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26 Chinchilla Pictures That Will Make You Smile

They kind of look like tinier cousins of bunnies. Prepare for chinchillas to skyrocket up your list of cutest animals ever!

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man`s hand touch big fluffy gray chinchilla. close-up portrait.Andrei Marchenko/Getty Images


Besides “adorable balls of fluff,” what are chinchillas? Well, the name refers to two different species of rodents, Chinchilla chinchilla and Chinchilla lanigera. Native to South America, they have the densest fur of any land mammal—20,000 hairs per square centimeter, to be exact! Like an endearing combo of adorable bunnies, squirrels, and hamsters, chinchillas can totally steal your heart, which is why they’ve gained popularity as pets. Check out these super-cute chinchilla pictures to see more reasons why they’re the epitome of adorable! You’ll also love these cutest animals in the world and cute sloth pictures.

If you think your pets would fit in with these adorable pics, we want to see them! Reader’s Digest is on the prowl for the most touching, adorable, or hilarious friendships involving a pet. Submit your story and photos (and videos!) for consideration. We will honor the best in many categories of friendship online, in the magazine, and on social media.

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ChinchillaJustAsLive/Getty Images


This little guy looks very content relaxing on this green-and-white upholstery.

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Chinchilla sitting on handFrancesco Pizzolon/500px/Getty Images

One-handed Circle of Life

This tiny little chinchilla is so small that it’s able to be held aloft in one hand! We also love how the holder’s sleeve perfectly matches the trees in the background (even though the adorable chinchilla takes center stage)!

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Young girl holding gray chinchillaRaquel Lonas/Getty Images

Best friends

So pure!

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Standard Grey ChinchillaMelanie Dawn Harter/Getty Images


This chinchilla’s embracing its inner hippie beside these colorful rainbow pillows.

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Very Relaxed Pug with a Very Sneaky ChinchillaMelanie Dawn Harter/Getty Images

Sound asleep

What is this chinchilla planning for its sleeping doggo friend?!

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High Angle View Of Chinchillas In Tub At HomePatcharin Chatchirdchaikul / EyeEm/Getty Images

A precious pair

These two buddies are clearly waiting for something while they share this blue bowl.

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Cropped Image Of Owner Hand Holding Young ChinchillasAdrienn Káró/EyeEm/Getty Images


This little one looks awfully sleepy.

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CHINCHILLA chinchilla laniger, GROUP OF ADULTSslowmotiongli/Getty Images

Hide and seek

Playing nighttime games is a fun pastime for multiple species!

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pet, alfred, animals, basket, bodyFotosearch/Getty Images

A-tisket, a-tasket

Chinchilla in a basket!

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Veterinarian Holding Rat While Sitting In HospitalNut Guyson/EyeEm/Getty Images

Balancing act

Hopefully, this chinchilla has good balance! (Hey, we’re sure its human will catch it if it falls.)

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Close-Up Portrait Of Chinchilla In Yellow Pet Homesakdi phathr ceiy ce riy phngs/EyeEm/Getty Images


This chinchilla peeks out of a snazzy pet home just its size.

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Fluffy Gray Chinchilla Runs In A Wheel In Its Cage Andrei Marchenko/Getty Images

Speed demon

Run, little chinchilla, run!

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Cute Pet Chinchilla - XLargePhotoTalk/Getty Images

Action star

We’re very impressed with this cute chinchilla’s epic leap!

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Chinchilla eating its foodTomynets/Getty Images

Snack time

Pictures of chinchillas don’t get much more adorable than this little nibbling chinchilla.

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Gray Chinchilla on a wood background outdoorAttilaBarsan/Getty Images

Picture perfect

This chinchilla looks very stoic against its rocky backdrop.

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big furry gray chinchilla loves caress and my handAndrei Marchenko/Getty Images


Doesn’t its facial expression just make you melt?!

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Four different chinchillas in different positions a blue boxMirasWonderland/Getty Images

Chinchilla in a box

We love candid chinchilla pictures, of course, but this staged shot of four little guys (or girls) in these blue boxes is pretty precious as well.

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Grey nice chinchilla play with christmas decorationAttilaBarsan/Getty Images

What are these?!

This chinchilla has found some fun new toys.

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Cute chinchilla of white color is sitting in its house near to bowl with hay.undefined undefined/Getty Images

Yum, straw!

Chinchilla mealtimes are the cutest mealtimes!

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Little gray chinchilla in houseAttilaBarsan/Getty Images

Nom nom

And another adorable meal/snack time.

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cute gray chinchilla on blue colored studio background put foot on female finger, girl trying to make friends with a rodent, lovely pets conceptAlina Prochan/Getty Images

Let’s hold hands!

We can barely handle this cuteness!

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Kids learning about care and schedule for domestic animalskate_sept2004/Getty Images


This teacher and students are officially having the coolest lesson ever with this pair of chinchillas. The little house of blocks is just their size!

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big fluffy gray chinchilla close up portraitAndrei Marchenko/Getty Images

Atop a perch

The camera angle makes this little chinchilla look massive and majestic!

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White chinchilla is sitting near the window. Cute home pet.Vadym Plysiuk/Getty Images

Staring contest

This chinchilla is laser-focused.

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Gray chinchilla sitting on a branch close upVera Aksionava/Getty Images

Fluff frenzy

If ever a picture epitomized “ball of fluff,” it was this one.

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