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30 Cute Hamster Pictures That Will Make You Smile

Updated: Dec. 08, 2022

Get ready for some next-level cuteness.

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Hamster in a Teapot
Catherine Falls Commercial/Getty Images

Warning: Extreme cuteness ahead!

It seems that many of the cutest animals in the world can fit in our hands, and hamsters are no exception. We can’t get enough of these little fluff nuggets, with their chubby cheeks, roly-poly bodies, and adorable personalities. They’re so curious and so much fun to watch as they explore their world, but they can also live in our world; hamsters that are handled early in life can be picked up and petted. But if you’re thinking of adopting one, you should be aware that they’re nocturnal. That means you’ll be able to hang out with them for a bit before you hit the hay, but for the most part, while you’re sawing logs, they’ll be chewing up their own “logs” of cardboard in the wee hours. Of course, you can enjoy these cute hamster pictures at any time of the day or night. And when you’re done scrolling, keep those warm and fuzzy vibes going with more cute animal pictures, including cute hedgehog pictures, adorable sloth photos, and cuddly bunny pictures.

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Happy brown hamster with pumpkin seed
Kingarion/Getty Images

I can barely contain my excitement!

Can you believe my photographer got this shot? I’m so excited to have this yummy pumpkin seed, and I just can’t hide it! Hmmm…I wonder how many I can store in my cute hamster cheeks?!

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Cute Syrian hamster poking her head out of a bright red exercise ball, looking in to the camera
Raylipscombe/Getty Images

But I’m not ready to come out yet

Sometimes running on my hamster wheel gets a little boring, so can you blame me for wanting to hop into the exercise ball instead? Oh, the places I can go! I love to roll all over the house and explore. But please, block the stairs—rolling down those last week gave me a headache!

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Mesocricetus auratus (golden hamster, Syrian hamster) - feeding on a chestnut
Paul Starosta/Getty Images

I’m pretty sure I can stuff a bit more in my cheeks

Admit it: You want to pick me up and do the “cheeky rub.” I get that they are irresistibly cute, but they serve a purpose. Even though I technically don’t need to store food for a rainy day ’cause I’m a pet, I can because my cheeks are extremely elastic and can expand almost three times their size! If you think this is funny, you’ll love these hilarious cat memes.

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going out
abalcazar/Getty Images

Should I make a run for it?

My dad just left the cage door open to grab some more bedding. Should I make a run for it? All it takes is a second and poof—I’m outta here! And you don’t want that to happen because finding a missing hamster in the house is like finding a needle in a haystack. Find out what your hamster (and other critters) are up to with these pet cameras that fit any budget.

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Little hamster
Bedolaga/Getty Images


Keep ordering from Amazon, Mama, because I love cardboard boxes. I can chew and play with them, or you could make some holes in the box and create a fun little playhouse for me. It will keep me busy all night while you sleep!

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White longhaired syrian hamster
Pyza / Puchikumo/Getty Images

Am I a teddy bear or a hamster?

Did your heart just melt a little bit looking at my cute hamster picture? We long-haired Syrian hamsters are commonly known as teddy bear hamsters, so yes, I’m technically a teddy bear hamster! While we’re on the subject of teddy bears, you’ll go gaga over these adorable puppies that look like teddy bears, too.

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Dwarf hamster
AlexeyVis/Getty Images

I spy a treat!

You have my attention! I’m not sure if it’s because you’re just trying to take another cute hamster picture for Instagram or if you have a juicy strawberry for me, but I’m not going anywhere until I find out. (I hope it’s the strawberry.)

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Egg shaped syrian hamster
Pyza / Puchikumo/Getty Images

I think I ate too much

I call this my “Netflix and binge pose.” I don’t even know where the remote is. Also, I seem to be stuck like an upside-down turtle. Can you give me a little nudge and turn me over?

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trgowanlock/Getty Images

Mission impossible

Ha! More like mission POSSIBLE! Where do you think Tom Cruise got his moves? My mission: Find some crunchy celery!

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Hamsters in the mug
gyro/Getty Images

Hamster hangover

All that ruckus you heard last night? Yep, that was me. As a nocturnal critter, I like to get my paaaarty on after you head to sleepy town. I blame the new toilet paper rolls you dropped in the cage before you headed to bed. They gave me the hammies!

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Dietmar Janz/Getty Images

You’re gonna hear me roar

Oh, hey, I didn’t see you there. How did I sound? I’m tuning my pipes for my American Idol audition. I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter…and you’re gonna hear me roar. Think I can win over judge Katy Perry with her song?

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Fat Funny Hamster
IgorKovalchuk/Getty Images

I’m telling you—it wasn’t me!

Yes, I escaped from my cage. Yes, you discovered me in the pantry. Yes, I was in the box of granola. But that doesn’t mean I was eating it! No. You can’t check my cheeks without a warrant.

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White Syrian Hamster stands beside a Bannister on a staircase and looks up
Catherine Falls Commercial/Getty Images

Yo, Ma—I’m down here!

Wouldn’t you know it? My mom didn’t put the lid of my exercise ball on tight enough, and I got out. I tried climbing up the stairs to her room, but they are a lot taller than I thought! Gosh, I hope Mom can find me before the cat does! Cats and hamsters may never be friends, but these unlikely animal friendships will warm your heart.

