This Portable Door Lock Helps Me Sleep Better at Night While I’m Traveling

Updated: Jun. 07, 2023

Give yourself peace of mind with this affordable, portable door lock

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Going on vacation offers a time to unwind, take a breather and relax from a rigid schedule. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t exercise caution, especially if traveling alone. I’m a pretty avid traveler, and I have a number of lifesaving carry-on items that I bring along for peace of mind. My latest discovery is the Addalock portable door lock—and I’ll never travel without it again. 

What is a portable door lock? 

The Addalock portable door lock is a metal-and-plastic contraption that hooks into the lock of any inward swinging door. It makes it so a door is impossible to open from the outside even with a key and even if you left it otherwise unlocked, adding an extra layer of protection. The lock itself is small and fits into almost any door, no locksmith required. 

Attaching it has a learning curve. You start by inserting the metal piece into the hole, or strikeplate, of the doorframe. Close the door to secure the metal piece, then slide the red plastic wedge into the metal. I’d recommend watching a demonstration video for a visual! Once attached, no one can open the door by pushing in.  

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Why is this portable door lock trending?  

The portable door lock pops up on my social media feed every so often. I’ve seen it used by women who frequently travel solo, families with young children and people who live alone. It’s a self-defense tool that prevents intruders from breaking in.  

What’s so beneficial about the portable door lock is that it’s, well, so portable. It’s small enough to fit in just about any bag and secures into different size doors, whether you’re at home, an Airbnb or a hotel. It’s cheaper than an expensive door lock system, making it an affordable way to theft-proof any home

How I tested it 

3 Different Doors With Portable Door LockAndrea Carrillo/

I tested the portable door lock in three separate scenarios to see how well it works.

The first was in my office to test on my lock-less door. A true DIYer, I set aside the instructions and tried to install it myself. However, I quickly realized I had to watch the instructional video first. With a few practice tries, the lock went on smoothly and I couldn’t get the door open from either side. 

I’ve heard scary stories from women about people breaking into their hotel rooms, so I brought my lock with me on an overnight trip with some girlfriends. The doors on hotel rooms can be trickier when trying to figure out where the lock part attaches, especially if the door frame is close to the wall. But without too much struggle, I was able to attach the lock to the hotel door. Although I wasn’t expecting anyone to try to open it in the middle of the night, I felt reassured that I was safe from any unwanted visitors. (There was also no chance a housekeeper would catch me sleeping in if I forgot to put out the Do Not Disturb sign.) 

Because of its small size, I also packed the portable door lock in my travel bag on a weekend trip to Mexico. It slips into a side pocket and didn’t set off any security alarms at the airport. The Mexico hotel room was the toughest in terms of attaching the lock because the strikeplate was about 6 inches long. It took some effort and elbow grease to secure the lock, but I got it done.  

The portable door lock is easy to remove, too. Just unlodge the red plastic piece from the metal, open the door and it comes loose. The chain hangs over the door knob so it’s ready to go for the next use.

After testing the portable door lock on a variety of doors, I’m confident in saying it adds a safer layer of protection than standard door locks, which can be picked with a credit card. I know that when the portable lock is in place, nothing is getting through the door. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for affordable home security. After my positive experience, my parents even inquired about getting a lock for themselves, as they travel out of the country on a regular basis.

Portable door lock features 

Each component of the portable door lock is only about 6 inches long. A metal piece attaches to the red plastic piece with a chain. But when installed, the bright red plastic isn’t visible from the other side of the door. The metal makes it feel a little heavy, but its 4 ounce is hardly enough to add weight to a purse or bag. 


  • Adds security to any inward-swinging door 
  • Small enough to stow in just about any travel bag 
  • Lightweight construction 
  • Bright red color makes it hard to lose 
  • More than 15,000 ratings averaging 4.4 stars on Amazon


  • Takes practice to attach 
  • Can’t be used to secure belongings inside when you leave


Portable Door Lock Andrea Carrillo/

How does a portable door lock work?  

The lock creates a wedge to prevent the door from opening from the outside. A metal piece hooks into the door’s strikeplate and the plastic part secures it in place. 

Do portable door locks work on doors without locks?  

Yes! I tested the portable door lock on a standard door without locks and it still held in place without budging.  

How secure are portable door locks?  

When installed correctly, portable door locks are very secure. Some reviewers say the door frame itself started to give when force was used to open a door with the portable door lock attached!  

What other shoppers had to say  

A 5-star reviewer, Maria, recommends the lock for anyone traveling or living by themselves. “I bring this everywhere with me, and it keeps the door locked on the inside,” she writes. “It is small and super easy to install, and I’ve put it on the hinge of multiple doors as an extra lock. Definitely invest in one of these, especially if you have a bedroom door in college that doesn’t lock. This is so useful and helps create a bit more safety.” 

At first, Milissa was reluctant to buy the lock and questioned its sturdiness. “I wanted to add security to our Airbnb doors when we are traveling. Boy oh boy were these a pleasant surprise!” she raves. “I purchased two and was able to secure our doors with no problem and felt very safe when they were in use and they could not be seen at all from the outside.”

“I got it because my wife and I are staying at different Airbnbs, it actually works better than expected,” writes another 5-star reviewer, Jean Carlos. “While my wife and I were sleeping, somebody from our Airbnb knocked on our door and when I was getting to the door, somebody entered the code and unlocked it. However, the [Addalock] door lock stopped anybody from getting in. It is a must if you want somebody out of your room or space for security or privacy.”  

Final verdict  

The portable door lock is one of those Amazon travel accessories I wish I’d discovered sooner. I’m more open to traveling by myself as a woman with a tool like this, and I love that it’s so portable. 

Keep in mind that the portable door lock only works if you’re using it from inside and won’t attach if you want to leave it on while you’re away. Still, its versatility for just about any type of door makes it an essential packing item or travel gift. I’m even planning on ordering more for my family. It’s affordable, but you really can’t put a price on safety. 

Where to buy the portable door lock 

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Get your own Addalock portable door lock on Amazon for less than $20. Sleep peacefully knowing you, your loved ones and your valuables are safe and protected anywhere you go. 

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