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The 38 Best Halloween Costumes for Families

Updated: Jul. 09, 2024

Halloween costumes are so much more fun when the whole family gets involved! Here's what you need to put together our favorite family Halloween costumes.

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40 Halloween Costumes For Families Ft Via Merchantrd.com, via merchant (3), Getty Images

Who says Halloween costumes are just for kids? We can’t think of a better way to have a blast on the holiday than dressing up together in family Halloween costumes. These getups, some of which make great group Halloween costumes, are especially great for very young kids before they start striking out on their own. Plenty of these ideas even include baby Halloween costumes, which could work as pregnant costumes too. Here are some of the best Halloween costume ideas parents and kiddos (and perhaps even pets!) will love.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Family Costume Ecomm Via Partycity
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The Nightmare Before Christmas family costume

Looking to pay homage to your favorite kids Halloween movie? Dress up your family in a Nightmare Before Christmas–themed family costume. You and the kids will look adorable running around as little Jacks and Sallys!

Black mother and daughters in Halloween costumes
Ariel Skelley/Getty Images Ariel Skelley/Getty Images

Cute bugs family costume

This is one of those family Halloween costumes that’s easy to throw together. Dress yourself and the little ones up as cute ladybugs or adorable bumble bees for a super sweet costume. Finish the looks with some cute Halloween face paint and you’re good to go.

Juan Naharro Gimenez/Getty Images Juan Naharro Gimenez/Getty Images

Encanto family costume

Dress up as the magical Madrigal family from Encanto for an unforgettable Disney-themed family Halloween costume. Choose to transform into Mirabel, Bruno, Pepa and other Madrigal family members (depending on how many people are in your own brood).

5 Pc Men Royal Poker King And Queen Costume Ecomm Via Etsy
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Royal poker family costume

This family Halloween costume is perfect for a family of four. Go as poker royalty for Halloween by dressing the family up as the king of spades, king of clubs, queen of hearts and queen of diamonds. It’s a unique family costume that’s sure to get some attention. We could see this being a cool teen group Halloween costume too.

Ketchup Mustard Sweet Relish Mayo Ecomm Via Etsy
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Condiments family costume

If low-key and easy family Halloween costumes are more your thing, look no further than these family condiment shirts. Your kids are sure to relish the humorous costume angle.

Top Gun Costumes Ecomm Via Partycity
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Top Gun family costume

If you’re family’s feeling the need for speed this Halloween, dress them up in this Top Gun family costume. Those flight suits look super comfortable, which is essential while you’re out trick-or-treating.

via merchant via merchant

Power Rangers family costume

This colorful super-team is fun for the whole gang—and if you go full face masks, your neighbors will have a fun time guessing who the Power Rangers are! Don’t forget to stream the classic ’90s kids movie Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to really get into character.

Crayon Family Costume
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Colorful crayons family costume

Give a pop of color (or several) to your Halloween celebration with these Crayola crayon costumes. Whether you want to be a specific color of crayon or the whole box, there’s a costume for you and your family! If your little one’s a crayon aficionado, also try out these great Halloween crafts.

Sesame Street Group Costumes 13600442
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Sesame Street family costume

Kids and adults will love dressing up as these beloved characters from Sesame Street (one of the best kids’ shows ever). Your kiddo will be the cutest little Cookie Monster at the Halloween party!

Adult Lego Blue Brick Costume Ecomm Via Halloweencostumes
via merchant via merchant

This is the perfect family Halloween costume if your little ones are obsessed with LEGOs. Dress up as the iconic toy building blocks themselves, or take it a step further and dress up as a LEGO person.

via merchant via merchant

Roaring Twenties family costume

Why not take a trip back to the 1920s with your family this year? Sure, none of you were around then, so it’ll be a blast to get your flapper or Great Gatsby on. Get your pooch involved in the festivities too with these great Halloween costumes for dogs.

cat in the hat family halloween costume
via @adventuresofatwinmom/Instagram via @adventuresofatwinmom/Instagram

The Cat in the Hat family costume

Dress up as the characters from this classic children’s series—your mother will not mind at all if you do. In fact, she’s probably the one coordinating this family affair. For an instantly adorable group idea, get the kids matching Thing One and Thing Two (or more) costumes. Then, dress up Dad as the mischievous Cat in the Hat himself. All Mom needs is a smart work dress to play the role of the unsuspecting mother who was out for the day. (Bonus points if you even dress up the cat for this costume.)

monsters inc family halloween costume idea
via @casajackson_/instagram.com via @casajackson_/instagram.com

