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40 of the Cutest Pig Pictures to Brighten Your Day

We're not hamming it up—these pig pictures are truly oink-cellent. Grab a root beer and settle in for a good wallow in all this piggy cuteness.

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Cute baby piglet
HadelProductions/Getty Images

You won’t be boar-ed (get it?!)

These pig pictures prove that pigs are some of the cutest animals around. With their adorable curly tails, soft noses, and floppy ears, they’re positively irresistible and definitely as adorable as these cute farm animals. While pigs are often raised as farm animals, some people have pigs as pets, and take them on leashed walks just like dogs! Pigs have complex social lives and excellent memories, and studies show they are the smartest of all domestic animals (which is why it’s so important to buy Animal Welfare Approved or humanely-raised pork products at the supermarket). Some pigs have squishy faces while others have curly coats (like these cute alpacas). Their intelligence and social natures mean that they love to be involved in all the goings-on around them; these pigs definitely make for some funny animal pictures. If you like cute pig pictures, you’ll be in hog heaven.

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Pig and duckling
Andyd/Getty Images

Excuse me, ma’am, are you lost?

This pig might be a little confused to see a duckling wandering around, but pigs are always happy to make new friends! And so are we.

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Newborn piglet on spring green grass on a farm
Volodymyr Burdyak/500px/Getty Images

Flower piglet

As befits such an intelligent animal, newborn piglets learn to trot after only eight hours of life. This guy is taking a break by pretending to be a dandelion. He’d fit in well with these weird animals.

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Brown, black and white piglets playing
Cavan Images/Getty Images

Scratch that itch

Pigs don’t have fur or hair, they have bristles. They are not too rough on your hands, however, which is great because all piggies love a nice scratch! Belly rub, chin rub, or back rub—they’ll take it all with a smile worthy of these cute pig pictures. These funny animal memes will crack you up.

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young pigs exploring the farm
Konrad Wothe/Getty Images


These brave piglets are off to seek their fortunes. Let’s just hope they don’t get into the construction business. Love pink pigs? Check out these other pink animals.

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baby pig with a piece of straw sticking out of his mouth
Greg Newington/Getty Images

Old soul

This piglet has seen it all. Sure, he’s only a few weeks old, but he has stories that will curl your tail.

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Duroc Piglet in a Bucket
Fuse/Getty Images

Pig in a pail

You’ve heard of pig in a poke, now how about a pig in a pail? This handsome piglet is a Duroc pig, known for its red color and floppy ears that look so great in pig pictures.

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pig in the mud
Evan Kissner/Evan's Studio/Getty Images

I’m not coming out until Monday’s over

The phrase “sweating like a pig” is actually a misnomer, as pigs can’t sweat! Because they are at risk of overheating in hot weather, they need mud to wallow in to cool themselves down. The mud also coats their delicate skin and protects them from the sun.

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Piglets Following Mother
Little Blue Wolf Productions/Getty Images

Follow the leader

Just look at these cuties following their mom around the field! Maybe they’re playing Red Light, Green Light? Either way, this is one of the pig pictures that should be framed. Put it next to these funny monkey pictures!

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Black pig, Malampa province, Malekula island, Vanuatu
Eric Lafforgue/Art in All of Us/Getty Images

Petite piggy

Pigs are found everywhere in the world except for Antarctica, and this little sweetie lives in Vanuatu! The native black pigs on there are known as Narave pigs. He certainly seems to be enjoying his tro-pig-al island lifestyle! If you like puns, these dog puns will make you laugh.

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Baby piglet sleeping on hay
Fran Polito/Getty Images

Hog heaven

Busy piglets need their rest after posing for cute pig pictures. We wonder what she’s dreaming about… Judging by her muddy snout, probably about foraging in the dirt!

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close up of pig snout
Sharon Davidson/Getty Images

Pig says what?!

This shocked sow might have just seen something bizarre. Maybe someone she knows just flew past?

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Piggy pile

Have you ever seen anything as adorable as this cute pig picture? Because pigs are so social, they love to cuddle up and sleep together for warmth. These little nappers seem to be enjoying the sunshine! You’ll love these funny cat and dog photos.

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pig and piglet in a sty
Avatarmin/Getty Images

Big and Little

This photo of a sweet mom and baby is one of the best pig pictures. Even though they are different colors, their markings seem to match pretty well: colored heads and rumps, with cute spots on their backs too.

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Piglet looking at piggy bank in studio
Image Source/Getty Images

This guy seems kinda jingly

One of these pigs is good for storing your change, and the other is good for belly rubs. They’re equally cute, though.

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Five piglets laying together in hay
tirc83/Getty Images

Porky sleepover

Talk about cute pig pictures! These little sweeties are definitely sharing secrets and plotting to stay up all night squealing. If you like to whinny with laughter too, check out these horse puns.

