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33 Cute Ferret Pictures That Will Make You Smile​

These pictures of ferrets show just how sweet, funny, and adorable they really are!

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Pet ferret
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Smiling ear to ear

 There a few things that instantly bring a smile to our face, cute animal pictures, cute hamster pictures, cute hedgehog pictures, and just for good measure pictures of the cutest animals in the world. Notice a theme here? Even if we don’t have a furry friend to call our own, we get sucked in every time. Studies show looking at adorable animal pictures rewards us with a greater sense of happiness, hope, and contentment. As far a having a cute ferret as a pet, just looking at cute ferret pictures may be enough for you, and that’s okay. Ferrets aren’t for everyone. They are super sociable and affectionate, therefore requiring a lot of playtime and interaction. When they’re not in their cage, they are akin to a curious toddler, so ferret-proofing is a must. Then there’s the musky odor you can’t smell looking at cute ferret pictures. These things don’t necessarily make ferrets bad pets, but they might be more suited for pet parents who have the proper time and attention they need to thrive and be happy.

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Ferret offspring at Eekholt Zoo
picture alliance/Getty Images

Meet the family!

When we identify ferrets by sex or age, we refer to them as females, males, and babies. But animal experts call males “hobs.” Females go by “jills,” and baby ferrets are called “kits.” A whole group of ferrets is known as a “business.” Just for kicks, check out these funny animal names that are way better than the real ones.

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A ferret peers out of a pipe, ferret racing. Ferret, Mustela putorius
Darren Curzon/Getty Images

What’s in there?

I’m naturally curious and love to crawl into ducts, pipes, and underneath just about anything. In all honesty, this can drive my humans crazy because sometimes they can’t find me or retrieve me easily! Speaking of hiding, can you spot the camouflaged animals in these photos?

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A ferret lick
KOKI YAMADA/Getty Images

I chew, but not you

I can’t explain it but cute ferrets are strangely attracted to soft and plastic things like sponges, buttons, hair ties, and other stuff like that. Watch us closely when you let us out of the cage so we don’t choke or ingest these tempting things.

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Beautiful ferret or weasel resting in a nest
Carmelka/Getty Images

Houdini ain’ got nothin’ on us

We’re amazing escape artists that can squeeze through just about any small opening. Sometimes we figure out how to open our cages, too!

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Ferret bathed on a white background
fotojagodka/Getty Images

Yo, can I get a towel?

I kind of have this musky odor that drives other ferrets wild, but not so much for humans. No worries, I don’t mind bathtime one bit—as this cute ferret picture proves! Do you know who does? Cats! I checked around and here’s how to bathe a cat without getting scratched.

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funny ferret hides in an amphora
Ekaterina Gorokhova/Getty Images

Hide-and-seek anyone?

I can’t quite fit my cute ferret body in this clay pot but, but hey, my backside is so fluffy and adorable. Who cares? I love playtime. What game are we playing next?

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Justin Grenon/Getty Images

Dog breath is the worst, am I right?

I actually get along with a lot of animals, as long as they are bigger than me. Little critters like hamsters and gerbils would be too tempting to chase, so keep them away from me, please. But mostly we love our adorable animal friendships.

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High Angle View Of Ferret Rearing Up At Home
Pilsener14 Pilsener14/Getty Images

Is it cuddle time, yet?

C’mon, you have to admit, I’m pretty darn irresistible. I’m a highly sociable animal and super keen on humans and snuggle time.

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Ferret play with toy
fotojagodka/Getty Images

You ain’t getting this back!

Mischievous is my middle name, but don’t worry, I balance it seamlessly with my playful nature. I’ll keep you laughing so much that you won’t mind me being a little rascal sometimes. Keep the giggles coming with these hilarious pictures of animals being funny.

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Studio shot of ferret stands in yoga asana isolated on white
Yulia_Nikitina/Getty Images

Yoga and meditation, anyone?

I’m pretty much on the move all day, scoping out fun and sticking my nose where it shouldn’t go. Yet, I can pause (and pose!) for a little reflection and relaxation. Care to join me?

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Steven Yang/Getty Images

Leave no curb unturned

Although I have been domesticated for more than 2,00 years, the genetic pull to crawl under any surface to investigate is pretty strong. Keep me safe on a leash, please.

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Ferret reaching for camera
DydoDellaMura/Getty Images

Is it time to come out yet?

For my own protection, I should be kept in a roomy cage when my humans aren’t around. But not too long! Exercise is essential and my heart aches if I don’t have affection and human companionship.

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Two Ferrets Kits (10 Weeks)
GlobalP/Getty Images

You’re bringing who over?

We’re curious and playful by nature and usually open to meeting other critters. As long as they are larger than us—little critters like hamsters and gerbils might seem more like a snack than a friend. Oh, and close the door on any dogs with a high prey drive or we could be their lunch!

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Ferret lying on site a white background
fotojagodka/Getty Images

No more Zoom meeting, please

Is it five o’clock yet? ‘Cause I’m so over all these tedious Zoom meetings. Pick me up and start snuggling already! You know, I’m not the only animal that acts like a human. Check out these super funny photos of pets acting like people.

