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35 Baby Halloween Costume Ideas That Are Too Cute

In honor of your baby's first (or second) Halloween, we're sharing some baby costume ideas that will make for memories you'll cherish for years to come.

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Baby Halloween Costumes, via (3)

Good things come in small costumes

What’s the only thing cuter than your baby? Your baby in a Halloween costume, that’s what! In addition to picking out a fun costume for yourself, your partner, or your family, you’ll definitely want to spend some time brainstorming some adorable baby costume ideas. Luckily, there’s no shortage of options, from timeless staples like cute animals to Disney characters, pop-culture phenomena, and pint-sized versions of these best Halloween costumes. To help inspire you on your hunt for the perfect baby Halloween costume, we’re sharing some of our favorite ideas for your 2021 Halloween costumes—we even have cheap Halloween costumes for kids for those who have older kids at home, too.

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Snow White Baby Costumevia

Snow White baby costume

You can’t go wrong with a classic! We all know who’s the fairest (and most adorable) of them all. Love this idea? Here are more of the best Disney Halloween costume ideas.

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Little Red Riding Hood Baby Costumevia

Little Red Riding Hood baby costume

Whether you’re heading off to grandmother’s house or just sending her a picture this year, this baby Halloween costume is sure to make a memorable photo op. Don’t miss the best DIY Halloween costumes for adults.

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Jack Jack Baby Costumevia

Jack Jack baby costume

Is there anything better than dressing up your baby as a superhero from The Incredibles? Whatever you do, don’t forget to add a dollop of gel into your Jack-Jack’s hair for the perfect finishing touch. The Parr family makes a super cute group Halloween costume, too.

Shop Jack Jack Costume

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Baby Shark Costumevia

Baby Shark costume

Chances are, you have the “Baby Shark” song running through your head on a constant loop, so it won’t be hard to get your baby into character for this one. Bonus: This Halloween costume is super comfy, so you can put plenty of layers under it, depending on the weather to keep your little one nice and toasty. Find out the best time to go trick-or-treating.

Shop Baby Shark Costume

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Yoda Baby Costumevia

Yoda baby costume

Let the Force be with your little bundle of joy this Halloween. Star Wars also works for an adorable pregnant Halloween costume.

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Black Panther Baby Costumevia

Black Panther baby costume

Wakanda forever! As an ode to the late Black Panther actor Chadwick Boseman, you dress up your little one as the groundbreaking superhero.

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Cindy Lou Who Baby Costumevia

Cindy Lou Who baby costume

Get into the Christmas spirit a little early by dressing your little one up as the most beloved character from The Grinch. Don’t miss these 36 best Halloween movies for kids.

Shop Cindy Lou Hou Costume

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The Little Mermaid Baby Costumevia

The Little Mermaid baby costume

Because you’re so happy that your little one is “part of your world,” dress her up as the characters from one of Disney’s most beloved princess films.

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Buzz Lightyear Baby Costumevia

Buzz Lightyear baby costume

How much do you love your little one? To infinity and beyond, of course! For an adorable baby Halloween costume, get baby decked out as Buzz for some out-of-this-world cuteness. Here are the best Halloween costume ideas for dogs.

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Pink Lady Baby Costumevia

Pink Lady baby costume

This might be more fun for you than your child, but doing stuff like this for baby’s first few Halloweens is part of the joy of being a mom! Dressing your cutie up as a Pink Lady from the 1978 hit Grease will make for some unforgettable pictures. You and your hubby can dress up as Danny and Sandy, one of the cutest couples’ costumes.

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Breakfast At Tiffany Baby Costumevia

Breakfast at Tiffany’s baby costume

Talk about an iconic costume for the ages! Your little one can dress up as Holly Golightly—just deck her out in a black dress, (baby-safe) pearls, and oversized sunglasses.

Shop Breakfast at Tiffany's Costume

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Spider Baby Costumevia

Spider baby costume

This is a great baby Halloween costume if you plan to tote your little one around in a baby carrier on the big day. All you have to do is dress in black, drape some super stretchy spider web decor over your outfit, and pick up a cute spider costume for your crawler-to-be. You don’t need to leave the house this year to go all out with Halloween decorations thanks to Amazon.

Shop Spider Costume

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Banana Baby Costumevia

Banana baby costume

Bananas may already be among your baby’s favorite foods, so why not have them dress up as one?

Shop Banana Costume

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Peter Pan Baby Costumevia

Peter Pan baby costume

You’re probably already getting sad thinking about how fast your baby will grow up. Dry your tears and check out this picture-perfect baby Halloween costume: the ultimate boy who never wanted to grow up, Peter Pan. These punny Halloween costumes are guaranteed to get laughs.

