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45 Funny Coffee Memes All Java Lovers Will Understand

Calling all coffee aficionados! Get a few laughs in over your morning (or afternoon) brew.

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May This Morning Coffee Give You Strength To Make It To Your Mid Morning Coffee meme, Getty, Getty Images

Wake up to coffee memes!

We all know coffee is the best part of waking up in the morning. The smell taking over your kitchen. The coziness of filling up your favorite mug. Feeling the renewed energy coursing through your veins. But not everyone likes coffee (*gasps*) and there are just some things that only coffee lovers will understand. We have created some of the best memes about coffee with coffee quotes galore. Some of these may even satisfy your cravings for Monday memes and back to work memes. Coffee enthusiasts, these funny coffee memes are for you.

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When That First Sip Of Coffee Touches Your Soul meme text over image of seal looking, Getty Images

A rebirth

I’m about to be a completely different person, especially now that I have all these coffee jokes up my sleeve.

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Me Before The First Cup Of Coffee meme text over image of disheveled, Getty Images

Hello world

This is me. Read up on the best way to make coffee before tomorrow’s cup.

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When The Coffee Is Ready meme text of dog, Getty Images

Gotta run!

How hilarious is this dog meme?

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Drinking Too Much Coffee Can Cause A Latte Problems meme, Getty Images

You know what they say

Too bad I like coffee a latte (and making coffee puns).

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Tea Or Coffee? Are You Serious? meme text over image of woman looking, Getty Images

Isn’t it obvious?

There’s only one answer here. But we do have to admit, there are some really quali-tea puns out there.

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When You Order A Coffee And They Ask If You Want Decaf Or Regular meme text over image of man looking, Getty Images

Excuse me?

What do you think? Make sure you know the answer to this before you get your coffee-loving bestie one of these gifts for coffee lovers.

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Very Confidently Heading Into Work 20 Minutes Late With A Giant Iced Coffee meme, Getty Images

Every day

Hey, how else are we supposed to make it through Hump Day?

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Pouring Myself Another Cup Of Coffee Because Im Not Shaking Yet meme, Getty Images

Just one more

Ah, the coffee jitters. If the jitters make you spill, learn how to remove coffee stains.

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Me Trying To Figure Out How One Iced Coffee Leads To Four Trips To The Bathroom meme, Getty Images

Doing the math

I wonder if it’s just one of those weird coffee facts.

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When Youve Been Waiting For Your Coffee To Be Ready But Just Realized You Havent Pressed The Button meme text over image of crying, Getty Images

Just shedding a few tears

We’ve all been there. Maybe you’ll want to head to one of the best coffee shops instead.

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When You Tell People You Only Drink One Cup Of Coffee Per Day meme text over image of woman drinking from a giant coffee, Getty Images

Mind your business

No, I’m not addicted to caffeine, but thanks for checking.

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Don't Talk To Me Until This Cup Is Finished meme, Getty Images

Can’t hear you

I can’t be responsible for my actions before that first cup.

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When Yyou Need Coffee To Wake Up But You Need To Wake Up To Get Coffee meme, Getty Images

The dilemma

Can coffee be delivered straight to your bed? Is this correct coffee shop etiquette?

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A Yawn Is A Silent Scream For Coffee meme text over image of Dalmatian puppy, Getty Images

Big yawn

A true cry for help.

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No Judgements Here meme text over image of man in robe drinking coffee from coffee, Getty Images

What size?

I’ll just take the pot, thanks.

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A True Work Of Art meme text over image of coffee, Getty Images

Art in its purest form

This belongs in a gallery.

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Amen meme text over image of mug with "may your coffee be strong and your monday be short", Getty Images

Morning mantra

Words to live by.

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Me Before My First Cup Of Coffee meme text over image of a cat, Getty Images


Let me drink this in peace.

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Looks Like There Will Be 100 Percent Chance Of Coffee This Morning meme, Getty Images

Today’s forecast

And a 35% chance of rain.

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When You Write Drink Coffee On Your To Do List Just So You Can Check Something Off meme, Getty Images


Don’t worry, I’ll get that done ASAP.

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The Best Part Of Wakin' Up meme, Getty Images

You know the tune

…is Folgers (or any coffee, really) in my cup.

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"You Got This" Love, Coffee meme text over image of cup of, Getty Images

So touching

Coffee always believes in you.

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You Know, All Of My People Skills Are Right Here In This Cup Of Coffee meme, Getty Images


Believe it or not.

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Cold Coffee Recipe For Moms: 1. Brew Coffee 2. Forget You Made It 3. Drink It, Getty Images

Mom brain

A recipe passed down for generations. You’ll love these mom memes too.

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Soup Of The Day: Coffee meme, Getty Images

My favorite

Milk, two sugars, hold the spoon.

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May This Morning Coffee Give You Strength To Make It To Your Mid Morning Coffee meme, Getty Images


And your afternoon coffee.

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When They Ask How Cold Brew Is Different Than Iced Coffee meme text over image of woman giving, Getty Images


Please hold your questions until the end.

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Did Somebody Say Starbucks? meme text over image of toddler peering, Getty Images

Venti, please

You’ll have to be more discreet than that.

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One Does Not Simply Not Like Coffee meme, Getty Images

Oh, please

Explain how this is possible.

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When Someone Goes To Starbucks Without Me meme text over image of crying, Getty Images

Come on!

The worst kind of betrayal.

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Good Morning. Where Is My Coffee? meme text over image of grumpy, Getty Images

Grumpy cat

This is the most relatable cat meme in my personal opinion.

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I Didn't Choose The Mug Life. The Mug Life Chose Me. meme, Getty Images

It’s a lifestyle

Does anyone else have a kitchen cabinet dedicated to just mugs?

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Ah Coffee. Nature's Bean Juice meme, Getty Images

Pure happiness

The sweet smell of energy.

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They May Take Away A Good Nights Sleep, But They Shall Never Take Away My Coffee meme text over image of female, Getty Images

Never ever

So brave.

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Got My Coffee Lets Do This meme, Getty Images


My very own weapon.

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Wondering How People Work Without Coffee meme, Getty Images

One of life’s greatest mysteries

Superheroes or psychopaths?

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Hello Darkness My Old Friend meme text over image of black, Getty Images

The sound of silence

I’ve come to talk with you again.

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When You Need To Make The Coffe Before You've Had The Coffee meme, Getty Images

But how?

A true testament to inner strength.

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How Do I Take My Coffee You Ask? Seriously. Very Seriously. meme, Getty Images

Good question

Also, with a little cream and two sugars.

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First I Drink Coffee Then I Do Stuff meme, Getty Images


It must be done in this order.

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When The Coffee Starts To Kick In meme text over image of wide eyed, Getty Images


Ready to take on the world.

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Don't Have To Go To The Bathroom? Okay, Well See About That meme text over image of iced, Getty Images

Like clockwork

Nature’s laxative.

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A Warm And Cozy Alternative To Hating Mornings Forever meme text over image of a, Getty Images

So true

Not to mention, delicious.

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Going To Sleep At Night Already Looking Forward To Your Morning Coffee meme, Getty Images

Can’t wait

It’s something to be excited about.

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Dunkin Or Starbucks? Thats Like Asking Me To Choose A Favorite Child meme, Getty Images

Refuse to choose

But seriously, which one? Now that you’ve laughed at these coffee memes, check out these funny animal memes for some extra smiles over your morning coffee.

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