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105 Easy Halloween Costumes You Can Make Last Minute

Turns out, you can make some amazing and easy Halloween costumes with items you already own!

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105 Easy Halloween Costumes You Can Make Last Minute

Frightfully easy Halloween costumes

Halloween isn’t Halloween without killer Halloween costumes. But sometimes the witch’s broom slips out from beneath you: You realize the big day is almost here and you have absolutely no idea what to wear. Do you go for couples Halloween costumes or DIY adult Halloween costumes, or should you test your artistic side with some Halloween makeup ideas? You’ve got options! And you can totally boo-it-yourself with these super cute and easy Halloween costumes. These last-minute ideas will ensure that your 2023 look is frightfully fun—without being scarily stressful.

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New Barbie Movie Sparks Barbie-mania Across U.S.
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Barbie Halloween costume

Your job may not be Halloween (as shown by your search for last-minute Halloween costumes), but you can still have the best night ever this Oct. 31 by dressing in an iconic outfit from the hottest movie of the year. If Western-style fringe isn’t your thing, anything pink will do—just know that whatever you wear, you’ll be Kenough. That’s a lot simpler than trying to solve these tricky Halloween riddles.

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Yellowstone Costume
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Yellowstone Halloween costume

We can’t get enough of Yellowstone, and bonus—stealing any of the characters’ looks make for super easy Halloween costumes! Just pair your favorite jeans with a flannel shirt and a cowboy hat, and you’ll be ready for Dutton Ranch in minutes. It’s so simple, it’s sure to become a favorite Halloween costume for men and women alike.

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Gettyimages 1548119414 Wednesday Addams Costume Jvedit
Jason Armond/Getty images

Wednesday Halloween costume

The spookiest girl around also has the best outfit. Channel Wednesday in her Nevermore Academy uniform from the Netflix show, or go classic in a simple black dress and braids. Looking for a costume for the teenager in your life? Try a pink and fluffy ensemble and have her go as Wednesday’s best friend, Enid Sinclair!

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Everything Everywhere All at Once Halloween costume

Everyone’s favorite indie sci-fi movie will still be everywhere this Halloween because it has so many amazing and easily identifiable Halloween costume ideas for women. Whether your tastes lean more toward IRS agent Deirdre Beaubeidre’s yellow turtleneck or the multiverse-destroying Jobu Tupaki’s hair gems, you can put together some easy Halloween costumes with an afternoon of thrifting. Or a googly eye or red circle drawn on your forehead will get the message across too.

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Stranger Things Halloween costume

Netflix’s favorite crew will likely be one of the most popular Halloween costume picks again this year. With so many great characters, Stranger Things has loads of ideas for last-minute Halloween costumes. Whether you channel Eleven in a pink dress and nose bleed or don an “Ahoy” hat with your bestie as Steve Harrington or Robin Buckley, we hope your Halloween remains the right way up and Demogorgon-free.

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Schitt’s Creek Halloween costume

Finding yourself up the creek without a costume? You probably have something in your closet that will make you look like a bona fide member of the Rose family. Each character’s look can be summed up in three words. Don’t believe us? Moira: black, white, wig. David: wild sweater, rings, “ew.” Alexis: hat, boots, sundress. Johnny: suit, eyebrows, eyebrows. (Yes, we said “eyebrows” twice.) If you need help channeling your inner snob, practice asking if your Halloween candy is single-source cacao. That said, even the Roses would approve of these cheap Halloween decorations.

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BTS Halloween costume

This is definitely a group Halloween costume—there are seven members of this iconic Korean boy band. Taking inspiration from the “Dynamite” music video, this costume features a variety of pastel suits (although matchy-matchy pajama sets will do just fine). If you’re really committed, you’ll learn the dance routine too, so you can properly honor the hardest-working boys in pop this Halloween.

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Shrek Halloween costume

For Shrek, grab the “inside-only” clothes you’ve been wearing since March 2020 and a pillow to put under your white T-shirt. Princess Fiona is a bit more of a look, but where these outfits really come together is the ogre ears. A couple of headbands combined with green pipe cleaners, glue and lime-green felt cutouts will help these characters from our favorite cartoon movie come to life. Green face paint is optional, but it takes your ogre look to all-star level.