Shop Peter Pan Costume

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Sushi Baby Costumevia

Sushi baby costume

Grab a pair of chopsticks and roll your baby right into this clever Halloween costume.

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Parrot Baby Costumevia

Parrot baby costume

Get ready to say “Arrr, matey” to your talking (or maybe just babbling) parrot. Older sibs will love making these easy Halloween crafts for kids.

Shop Parrot Costume

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Elmo Baby Costumevia

Elmo baby costume

Your baby may be too young to truly appreciate Sesame Street, but you can introduce him to his soon-to-be-favorite character this Halloween by dressing him up as Elmo!

Shop Elmo Costume

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Dorothy Baby Costumevia

Dorothy baby costume

Add a pair of ruby slippers to this cute baby Halloween costume and you’re good to go.

Shop Dorothy Costume

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Avocado Baby Costumevia

Avocado baby costume

It’s one of the first foods you might offer your baby—and also makes for a yummy baby costume idea.

Shop Avocado Costume

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Minnie Mouse Baby Costumevia

Minnie Mouse baby costume

You can’t go wrong with Minnie Mouse—a classic character who still brings joy to little ones today.

Shop Minnie Mouse Costume

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Teddy Bear Baby Costume Via Amazonvia

Teddy bear baby costume

If you’re having a hard time deciding on the perfect baby costume idea, a classic teddy bear is always a good choice. It’s sweet and cuddly, just like your baby.

Shop Teddy Bear Costume

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Dinosaur Baby Costumevia

Dinosaur baby costume

Your baby’s budding pearly whites coming through are probably so sharp that she’ll have no trouble pulling off this dino-tastic Halloween costume. Check out these fun Halloween costume ideas for your cat.

Shop Dinosaur Costume

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Ladybug Baby Costumevia

Ladybug baby costume

They say that ladybugs are good luck, and your baby most certainly is, so it’s only fitting that you dress her up as this sweet insect.

Shop Ladybug Costume

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Dragon Baby Costumevia

Dragon baby costume

Whether you’re dressing up as a character from How to Train Your Dragon or still miss Game of Thrones, your baby dressed as a dragon is a key accessory.

Shop Dragon baby costume

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The Beast Baby Costumevia

The Beast baby costume

Parenthood is truly a tale as old as time. Make the point subtly by dressing up your pint-sized family member as the Beast.

Shop Beast Costume

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Elephant Baby Costumevia

Elephant baby costume

Who needs to go on an actual safari when you have your own fascinating creature at home to ogle? Dress up baby as a little elephant and get your binoculars—and your camera—ready!

Shop Elephant Costume

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Bumblebee Baby Costumevia

Bumblebee baby costume

There’s something undeniably adorable about dressing your baby up as a bumblebee.

Shop Bumblebee Costume

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Duck Baby Costumevia

Duck baby costume

On the laundry list of the animal sounds your baby will soon grow to love, “quack, quack” is probably at the top. That’s what makes this baby Halloween costume so sweet. Here are some Halloween face painting ideas to go with your baby’s costume.

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The Cat In The Hat Baby Costumevia

The Cat in the Hat baby costume

This is one classic Dr. Seuss character that your baby will come to know (and love) soon enough.

Shop Cat in the Hat Costume

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Curious George Baby Costumevia

Curious George baby costume

You already know you have a curious little one on your hands, so dress him up like the beloved character in this classic children’s book.

Shop Curious George Costume

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Rosie The Riveter Baby Costumevia

Rosie the Riveter baby costume

There’s no better time to dress up for women’s rights. Check out these vintage Halloween costumes that could still be worn today.

Shop Rosie the Riveter Costume

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American Eagle Baby Costumevia

American Eagle baby costume

Show off your family’s patriotic spirit with this all-American costume.

Shop Eagle Costume

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Dalmatian Baby Costumevia

Dalmatian baby costume

No one will be able to keep their paws off your baby while she’s wearing this little spotted number.

Shop Dalmatian Costume

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Pumpkin Baby Costumevia

Pumpkin baby costume

Your baby might be round as one, so use their adorable shape to your benefit in this pumpkin Halloween costume.

Shop Pumpkin Costume

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Bamm Bamm Baby Costumevia

Bamm-Bamm baby costume

Have a blast (from the past) by dressing your baby as a member of everyone’s favorite Stone Age family.

Shop Bam Bam Costume

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