Monsters, Inc. family costume

This nearly 20-year-old Pixar film provides great inspiration for one of the cutest, most colorful family Halloween costumes. As @casajackson_ demonstrates, you can put this costume together pretty easily with a Sulley hoodie and Mike Wazowski costume. Top Mike off with a blue hard hat (or Monsters U hat). To be Boo, all you need is some pink clothing and pigtails! Your family will be the cutest gang on the scare floor. After you get home from trick-or-treating, stream these Disney Halloween movies to conclude an epic night.

hotel Transylvania family halloween costume
via @wefivekings/Instagram via @wefivekings/Instagram

Hotel Transylvania family costume

This Hotel Transylvania family costume comes together easily with ready-made costumes for Count Dracula and Frankenstein. To re-create the father-son duo of Johnny and Dennis, you just need to layer plain yellow and green tees and don red wigs. For Mavis, a simple black dress and red-and-black striped stockings will do the trick. Also get some giggles from these scary-good Halloween riddles.

Harrypotter (1)
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Harry Potter family costume

Expecto patronum! Whether you want to go as Hermione, Dumbledore, Hagrid, Professor McGonagall or the Chosen One himself, there’s an option for you and even your hardest-to-please little wizard. Hogwarts loves their jack-o’-lanterns—but how did Halloween jack-o’-lanterns become a tradition?

Grease family halloween costume
via merchant via merchant

Grease family costume

Are you hopelessly devoted to Sandy, Danny, Rizzo and the rest of the Rydell High gang? Get your crew decked out in picture-perfect ’50s style with these ready-to-go Grease costumes. If you’ve got a particularly big family, this is a perfect choice: Just add more Pink Ladies and T-birds as needed. Complete the look with high ponytails for the girls and extra pomade for the boys. And don’t forget your shades! To trick out your home for the big day, add these inexpensive DIY Halloween decorations for the spookiest holiday ever.

Day of the Dead Family Costume
via @brittneyroybal/Instagram via @brittneyroybal/Instagram

Day of the Dead family costume

Day of the Dead costumes are just the right mix of gorgeous and spooky. They’re also shockingly easy to put together, with easy-to-apply temporary Day of the Dead tattoos having you looking the part in no time. For the outfit portion of your costume, find a bohemian-style dress or a blouse and skirt in dark colors, and finish the look with a pre-made floral headpiece.

Jazzercize Family halloween Costume
via merchant via merchant

Jazzercize family costume

Whether you’re channeling Flashdance, Jane Fonda or Olivia Newton-John, you’ve got a lot of ’80s inspiration for this Halloween costume. Perfect for moms and daughters, these matching workout ensembles feature off-the-shoulder neon sweatshirts, leotards, colorful teal tights and—of course—leg warmers. They’re available in both women’s and children’s sizes, or you could always go searching in your own closet for some, um, vintage items. And don’t leave out Dad: He can join in the ’80s fun with a simple tank, neon shorts and a headband. These Halloween memes will have you howling with laughter.

Mail Carriers and Delivery Workers Family Costume
via coolest-homemade-costumes.com via coolest-homemade-costumes.com

Mail carriers and delivery workers family costume

Show your love for Postal Service workers by trying out these family Halloween costumes. There are plenty of postal worker costumes available for kids and adults alike. This family made the miniature trucks themselves, but you can simplify with a UPS delivery driver costume or FedEx T-shirt. Prep for the holiday with these spooky and silly Halloween books for kids.

Get the tutorial from Ann L.

Blue Seas Mermaid Costume Ecomm Via Halloweencostumes
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Mermaids family costume

Your little mermaid may be the star of the show in this underwater costume odyssey (and always), but she’s got a great supporting cast. Dad can dress as Poseidon, the god of the sea, while Mom plays the role of an enchanting sea siren.

Unicorns Family Costume
via merchant via merchant

Unicorns family costume

Mythical, magical and just plain amazing, unicorns are a surefire Halloween hit. Dress as a herd of these horned horses, but let each family member choose his or her own unicorn style. You can opt for an inflatable unicorn costume for boys and a sparkly jumpsuit for girls and adults. (Both men’s and women’s versions are available.) Accessorize with colorful ombré wigs to complete the look. Speaking of colorful, do you know what the Halloween colors are—and why?