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The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Halloween costume

Macbeth had the three witches, but we prefer the four featured in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. That’s Sabrina and the three Weird Sisters (Prudence, Agatha and Dorcas), to the uninitiated. For this look, you’ll need opaque black tights and matching dresses in jewel tones. Sabrina’s signature platinum hair and black headband set her apart, while the Weird Sisters level up their looks with center parts and braids. Don’t forget the lace collars and spooky stares. This look also makes for amazing plus-size Halloween costumes.

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Tanya Mcquoid
via max.com

The White Lotus Halloween costume

All anyone was talking about this summer was The White Lotus, which means that this fall is the perfect time to channel one of the characters for a last-minute Halloween costume. Simply combine your most pattern-forward clothing with a bucket hat for Portia, or wrap a pashmina around your shoulders and don your largest sunglasses for Tanya’s iconic look.

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Mario Kart Halloween costume

This last-minute Halloween costume has room for both your best friends and your best enemies. It’s easy to make go-karts with some cardboard, glue, string and paint, and from there, all you really need is a fake mustache, a hat and a brightly colored shirt to denote which character you are.

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The Breakfast Club Halloween costume

This iconic group of disaffected teens makes super easy Halloween costumes for a group, or you can just pick your favorite character. Knee-high boots, a midi skirt and a pink shirt give you perfect princess style, while any brain knows they need a sweater and chinos to keep them warm on a chilly October night. Criminals can wear flannel shirts, ripped jeans and boots (fist pump mandatory, of course). Athletes will have their letterman jackets left over from high school, and tights, a black sweater and eyeliner create the perfect basket-case look. Don’t you forget about best friend Halloween costumes either. Yours sincerely, The Breakfast Club.

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Ariana Grande Halloween costume

For the ultimate last-minute Halloween costume, look to Ariana Grande. Mixing casual and glam with an oversized hoodie and thigh-high boots, this outfit only needs a high ponytail and a lollipop to be both delicious and appropriate for fall weather. And if anyone tries to give you low-quality candy, you can just tell them, “Thank u, next.”

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Cheetah Girls Halloween costume

You might not be able to make it to Barcelona this year, but we bet you can make it to a thrift store (or maybe just to the back of your closet) and hunt down a velour tracksuit or four. Bring Galleria, Chanel, Aqua and Dorinda to life with matching cheetah-print headbands. Better start working on those harmonies!

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Hades Halloween costume

Disney’s 1997 film Hercules is a classic for a reason, and a certain fabulous flame-haired king of the underworld is 99% of that reason. If you’ve ever dressed up as a witch or Jedi in the past, you can repurpose that black robe, or you can wear a black dress or bathrobe. Then, pin a paper skull to your shoulder, don a blue wig, draw on two quizzical eyebrows and get ready to rumble! If you prefer your October look a little more spine-tingling, check out these scary Halloween costumes.

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Richie Tenenbaum Halloween costume

Let’s be honest: Pretty much all the Tenenbaums (plus Eli Cash) make amazing and easy Halloween costumes, but Richie, the former tennis star, is a particular favorite. For this look, you’ll have to think brown: brown sunglasses, brown jacket, brown beard and, of course, a striped tennis headband. Extra points for carrying Ritchie’s pet, Mordecai the hawk.

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M&Ms Halloween costume

Remember when you were a little kid and having a favorite color was an important part of your identity? Well, Halloween is all about nostalgia (and candy), so it’s time to resurrect your love of green, purple, red, blue, orange or yellow in T-shirt form to put together the last-minute Halloween costume of your (M&M) dreams. A cutout paper “m” pinned to a colored T-shirt will do just fine too.

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Emily in Paris Halloween costume

Whether you love her or love to hate her, you can’t deny that Emily’s Parisian journey has been lighting up our screens with some extremely memorable outfits. As a strategy for putting together easy Halloween costumes, it’s foolproof: Just grab all the loudest and most colorful items in your closet, combine them and top off your ensemble with a beret and a bottle of Champère in hand. Joyeux Halloween! (That’s French for “Happy Halloween!”)

