Fourth of July

Paint the town red, white, and blue with some good, old-fashioned patriotic fun. We have you covered for Independence Day, whether it’s brushing up on 4th of July history (where did the tradition of 4th of July fireworks come from, anyway?), getting some fun 4th of July ideas for a party, or even sharing hilarious 4th of July memes. Happy birthday, USA!

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    The Best Firework Displays in America

    Happy Birthday, America! Find out where to see the most incredible 4th of July fireworks across the country to celebrate Independence Day this year.

    30+ Ideas for the Best 4th of July Party

    Whether you want to keep things small or host an epic bash this year, these creative Independence Day ideas will...

    4th of July Fireworks: A Complete Guide

    Everything you've ever wanted to know about fireworks, from their history to the proper usage, in one handy guide.

    The Best 4th of July Sales You Won’t Want to Miss

    These sales are so good, you'll be seeing stars (and stripes).

    25 Best 4th of July Songs to Add to Your Playlist

    It's time to celebrate the U.S. of A. with these groovin' patriotic tunes from the nation's best-loved pop, rock, hip-hop,...

    35 Funny 4th of July Memes Worth Sharing

    These Independence Day memes will make you spit out your liber-tea.

    50 4th of July Quotes to Help You Celebrate Independence Day

    These 4th of July quotes will have you feeling red, white, and blue.

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    The History of the 4th of July and Why We Celebrate It

    Let freedom ring—and the fireworks bang!

    85 Picture-Perfect 4th of July Captions

    You've got your perfect sparkler picture, now it's time to caption it.

    The States Where Fireworks Are Illegal

    Before you attempt to light up the night with a DIY fireworks spectacle, find out the states where fireworks are...

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    Who Has the Most Valuable Signature on the Declaration of Independence? (It’s Not Who You Think)

    This document contains the signatures of John Hancock, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin...and then there's that really valuable one!

    I’m a Black American—Here’s Why I Don’t Celebrate the Fourth of July

    For many people in this country, the Fourth of July represents some very ugly truths hidden within the fabric of...

    The 20 Best Getaways for 4th of July Weekend

    From the food to the fireworks to the all-American fun, there's nothing not to love about these Independence Day destinations...

    30 Festive 4th of July Crafts Anyone Can Make

    Happy Birthday, America! Celebrate Independence Day with these fun and easy DIYs that will add the perfect patriotic flair to...

    30 Patriotic Movies to Watch on the 4th of July

    Between the fireworks and other festivities, settle in for a little slice of film Americana on Independence Day.

    30 Festive Fourth of July Appetizers

    Kick off your Fourth of July party with these summery light appetizer bites, dips, salads, and finger foods.

    30 4th of July Jokes Anyone Will Find Funny

    Land of the free, home of the brave, and enough jokes to keep you laughing all day long.

    30 Picture-Perfect Desserts for the Fourth of July

    It’s time to celebrate—and eat! Show off your patriotic spirit with these fun, festive, and colorful Independence Day treats.

    15 Fun 4th of July Games the Whole Family Will Love

    Get your red, white, and blue on with these playfully patriotic games for all the family.

    60 American Flag Pictures That Will Make You Feel Patriotic

    Because every heart beats true under red, white, and blue.

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    20 Things You Didn’t Know About Independence Day

    On the Fourth of July, we celebrate the birth of our great nation with picnics, fireworks, the colors of the...

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    American Flag Etiquette: 12 Mistakes You Didn’t Realize You Were Making

    We’ve checked with some patriotic organizations about how best to display Old Glory based on the U.S. Flag Code. These...

    Why Are Dogs So Scared of Fireworks?

    The Fourth of July isn’t always fun for our four-legged friends. But a little understanding and the right type of...

    45 Patriotic 4th of July Decorations to Celebrate in Style

    Show off your red, white, and blue spirit with these patriotic Fourth of July decorations.

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    14 Things You Need for a (Safe) Summer BBQ

    Here’s everything you need for a fun, festive, and healthy outdoor dinner. 

    “The Fireworks Mistake I Will Always Regret”

    What started out as a fun Fourth of July party quickly turned dangerous for this innocent bystander.

    12 Surprising Places You’ll Find the American Flag

    We expect to see the American flag adorning homes and waving over schools, post offices, and government buildings. But there...

    10 of America’s Most Spectacular Fourth of July Fireworks

    Visit one of these cities, big or small, to celebrate Independence Day with a fireworks show you're likely to never...

    7 Ways to Grill Juicy Burgers and Steaks

    Get fired up for juicy burgers and tender steaks!

    The Best Place to Celebrate the Fourth of July in Every State

    From awe-inspiring firework displays to quirky small-town traditions, these are the best spots in every state to celebrate the red,...