Back to the Future Family Costume
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Back to the Future family costume

Travel back to the ’80s with these Back to the Future costumes that are instantly identifiable and oh-so-nostalgic to the classic family movie. You can even DIY your own costume for Marty. All you need are jeans, a denim shirt, an orange puffer vest and a skateboard (time-traveling DeLorean not required).

astronaut family halloween costume
via merchant via merchant

Astronaut family costume

Blast off to Halloween fun with these astronaut costumes that work perfectly for a variety of ages. Your NASA ensemble requires a one-piece jumpsuit, and from there, you can add to the authenticity with a space helmet, backpack, gloves and boots. After all, you want to be prepared for your spacewalk—even if it’s just through your neighborhood.

flinstones family halloween costume
via @kelseyandco9/instagram.com via @kelseyandco9/instagram.com

Flintstones family costume

Go prehistoric this year and dress up as the Flintstones with your family! This one’s sure to be unique, since it’s a throwback—but still recognizable! This mom used a mix of DIY and store-bought costumes to create these getups, but there’s no shortage of Flintstone costumes online. You can find Fred and Wilma for grown-ups and adorable Bamm-Bamm and Pebbles costumes for the kiddos. And don’t forget about Dino!

Get the tutorial from @robsquadmom.

via merchant via merchant

Ghostbusters family costume

Who ya gonna call? Forget Egon, Ray and Venkman. Your family members are the ones who are ready to battle ghosts, ghouls and other paranormal presences this Halloween. Get the telltale Ghostbusters jumpsuit and proton packs for the complete look. If you’ve got some little demons who want to deviate from the good-guy group, they can even dress up as Slimer or the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

mummy family halloween costume
via merchant via merchant

Mummy family costume

You won’t want to keep these cleverly coordinated matching family costumes under wraps, though you might not want to tell anyone quite how easy they were to put together. Just order some ready-made mummy costumes for the whole family, or DIY your own with strips of white sheets or gauze. Complete the ghastly look by applying white makeup to your face and dark circles around your eyes. Here are some more Halloween makeup ideas almost anyone can master.

Baby Shark Daddy Shark Costume Ecomm Via Shrimpsaladcircus
via shrimpsaladcircus.com via shrimpsaladcircus.com

Baby Shark family costume

Ready to get this tune stuck in everyone’s heads? As a song that revolves entirely around different family member names, “Baby Shark” is just asking to inspire family Halloween costumes! This mom, Lindsay, kept it really simple with full-body shark costumes with the words to the song on them. You can go that route, or just buy shark costumes and write/attach the words to them, or shop the plethora of shirts with the words already on them: Mommy, Daddy, Baby! Shark fin hats optional too.

Get the tutorial from Shrimp Salad Circus.

Skeletons Family Costume
via merchant via merchant

Skeletons family costume

Make no bones about it: This family of creepy skeletons will definitely spook the neighbors! Mix and match the skeleton costumes to keep things interesting and unsettling. And if you choose costumes without masks—or your little ones don’t like wearing them—don’t forget the ghoulish skeleton makeup to complete the look. If you’re really looking to frighten the crowd this year, check out these scary Halloween costumes.

Fairy Tale Family Costume
via merchant via merchant

Fairy-tale family costume

If you’ve got a little princess who wishes her favorite fairy tale could become a reality, this is the Halloween theme for you. Spin a magical tale complete with a fairy godmother and her princesses. To add boys to the mix, dress them up as handsome Prince Charmings or knights in shining armor. In addition to family Halloween costumes, we’ve got lots of great Halloween costume ideas for couples.

Games Family Costume
via izzaroo.com via izzaroo.com

Games family costume

This family went all out to dress up as everyone’s favorite games! For the “claw machine” costume, cut holes in a cardboard box and cover it with checkered duct tape. Blow up images of stuffed animals and toys, and attach them to the inside back of the box, to make the “prizes.” To play “Operation,” make the “body parts” out of red-and-white felt and attach them to plain beige or yellow clothes. And don’t forget the light-up red nose! For Scrabble and Twister, simply start with plain white dresses (or shirts and pants) and cut out pieces of felt to make the different components of the game.

If you’re game to try these fun family Halloween costumes, get the tutorial from Izzaroo.

Alice In Wonderland Group Costume Ecomm Via Thegrayruby.com
via thegrayruby.com via thegrayruby.com

Alice in Wonderland family costume

Alice in Wonderland makes a great choice for your family Halloween costume. Start with the heroine herself with Alice’s trademark blue-and-white dress. Make sure your Mad Hatter has a teakettle and the largest, goofiest hat possible. A simple bunny costume and a toy pocket watch are all you need for your less-than-punctual white rabbit. Finally, to become the villainous Queen of Hearts, wear a red-and-black dress and a crown, of course!

Get the tutorial from The Gray Ruby Diaries.

Circus Family Halloween Costume Via Tellloveandparty
via tellloveandparty.com via tellloveandparty.com

Circus family costume

“Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls” are all sure to love this circus-themed family costume! The Ringmaster needs a red suit jacket and top hat. Become the death-defying tightrope acrobat with a frilly dress and matching parasol. Turn the littlest member of your family (or your furry friend!) into the King of the Jungle with a lion costume. And if you just can’t imagine a circus without a clown, finish off the ensemble with a colorful clown outfit!

