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Choosing an airline before the pandemic was difficult, but now it’s harder than ever. With hidden fees, new safety procedures, and ridiculous weight limitations, airlines are becoming even more stressful. We’ll help you come out on top and understand the inner workings before you next take to the sky.

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    This Is Exactly How Airplanes Keep the Air Clean

    There's a common myth that planes are the filthiest place on earth. While it's true that planes do have germs, the air, in particular, is cleaner than you may have been led to believe.

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    The Airline Getting the Most Complaints During the Pandemic

    Every airline is going through a tough time right now—but one has been bombarded with far more customer complaints than...

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    The Truth About Recirculated Air on Airplanes

    There are plenty of justifiable reasons to be nervous about flying on an airplane right now—but this common myth isn't...

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    The 15 Best National Park Road Trips to Take All Year Long

    Looking for the perfect getaway? Forget the plane tickets, and rev up the car! America’s many wonders are just a...

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    What Flight Attendants Want You to Know Before You Fly Again

    Taking to the skies looks different these days—but for both crew and travelers, the new cleanliness standards are welcomed. Airlines...

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    12 Photos That Show the “New Normal” of Air Travel

    This is what it looks like to fly in a post-pandemic world.

    20 of the Most Beautiful Sea Caves in the World

    Even if we can't travel just yet, these photos will have you planning a sea cave adventure we're all sure...

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    I’m a Flight Attendant and This Is What It’s Really Like to Fly During Coronavirus

    A day on the job for a flight attendant has been anything but ordinary during the COVID-19 pandemic as it...

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    Why Travel Agents Think You Should Buy Plane Tickets Now—But Travel Later

    Dreaming of a tropical getaway? If you want a great deal and a much-needed mental escape, now is the time...

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    Here’s What Would Happen If Airplanes Weren’t Pressurized

    Without pressurization, traveling by plane would be uncomfortable and perhaps even deadly. Here's why.

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    Where to Sit on an Airplane to Avoid Getting Sick

    Another reason why the window seat is the best seat on the plane.

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    This Is What a Flight Attendant First Notices About You

    You'll be surprised by how much a flight attendant can learn about you simply by greeting you at the door.

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    13 Red Flags You’re About to Book a Bad Airline

    The price is right and the destination looks incredible but something just doesn't feel right about the flight you are...

    11 Ways to Get Cash From an Airline Instead of a Voucher

    If you’re being inconvenienced, you deserve cash—in fact, you’re often entitled to it by law. Here’s how to get it.

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    The Etiquette Rules of Getting Up to Use the Airplane Bathroom (When Your Neighbor Is Asleep)

    Quit awkwardly holding your bladder and follow this etiquette expert's advice.

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    How Long Should a Layover Be to Leave the Airport?

    Yes, it's possible to leave the airport on your layover. Here's how you can make your connecting flight and explore...

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    What It’s Like to Be a Flight Attendant with the World’s Best Airline

    We chatted with a flight attendant on Emirates Airline, often considered the best in the world, to find out the...

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    Flight Attendants Reveal the Right Way to Swap Airplane Seats

    Swapping seats is more common than you may think—here's how to do it the right way.

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    The 10 Worst Airports If You’re Running Late

    If you're always running behind schedule, you definitely don't want to book a flight out of any of these airports.

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    What Actually Happens When You Flush an Airplane Toilet?

    During a given flight travelers flush the toilets up to 1,000 times—here's what happens to all that sewage.

    Delta Airlines Just Made It So Much Easier to Fly with Your Pets

    Because your animals deserve first-class flight service, too.

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    The Unspoken Etiquette Rules of Reclining Your Airplane Seat

    How you recline makes all the difference.

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    Airbus vs. Boeing: Flight Attendants Reveal Which Is Better

    Flight attendants share the lowdown about which plane they prefer.

    This Airline Aims to Become the Most-Eco Friendly in the Country

    One U.S. airline is making a serious commitment to the Earth this year.