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Choosing an airline before the pandemic was difficult, but now it’s harder than ever. With hidden fees, new safety procedures, and ridiculous weight limitations, airlines are becoming even more stressful. We’ll help you come out on top and understand the inner workings before you next take to the sky.

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This Google Flights Hack Will Show You the Lowest Price for Your Next Trip

Here's one way to save when booking your next flight. Try this hidden feature in Google Flights.

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These useful Amazon travel accessories will make flying the friendly skies or taking a road trip more fun and a...

This Is Why You Should Always Stay Buckled When Flying

One simple safety precaution could save your head in the case of an emergency.

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20 Best Travel Apps That Will Make Your Next Trip Better in Every Way

From flight tracking and route mapping to packing, booking and itinerary assistance, these are the top travel apps for business...

Everything You Need to Know About the Airline Passengers’ Bill of Rights

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You Might Start Seeing This Brand New Airplane in the Near Future

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The Safest—and Least Safe—Airlines of 2023

New data from Airline Ratings can help anticipant travels make safe, smart flight choices

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"It's here, it's fast and it's free," the airline states in a press release.

6 Travel Pillows That Experts Swear By for Sounder Sleep

For the comfiest flight ever, don't leave home without one of these fabulous travel pillows.

Frontier Launched an Unlimited Flight Pass—Here’s What You Need to Know

Get your bags packed, here's how you can access unlimited flights from Frontier.

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You Can Get TSA Pre-Check at Staples—Here’s How

Traveling this holiday season? Staples just made your life a lot easier.

Flying with Dogs: 26 Things to Know Before Taking Your Pup on a Plane

Everything you need to know about flying with a dog, from where pups sit to the overall cost

You Can Earn Delta Air Lines Miles by Drinking Starbucks—Here’s How

Say hello to vacation with your next coffee order, thanks to this dreamy new partnership between Delta Air Lines and...

The 8 Best Underseat Luggage of 2023, According to Travel Experts

From spinner suitcases to duffles, totes and backpacks, these expert-endorsed underseat luggage options will upgrade your next in-flight experience.

What to Do If an Airline Loses Your Luggage: 7 Simple Steps

Lost luggage (unfortunately) happens. Here's what to do if an airline loses your precious cargo.

How to Get a Refund If Your Flight Is Canceled

Your travel plans may have been dashed, but you can turn your luck around by learning how to get a...

I Was a Flight Attendant During the COVID-19 Pandemic—Here’s How It Changed the Job for Good

As a flight attendant during the COVID-19 pandemic, I got used to change. Now I'm navigating the new normal in...

How to Get Reimbursed If Your Luggage Is Lost, Damaged or Delayed

Yes, it’s possible to get a lost luggage reimbursement when an airline misplaces your bags. Here’s what you need...

These Are the Best Flights to Avoid Cancellations and Delays

Is there a way to increase the likelihood that your flight actually leaves on time? Yes, and it entails knowing...

JetBlue Just Bought Spirit Airlines—Here’s What That Means for Travelers

Once finalized, the JetBlue-Spirit Airlines merger may mean improved service for the ultra-low-cost carrier