How Fast Can You Find All 6 Turkeys Hiding in This Christmas Scene?

If you can do it in less than 3.5 minutes, you just might be a genius.

brainteaser Courtsey Stay in Cornwall

Even though you’d think we’d see it coming, the holiday season has a funny way of turning into a mad rush to buy and wrap gifts, bake cookies, and squeeze in more parties than you’ve been to all year. We’ve got one more rush job for you, but this one’s a lot more fun than waiting in line at the department store.

A family is spending their holiday in a seaside cottage in Cornwall, England. In all the hustle and bustle of prepping for Christmas, though, they seem to have lost all the turkeys! It’s up to you to track down all the birds in time for the Christmas roast. Once you’ve solved it, try these 12 detective riddles only the smartest people can crack.

Stay in Cornwall, which put this brainteaser together, hid turkeys in with the quaint cottage’s festivities. Put your peepers to the test and see if you can spot all six—and make it quick! Most people can solve this puzzle in 3 minutes and 32 seconds, which just so happens to be the time it takes to listen to John Lennon’s “Happy Xmas (War Is Over).” Crank up the tunes to get in the spirit as you race the clock (er, song) to put tonight’s dinner together. And if you’re more of the Halloween type, try finding the cat hidden within this maze of bats. 

Need a hint? Most of the turkeys are staying warm indoors, but one sneaky bird is taking this Christmas to new heights. Oh, and you get a bonus point if you can spot the turkey poser hiding in the decorations … but it doesn’t count in the missing six! Don’t miss these other 19 brainteasers that will leave you stumped.

If you’re totally stumped, check out the answers below:

brainteaser answerCourtsey Stay in Cornwall Thought that was hard? Test your skills by identifying these 15 everyday objects based on their close-up pictures.

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