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25 Possum Pictures That Will Convince You They’re Actually Cute

Quit playing possum—there's no need to hide from these absolutely adorable possum pics!

Baby Possumtimharman/Getty Images

Playing (cute) possum

First, a word about semantics. Scientifically speaking, possums are marsupials that are native to Australia, while the opossum is found in North America, but Merriam-Webster advises that it’s A-okay to use the terms interchangeably in conversation. Whichever name they’re called by, you may find that these large marsupials are surprisingly kind of cute. Between their big eyes, short fur, and pointed ears, there’s certainly more than meets the eye when it comes to these furry creatures. We’re convinced that after you’ve seen this collection of cute possum photos, you’ll start singing their praises, too. After, make sure to check out the cutest animals in the world, cute animal pictures, and cute raccoon pictures.

Baby Opossum, Pine Barrens, New Jerseystanley45/Getty Images

Just hanging out

This baby possum, who’s swinging by its tail off of a branch, is just dropping in to say “hello!” Let’s be real: We all know baby animals are the cutest. Check out these cute pictures of baby turtles for more adorableness.

Virginia Opossum babies on stick hanging outStan Tekiela Author/Getty Images

Three’s a crowd

These three baby possums were captured hanging out on the end of a tree branch. The more the merrier, we say—and this goes for cute ferret pictures, too. 

Opossum Peeking From Its HoleCarl Young/Getty Images

Hide and seek

This little possum is seen peeking up from its hole in Chicago. Possums aren’t the only animals that like to play; check out these adorably playful pics of cute hedgehogs.

Possum in boxJenny Dettrick/Getty Images

Possum to go

We’ll take one cute possum to go, please! This little guy is ready for express mail in its cardboard box.

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Mountain Possum (Trichosurus caninus)tracielouise/Getty Images

Snack time

This mountain possum was caught taking a snack break while munching on an apple in a park in Queensland, Australia. These cute sloth pictures show some other furry creatures taking a time-out to munch on a yummy meal.

Brushtail Possum feedingBarbara Fischer, Australia./Getty Images

Lights out

Did you know that most possums, including this brushtail possum, are nocturnal? This little guy was spotted in the photographer’s backyard in Carrum, Australia.

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A cute baby opossum (Didelphidae) standing on man's handMargus Vilbas/Getty Images

Little possum, big world

This tiny baby possum is seen balancing on its caretaker’s hand. Aren’t baby possum pictures the best?

Cute Possum FamilyChris Counts/Getty Images

All in the family

All aboard! This mother possum takes its babies for a ride, family-style.

Baby Possumtimharman/Getty Images

Babies R Us

I mean, just look at that little face…and big ears! What could be cuter?

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Virginia Opossum foraging for food in grassleekris/Getty Images

Fuzzy buddy

If you look from a distance, this possum picture of a Virginia opossum foraging for food in the grass almost looks like a sheep grazing in a meadow because of its fuzzy fur.

Baby OpossumJasonOndreicka/Getty Images

Life’s a playground…

…and this baby possum picture shows a little buddy just playing in its branches! Watch as it does the world’s cutest pull-up.

Young North American opossum (Didelphis virginiana) sits on a fence near the house.irin717/Getty Images

Chillin’ on a fence

This young North American possum is taking a breather atop a fence.

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A mother opossum with its four babies on the pavementlillybell/Getty Images

We are family

Another adorable possum family, another bundle of cuteness. We can’t get enough.

Baby OpossumJasonOndreicka/Getty Images

Upside down

While at first glance you may think this is a bat taking its signature upside-down snooze in this possum picture, take another look and you’ll realize that it’s a baby possum hanging out on a branch.

Angry Baby OpossumAshleyHutchinsonPhotography/Getty Images

Show me your teeth!

This baby possum opens up wide to give us a glimpse of its pearly whites. Here are some more cute baby animal pictures for your fix.

Possum babiesBsheridan1959/Getty Images

Sibling love

These cute possums are seen playing together on a rock.

Opossum (Didelphis Virginiana)TracieMichelle/Getty Images

Kicking back

Possums know how to chill, too! This possum kicks back on the couch. Can we join?

Opossum standoffRobert Winkler/Getty Images

Snowy possum

This Virginia possum was captured playing in the crisp snow.

Opposum in backyardMark Miller Photos/Getty Images

Through the leaves

Fall foliage has never looked so inviting with this cute possum peeking through the leaves.

Virginia opossum, North American opossum, (Didelphis virginiana), adult looking out of den, Pine County, Minnesota, USA, North AmericaTier Und Naturfotografie J und C Sohns/Getty Images

Den creatures

This cute possum is caught looking out from its den in Minnesota.

Ringtail Possum Shallow Focusmonkeystock/Getty Images

Windows to the soul

They always say that eyes are the windows to the soul. And if that’s the case, we’re staring deep into the soul of (and falling in love with) this ringtail possum.

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Baby opossum seen in the wild in North Californiarancho_runner/Getty Images

Small but mighty

This baby possum is barely bigger than a blade of grass.

Possum BabyJoanBudai/Getty Images

All snuggled up

This baby possum is all tucked in and ready for bed. Sweet dreams!

Young Opossum walking on a fallen tree in a forestRex Lisman/Getty Images

If a tree falls

A young possum is spotted walking on a fallen tree trunk in the forest.

Pet possum on tree stumpGrove Pashley/Getty Images

Staring contest

It’s a face-off! This pet possum isn’t afraid to look from its perch on a tree stump. Now, check out these adorable photos of animal friendships—we promise you won’t regret it. Be prepared to fall in love!

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