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40 Cute Alpaca Photos That Will Make Your Day

From their fuzzy coats to their big eyes, you won't be able to stop mooning over these cute alpacas.

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Portrait of a young Alpaca, a South American mammal
fotorince/Getty Imagesfotorince/Getty Images

An alpaca a day

An alpaca a day will certainly keep the doctor away if you’re looking for a cute and calming animal that’s sure to brighten your day. These fuzzy and fluffy animals, which are closely related to (but not the exact same!) as the llama, are not only adorable to look at but also provide affectionate companionship. I mean, what more could you want from cute camelids? We’re sure that this roundup of cute alpacas will bring a smile to your face and joy to your heart. After, make sure to check out the cutest animals in the world, cute animal pictures, and cute farm animals to keep the absolute adorableness going.

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Cute and curious alpaca on sunny farm
Tamara Lackey/Getty Images

Hey there!

This cute alpaca curiously looks at the camera. Did you know that alpacas are actually amazingly intelligent and alert to their surroundings? Just another reason to love them. Alpacas aren’t the only animals that like to ham it up for the camera; check out these cute photos of pigs, too.

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Cute alpacas kissing
Tamara Lackey/Getty Images

Love birds

Or should we call them love alpacas? This dynamic duo shows just how affectionate these furry creatures really are. Here are some more adorable animal friendships caught on camera.

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A herd of Alpaca
Don Mason/Getty Images

The more, the merrier

This herd of alpacas is absolutely delightful with their matching fluffy white pelts and curious ears. Did you know that goats also like to travel in packs? Check out these funny goat pics to keep you kidding around.

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Steve Clancy Photography/Getty Images

New ‘do

Look at the hair on this guy! This alpaca is too cool for school with his hair fringe covering his eyes. We must say, the hair in some of these cute sloth photos doesn’t disappoint, either.

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Llama path
steven clarke/Getty Images

Follow the leader

This scenic photo showcases one alpaca following another set against a gorgeous mountain backdrop in their native Peru.

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White Llama Front View
By Eve Livesey/Getty Images

Grizzly grin

This alpaca bares his teeth while chomping on a nice piece of hay. Who knew such adorable creatures could also be so funny?

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Alpaca near Saksaywaman Temple, Cusco, Peru
Paul Souders/Getty Images

Furry friend

Look at the absolutely beautiful pelt on this cute alpaca. Don’t you just want to touch it? He’s posing outside of the Saksaywaman Temple in Cusco, Peru.

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Glenorchy, New Zealand
Shivang Shah/Getty Images

Just grazing out

These alpacas were caught grazing on a beautiful green hill in Glenorchy, New Zealand. Alpacas aren’t the only animals that like to graze in the grass; these super cute bunnies also know how it’s done.

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Close-Up Of Alpaca
Paul Dickmann/Getty Images

Model status

This alpaca is ready for his close-up—and he crushed it!

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Animal teeth
Fernando Trabanco Fotografía/Getty Images

Bucktooth beauty

Look who’s grinning hello! Fun fact: Alpacas don’t have any upper teeth.

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Juvenile Alpaca on Machu Picchu
Simon Holmes/Getty Images

Welcome to Machu Picchu

This adolescent alpaca welcomes tourists to Machu Picchu in Peru, a UNESCO World Heritage site high up in the Andes mountains.

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Portrait of two alpacas outdoors in winter
Westend61/Getty Images

Say cheese!

These two alpacas are smiling for the camera as they pose in their winter best.

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Natural Agriculture
Thomas-Soellner/Getty Images

Spring has sprung

This cute alpaca jumped into the camera frame to show off the beautiful flowers and mountains of his home pastures.

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Side View Of Thoughtful Young Male Model Sitting On Land
Carita/Getty Images

Sitting pretty

This male alpaca is calling out to someone from his perch on the ground–to who, we wonder? We want in on this alpaca gossip.

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Close-Up Portrait Of A Alpaca On Field
Gea Veenstra/Getty Images

Speckled stunner

We can’t get enough of this alpaca’s stunning brown and white coloring.

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White Alpaca with offspring, South American mammal
fotorince/Getty Images

Mommy and me

What could be cuter than an alpaca? You guessed it—a baby alpaca. This little guy sits next to his mother in a vibrant green field.

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Cute funny alpca of lying on the green grass
Chiociolla/Getty Images

Inchworm alpaca

Because really, who needs legs? Certainly not this furry friend, who tucks his legs underneath him while sitting so that he looks like a pseudo-caterpillar.