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Polecat under a blanket
Argument/Getty Images


Hey, I’m getting the blanket all pre-heated for ya! Let’s tuck in and watch another episode of Too Cute tonight. If you want to cuddle me, you’ll go ga-ga over these other cute pictures of baby animals.

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Adyafoto/Getty Images

Shhh, the baby is sleeping

Quite possibly the cutest ferret picture you’ll see today! Aren’t I extra cute sleeping in my snug and cozy hammock? But please keep your paws to yourself. No petting until after my nap. You know how cranky if someone disturbs my sleep!

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playing ferret in studio
cynoclub/Getty Images

Time for a cuteness break

You know the ferret’s motto is “play hard,” but I’m just gonna rest my head on this ball for a minute and take a breather. Let’s take a break together and look at these cute puppy pictures.

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a male ferret feeding in a hand in front of white background
Irina Vasilevskaia/Getty Images

I’ll do anything for a treat

I’m smart as a whip and can master new tricks in no time. I won’t turn down a piece of meat or egg as a reward, but don’t give me carbs or sugar, please. They’ll upset my tummy.

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Ferret on a white background
fotojagodka/Getty Images

Ferret pilates

C’mon. We only have 25 more reps to go! You know I gotta get my two to four hours of exercise each day to stay healthy and happy. If this cute ferret picture of me cracks you up, wait till you see these funny animal memes.

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eating brown ferret
cynoclub/Getty Images


A loud noise or sudden movement scares the fur off me! I also might make a screeching noise because I’m scared but as I get older, this doesn’t happen as much—unless I meet another ferret I don’t like.

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Close-Up Of Ferret With Ball
Nadja Schilling/Getty Images

I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it!

When you first let me out of my cage for playtime, I go a little crazy! I’m just so excited to see you that I might run, jump, twist in the air and collide with anything in my path. Don’t worry, this is perfectly normal—and so are these funny goat pictures.

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Ferret kit (4 weeks) on white background
Denis_Kukareko/Getty Images

Sleep coma

I’m insanely cute when I’m sleeping, right? I sleep so sound that you might think I’m a goner, but I’m not. I just really need to get my 18 hours of sleep each day!

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ferret in front of a white background
Irina Vasilevskaia/Getty Images

My pretty Instagram pose

Mom just can’t resist snapping pictures of her little sweetie, especially when I fold my cute little paws. Did you see my cute little pink nose? Oh ya, this one is going on Instagram for sure.

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retales botijero/Getty Images

Look ma. I’m this tall!

Check out my dynamite, long and slender physique. You’re looking at 20 inches of prime furry and soft real estate. But I only weigh a few pounds so you can easily carry me around.

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Three Baby Ferrets
John A. Beatty/Getty Images

Daddy’s little angels

We’re just pint-size nuggets right now, but in just five to six months, we’ll be full-size cute ferrets. Look out world—here we come! How do these precious photos of baby turtles compare?

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Chewy the Sable Ferret
ijimenez/Getty Images

I don’t mind a little bling

Being the ultimate escape artist that I am, it’s a smart move to put a bell on my collar, so you can track where I am during playtime out of my cage.

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gray ferret
cynoclub/Getty Images

Meow, I’m a cat

Ha! Not really, but if you like cats and dogs, people say ferrets are half dog and half cat. I’m affectionate and crave human attention like a dog. Yet I’m also independent and can entertain myself like a cat. What I don’t have in common with cats is a hatred for water. I just don’t get why cats hate water so much!

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Photo by: Дмитрий Павлов
Дмитрий Павлов/Getty Images

Snuggle hoodie

I sure make an adorable travel companion, don’t ya think? I mean, have you ever seen anything cuter than a ferret riding in a hoodie?

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Ferret Footwear
Delecrouix/Getty Images

If the shoe fits

I’m squeezing in here as chief investigator of all shoes. By the way, you might want to start using a scented foot powder. Or is that smell coming from me? Just in case, here are the easiest ways to get rid of stinky pet odors.

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Close-Up Of Ferret
Vladyslav Rybalchenko/Getty Images

Time to get cozy

I’m crazy about exploring. There’s nothing I haven’t turned over, climbed into, or crawled under, but when I’m pooped out I like to snuggle into something comfy and cozy.

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White domestic ferret taking a walk.
TomLester/Getty Images

I spy a squirrel

Isn’t it amazing that you can walk ferrets with a harness and leash, just like a dog? I just hope you can keep up with my flurry of sightseeing!

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Ferret Chilling
Anastasiâ Alekseeva/Getty Images

Can I sleep with you tonight?

Are you really going to say no to this cute ferret face? Did you know that I shake and shiver when I first wake up? Don’t be alarmed, it’s just my way of shaking off sleep to get ready for the day.

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Two sable ferrets sleeping
Gitagraph/Getty Images

Baby ferret burrito

Could your heart just melt? These angelic little darlings are undeniably sweet and precious. It’s incredible, but these adorable animals can sleep pretty much anywhere.

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