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Hamster and an Abacus
Catherine Falls Commercial/Getty Images

Just one more step…

Check me out. I’m in full-on beast mode, moving my furry little legs up the bean counter for hammie boot camp. Hmm, I wonder how I’ll get back down? Oh, well, I can also jump. My chubby cheeks or hammie butt will surely break my fall.

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Find me! Dwarf hamster hiding
Kerrick/Getty Images

On this episode of Fixer Upper

Jo Jo wonders if she miscalculated and ordered too many shavings for her new abode. But then again, can you really ever have too much nesting material?

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A cream colored hamster with its mouth open in its cage
AlexKalashnikov/Getty Images

Have you heard this one before?

It’s open mic night at the Critter Barn. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: What did the hamster do when she won the lotto? She put it into a shavings account! Wait! I got another one. Where do hamsters come from? Hamsterdam. Want to keep the laughs coming? Check out these hilarious animal jokes and puns.

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Syrian hamster outdoors
Pyza / Puchikumo/Getty Images

Don’t tell me, the cat’s right behind me?

Dang! I can’t go anywhere without the neighbor’s cat stalking me. Scoop me up and take me home, pronto! Some pets will never be chummy with each other. These are the pet combos that don’t work well together.

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Syrian Hamster inside toilet paper roll, studio shot
Martin Harvey/Getty Images

Reporting for T.P. guard duty

I understand toilet paper has been a hot commodity lately, so I will stay right here and not let anyone take it. On the other hand, if you get a bidet, I’ve got first dibs on this roll.

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Cute back view of a hamster
tomorca/Getty Images

Hammie’s got back

Corgi loaf, smorgi loaf. I think my mini loaf is so much cuter. Plus, I balance it all out with my chubby cheeks upfront. But don’t let me get too chunky. Vets say I need to exercise daily. Personally, I prefer to shape up my hammie loaf in my own personal hamster gym.

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hamsters have cheek pouches
tomorca/Getty Images


Why are you looking at me like that? I didn’t take your snacks. Me wuv you so much. Look at my sweet face and my darling little eyes. Seriously, do I look like a thief to you? Now, will you please excuse me? I have some organizing to do in my nest.

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Praying Animla
4kodiak/Getty Images

Bedtime prayers

Dear God, please bless my mama and daddy. Thank you for my pumpkin seeds and new exercise ball. And pretty please keep me from the curious cat who gets way too close to my cage and has bad breath. Amen.

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Cute Hamster
s-a-m/Getty Images

I woke up this way

Who rolls out of bed looking this cute and fluffy? Me! I may look sturdy, but my bones and muscles are so tiny and are easily hurt. Please scoop me up with one hand under me and the other hand gently over me to keep me safe and cozy. Here are more adorable tiny animals from around the world.

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Small domestic hamster isolated on white background. Gray Syrian hamster stands on his hind legs isolated on a white background
Andrii Zorii/Getty Images

Put up your dukes!

I’m a lover, not a fighter, but if you take my seeds and veggies, I’m coming for ya. Truth be told, hamsters can be territorial and aggressive. They prefer their own company and are quite content to be single and not mingle—except for breeding.

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Cute Syrian hamster sleeping peacefully on its back
Olena Kurashova/Getty Images

Don’t poke a sleeping hamster

You might be ready to scoop me up for some cuddling and playtime after breakfast, but I’m nocturnal and sleep my way through the day. Come back later ’cause I’m a real party pooper when it comes to daytime living.

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Hamsters in the mug
gyro/Getty Images

If it fits, I sits

Good morning. And you thought the best part of waking up was Folgers in your cup! You know I got a soft spot for small and cozy spaces. Guess you’ll have to find another cup!

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hamster posing
HusarK/Getty Images

Tea for two

Hello, love. Can we get some service over here? Would you be a dear and bring more scones? Oh, and another teacup for my friend? No, I don’t know where it went. But you can look in her cheeks if you want.

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Hamster Sleeping In Cage
Rose Ann De Los Reyes / EyeEm/Getty Images

I’ll start working out on Monday

I had good intentions, but then I found the delicious sunflower seeds I was hoarding—I mean saving for portion-controlled snacks—and I couldn’t stop eating them. Then, of course, I felt bloated and guilty and fell asleep. At least I didn’t make a mess while I was eating. I’m just as neat as these pets with perfect table manners.

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Furry Friends
Michael Phillips/Getty Images

Hold it right there, pal!

Everyone wants some bunny to love, but this rabbit is a little too close—and a little too big for my comfort. Maybe she just wants to borrow some seeds or carrot bits, but this hammie isn’t taking any chances. Somebody get me outta here!

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Hamster in a Car
Catherine Falls Commercial/Getty Images

Wanna go for a drive?

Surprised a hamster can drive a car? Dude, who do you think taught Stewart Little to drive his roadster? Between you and me, he’s a hack. I was his stunt double for all the car-chase scenes. If you think hamsters driving cars is comical, wait until you see these pictures of animals doing funny things.

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Golden hamster with young

Has anyone seen Scooter?

Do you know what animal experts call a litter of hamsters? Pups. And get this—males are further defined as “boars” and females as “sows.” Are my kids dogs, pigs, or hamsters?! Anyhoo, after about 21 to 28 weeks of gestation, I pop out about six to eight of these sweet little hammies. By the way, where is Scooter?

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