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Bad Hair Day
suefeldberg/Getty Images

Bad hair day

This alpaca must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. But hey, he still looks cute!

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Young alpacas graze and feed on a lawn
Iryna Yeroshko/Getty Images

Teen dream

These adolescent alpacas graze together in an Alpine village in Austria. We wonder if it’s just a phase for them, too.

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Alpaca mother and baby
Marta Urbańska/Getty Images

All in the family

We can’t get enough of these mother-baby duos (what is it about baby animals that make them so irresistible?). These two sit side by side in the grass.

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Baby and Mama Alpaca
Alex Erde/Getty Images

Let there be light

A baby alpaca snuggles up against his mother in this dramatically lit scene.

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Florian Schodritz/Getty Images

Big eyes, bigger heart

Come on! Just look into those huge eyes and tell us you’re not automatically falling in love with this cute alpaca.

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Image Source/Getty Images

Big head

We hope this alpaca’s head doesn’t get too big for its britches! But seriously—this is a pretty funny animal picture in addition to being adorable.

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Hello there!
Steven Yang/Getty Images


This adorable alpaca peeks over a fence to say hello.

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Brown alpaca eating in the farm located in Perú
gustavo ramirez/Getty Images

Hair for days

This brown alpaca shows off his long, luscious hair. Looks like it’s time for shearing day soon! Suri alpacas, like this one, make up less than 10 percent of the South American alpaca population, and their hair fiber is similar to natural silk.

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Baby Alpaca
frokenbeckson/Getty Images

Party ‘paca

This baby alpaca is dressed to the nines in traditional Peruvian garb. Speaking of baby animals—have you ever seen what a baby turtle looks like? We’ll say you’re welcome in advance.

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rusm/Getty Images

On a stroll

A young alpaca takes a pause in his stroll of the pastures.

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Alpaca lama close up portrait white and brown of cute friendly feeding in farm chewing glass.
Chitsanupong Pengsalae/Getty Images

Dig in

It’s time to chow! This white and brown alpaca chomps down on large pieces of chewing grass.

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Alpacas in New Zealand
yenwen/Getty Images

Squad up

While at first glance these alpacas may look like they shouldn’t be messed with, we all know the truth—that alpacas are some of the most docile and friendly creatures on the planet. Did you know that ferrets are also affectionate and playful? These cute ferret pics may make you start looking for a new pet.

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Suri Alpacas In A Pasture
Buddy Mays/Getty Images

Run like the wind

These young alpacas were spotted frolicking in a field outside of Bend, Oregon. Look at how much fun they’re having!

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Suri Alpacas In A Pasture
Buddy Mays/Getty Images

Good listener

We don’t know what exactly it is about this alpaca’s fuzzy brown speckled ears, but we love them—along with the rest of this furry friend.

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Cute alpaca with funny face relaxing on ranch in summer day. Domestic alpacas grazing on pasture in natural eco farm countryside background. Animal care and ecological farming concept
Iuliia Zavalishina/Getty Images

Mohawk mayhem

This alpaca may take the cake for the coolest hairdo. We think his friends agree.

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Curious Baby Alpaca
Walt Shawlee/Getty Images

Baby love

This adorable baby alpaca wants to know who you are—but perhaps more importantly, if you have snacks.

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Alpaca baby with his mother
LewisTsePuiLung/Getty Images


We’re loving the two-tone look of this cute alpaca spotted in Taiwan. How beautiful!

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Cute looking alpaca
visual7/Getty Images

Eye see you

This alpaca is the picture of stealth as he looks up at the camera from behind a fence.

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Three tame alpacas wearing bow ties
Westend61/Getty Images

Formal attire

These alpacas are looking ready for a night on the town in their spiffy bowties. Who knew alpacas cleaned up so nicely?

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Portrait of a young Alpaca, a South American mammal
fotorince/Getty Imagesfotorince/Getty Images

Fun size

This young fun-size alpaca looks to his side while playing in a field of bright green grass.

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Dark brown Suri alpaca with white tuft of hair looking into camera
Cavan Images/Getty Images


This dark brown Suri alpaca smiles for the camera while showing off his shock of white hair.

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Two young alpacas graze and feed on a lawn
Iryna Yeroshko/Getty Images

Two is better than one

And this is especially true when it comes to adorable alpacas. Bring them on, we say!

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Portrait of young alpaca at stable
Westend61/Getty Images

Smile with me

There’s just something about this picture that we absolutely love, from the soft smile on the alpaca’s face to his fluffy hair to his calm demeanor. Now, check out some of the most strikingly beautiful animal photos of all time.

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