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pig peering over a wall
ICHAUVEL/Getty Images

Spa day

We all deserve a little R&R now and again, and this piggo definitely knows how to wallow. This is how he gets his glowing skin: full body mud mask.

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three little red piglets with muddy noses
Mint Images/Getty Images

The three stooges

So then I said, no, you live in a pigsty! Many people are surprised to learn that pigs are actually very clean; when raised with room to roam, they designate a community bathroom and keep everything organized.

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Laughing pig
JuergenBosse/Getty Images

Ha ha, oink oink

This happy fellow probably has a large collection of pig puns. You might say he’s… hogging them all. Sorry about that. Here are some bird puns to smooth those ruffled feathers.

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Two baby boars sleeping
MIXA/Getty Images

The two snoozers

These little guys look like baby deer, but they’re actually boar piglets.

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small pig in tall grass
Westend61/Getty Images

Hide and seek

This little porker is really good at this game! Pigs have excellent navigation skills and can find their way home over large distances.

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Wild Pig Sitting in Water at Pig Beach in the Bahamas
Elizabeth W. Kearley/Getty Images

Pig Beach

This is a real beach in the Bahamas which is known for its wild pigs. The pigs know it as a great place to take a refreshing dip (and maybe get a snack from a tourist!) Pigs are great swimmers and have even been known to dive for seafood. You might say there’s an animal whose name doesn’t cover its talents! These are the strangest animal names.

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Three brown pigs looking over a fence
Zoltán Istvánffy/Getty Images


These three definitely have a lot of opinions on passersby, and they’re not afraid to share them!

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D. Corson/ClassicStock/Getty Images

Best friends forever

These cuddle bugs need nothing more than some sunshine, a little mud wallow, and their best friend to be in hog heaven.

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Large White pig and two piglets stand in a barn doorway
Auscape/Getty Images

Can we go outside and play, mom?

You know that sow is wondering if she should make them take a jacket. Maybe these hilarious cat memes will distract her.

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Two piglets in a field touching noses
Andy Sacks/Getty Images

Nose to nose

Tag, you’re pig! These two cuties make one of the sweetest pig pictures.

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Piglet running along road
Image Source/Getty Images

On the road again

A pig may not be able to fly, but he sure can run: Pigs can reach up to 11 mph at a full-on sprint. That’s a seven-minute mile! Cute pig pictures become cute pig action shots at these speeds.

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pig looking grumpy
Duncan Davis/Getty Images

You woke me up for this?!

This piggo has heard it all, and he’s is 100 pig-cent done. Only these horse jokes can cheer him up now.

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two pink piglets sleeping closely in their pen
Courtesy Mary Maag

Sleeping like two angels

Nothing like a midafternoon barn nap.

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Piglet in the Morrning
Chris Putnam/Getty Images

Here comes the sun

This piglet is clearly a morning person.

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Two mini piglets in the grass
Tambako the Jaguar/Getty Images

Nose to tail

I’ll hide behind this blade of grass, and you hide behind me! These animal cartoons prove animals are funnier than humans (even cute pig pictures!)

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Wild boar shote in snow
Westend61/Getty Images


Mooom! My trotters are cold!

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pig in mud
UniversalImagesGroup/Getty Images

Wake me up for dinner

This free-range pig decided to exercise his right to range freely into a nap in the dirt. Softer than a pillow, and perfect for cute pig pictures.

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pig looking up at camera
Education Images/Getty Images

Good day, human!

This absolute cutie is a Kunekune pig, a breed originally from New Zealand. They are known for their upturned noses, friendly personalities, and making great subjects for pig pictures. Kunekune means “fat and round” in New Zealand’s indigenous Māori language, but these animal names are just plain silly.

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moodboard - Mike Watson/Getty Images

What did you say?!

This piglet has never heard such utter hogwash in all his life. You can’t tell him porkers!

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miniature pig
PhotoPlus Magazine/Getty Images

I may be small, but…

I still have rights! The right to be ridiculously adorable, that is.

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Little piggy
Slobodan Stojkovic/Getty Images

Swine by design

A piglet may pause from time to time to contemplate the meaning of life. This is known as pig-losophy. It also makes for a cute pig picture. Or maybe he’s thinking about the strangest animal found in each state?

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Stuart Westmorland/Getty Images

Porcine gossip

I heard they’re putting on a production of Hamlet here next week.

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Kunekune pig with golden locks strolls through pasture
Mint Images/Getty Images

Woolly confusion

Am I a sheep…. Or a pig? Whatever, I’m fabulous either way! (He’s a Kunekune too!) These are the funniest animal stories of 2020.

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Happy piglet
Raimund Linke/Getty Images


Happy Mother’s Day! I decided to wake you up by jumping on you.

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piglet looking over fence
D. Corson/ClassicStock/Getty Images

Good morning

Did someone mention breakfast? No, we’re only here for the pig pictures photoshoot. Next, find out the most famous animals in history.

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