Vino vidi vici!
  3. Sip, sip, hooray!
  4. Partners in wine.
  5. Say you’ll be wine.

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Wine Puns Sip Back And Relaxrd.com, Getty Images

  1. Happy hour? Wine not?
  2. Back that glass up.
  3. Just a sip to help me un-wine.
  4. Great minds drink alike.
  5. Now you just wait a Prosecco-nd.

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  1. Riesling and shine!
  2. How Merlot can you go?
  3. All for wine, and wine for all.
  4. Vine and dandy.
  5. Chardon-heyyyy!
  6. Sip back and relax.
  7. It’s going to be a wine-derful day!

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