Get the tutorial for the Greatest Costume on Earth from Tell Love and Party.

S'mores Costume For Adults Ecomm Via Halloweencostumes
via merchant via merchant

S’mores family costume

Food-themed costumes are always a big hit, and this adorable campfire snack is a costume idea that’s good enough to eat! You can dress the little ones up as the graham cracker, chocolate and marshmallow. Or, if you and the spouse want to get in on the s’mores costume, nab two graham cracker costumes and have the kiddos dress as chocolate bars and marshmallows.

Ice Ice Baby Costume Ecomm Via Thinkingcloset
via thinkingcloset.com via thinkingcloset.com

“Ice Ice Baby” family costume

If you have a new little one in your family, this costume is a hilariously punny way to introduce him or her to Halloween—and you don’t even have to dress the baby up. All you have to do is cut arm-holes in two empty 10-pound ice bags and stuff them with tissue paper or other clear trash bags to make it look like they’re filled with ice. Just make sure the word “Ice” is visible on both bags.

And if you really want to spruce it up and ensure everyone is in on the joke, add some lyrics from the Vanilla Ice tune here and there, like this family did. Or just keep it simple and let the costume speak for itself. Here are more of the best punny Halloween costumes to try this year.

Get the tutorial from The Thinking Closet.

Wizard Of Oz Ecomm Via
via meandmyinsanity.com via meandmyinsanity.com

Wizard of Oz family costume

Take your family somewhere over the rainbow this Halloween. Dorothy is a must—make sure you have a blue-and-white dress and, of course, a pair of ruby slippers. Use a stuffed dog as her faithful companion Toto—or get your pooch in on the costume and have a real live Toto! Jeans, a plaid shirt, a hat and tufts of straw are all you need for a simple scarecrow costume. Add a lovable king of the forest with a cute lion costume. Round out the yellow-brick-road-traveling crew with the Tin Man!

For more on this “Oz-some” Halloween costume idea, get the tutorial from Me and My Insanity.

Avengers Family Costume
via momendeavors.com via momendeavors.com

Avengers family costume

If your kid wants to dress up as a superhero, turn the world-saving into a family affair. Have your Earth’s Mightiest Heroes choose their favorite Avenger. Hawkeye represents here with a toy bow and arrow and a fully DIY super-suit.

And finally, becoming Scarlet Witch couldn’t be simpler—wear all black under a long red jacket. We also love the way this crafty mom showcased Scarlet Witch’s “powers” with red tulle. These DIYers have three boys, but if your super-crew needs some girl power, you can find Black Widow, Gamora and Captain Marvel getups.

Get the tutorial from Mom Endeavors.

Img 1614z
via sugarbeecrafts.com via sugarbeecrafts.com

Cops and robbers family costume

Perhaps your family thinks dressing up as heroes is so last year—maybe you’d rather masquerade as the bad guys. To put together simple bandit family Halloween costumes, just get a black-and-white striped shirt for every member of your crew. Throw on black gloves, a black hat and an eye mask, and clutch a big bag with a dollar sign on it. And if you’ve gotta have at least one law-enforcer in the bunch, pick up a kid-sized cop costume.

Get the tutorial from Sugar Bee Crafts.

Popcorn Vendors Family Costume
via thisplaceisnowahome.wordpress.com via thisplaceisnowahome.wordpress.com

Popcorn vendors family costume

This has to be one of the best matching family Halloween costumes for families that have just gotten a little bigger. This family incorporated their newborn into their popcorn vendor costume perfectly. To make your own rendition, have Mom or “Pop” wear a front-of-body baby carrier. Wear old-timey red-and-white-striped aprons, making sure one is big enough to go around your baby as well. Complete the look by gluing some faux popcorn garland onto a hat just the perfect size for your little one.

Get the tutorial from This Place Is Now a Home.

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What to look for when buying family Halloween costumes

When it comes to finding the perfect Halloween costumes for the whole family, the main factors to consider are price and creativity. DIY Halloween costumes are an affordable, sustainable alternative to buying a new costume every year, but not everyone, particularly parents of young kids, will have the time to put one costume together let alone two or more. Consider what you’re willing to spend on a set of outfits that might only be worn one night—although bonus points if they can be altered and re-worn again.

But don’t let price or time constraints hold you back. In the end, Halloween is supposed to be a fun holiday and the costume is a big part of the festivity. Try to go for a family costume that will spark that feeling, whether it’s characters from a show you all love or an inside joke.

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