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Ted Lasso Halloween costume

This beloved Apple TV show features some of the nicest lads and lasses around. For Ted Lasso, you’ll need a sweater, some chinos, dad sneakers and a mustache (fake or real). For Coach Beard, a Richmond FC cap, athletic jacket and bushy beard. If your wardrobe heavily features the color black, channel Roy Kent in a leather jacket, black jeans and T-shirt, or evoke Keeley Jones in a faux-fur jacket and lots of jewelry. Rebecca Welton favors tailored dresses and tall heels—top with a platinum wig and a ton of boss-lady attitude. Believe!

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Vincent van Gogh Halloween costume

You don’t have to be talented at all to become this artistic genius for Halloween. Most of the work is done on just one side of your head: the left ear, to be exact, which van Gogh famously cut off. Tape a bandage or folded-up paper towel over it. To take things to the next level, don a red wig and/or beard, carry a paintbrush and wear a “Starry Night” shirt. Your date can even go as one of van Gogh’s other famous works with a sunflower crown!

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Heathers Halloween costume

These outfits look great on a girl gang, but the iconic Heathers look (color-coordinated plaid blazer, midi skirt, big hair and optional croquet mallet) reads just as well on a solo trick-or-treater. If in doubt about your look, think real estate agent, but you can always add a name tag that reads “Heather” too, just for clarity. While Heathers is a classic for all seasons, these are the best Halloween movies to get you in the spooky spirit.

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Big Hero 6 Halloween costume

You might remember Big Hero 6 as the film that made you cry a whole lot, but it’s also fodder for some great last-minute Halloween costumes. Older brother Tadashi has a classic (and grown-up) look: baseball cap, white shirt, cardigan and suit jacket. Carry a cute Baymax plushie for extra points. In the original, Tadashi wears a San Francisco Giants cap, but you can sub that out for your favorite team, if you like.

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Seinfeld Halloween costume

Get inspired by everyone’s favorite ’90s sitcom. Jerry’s timeless uniform of a white shirt tucked into blue jeans with dad sneakers makes him an easy Halloween costume pick, or you can go with a ridiculously puffy shirt for some added fun. Elaine’s back-combed hair, saddle shoes and long floral dresses blend in perfectly with whatever Gen Z is wearing nowadays, while George’s puffer jackets and plaid suit work well on a cold October evening. All you really need for Kramer is his famous brown jacket and whatever he does to make his hair stand on end.

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Doctor Strange Halloween costume

You may think you need an expensive, handmade Comic Con–level outfit to pull off a Marvel look, but you really don’t. With a little bit of magic, some carefully drawn-on facial hair, a well-coiffed ‘do and yellow dishwashing gloves, your Doctor Strange costume will read perfectly even to the most casual fan. A red curtain or blanket pinned to a blue jacket makes an excellent Cloak of Levitation (levitation not guaranteed), while a gray hoodie underneath completes the look.

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Ransom Drysdale Halloween costume

One of our favorite characters from Knives Out, Ransom Drysdale is immediately recognizable for his fall-friendly white cable-knit sweater. But this isn’t just for easy Halloween costumes—it’s also the perfect outfit for lying, stealing and cheating your way into more Halloween candy than you actually deserve. At least you’ll look good while doing it! Feeling indecisive? Here’s who you should be for Halloween, based on your zodiac sign.

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Mystery Inc. Halloween costume

The Scooby gang is another easy group Halloween costume to pull together at the last minute. The most important factor for each character is the color: Velma is red or orange, Daphne is purple, Fred is blue and Shaggy is green. We also recommend a magnifying glass for extra detective vibes. Scooby is brown, of course, but if you can outfit yourself monochromatically, you’ll be unmasking the real villain in no time.

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Clue Halloween costume

There are always a ton of dead people running around on Halloween night, and who better to solve a mystery than the original Clue cast? Miss Scarlet, Professor Plum, Colonel Mustard, Mrs. Peacock, Mr. Green and Mrs. White are pretty easy to interpret in your Halloween costume, as long as you stick to the colors of their names and certain essential accessories, like Professor Plum’s pipe. But whoever you decide to be, you’ll soon realize that some mysteries are easier to solve than others. For example, this time it was us, in the kitchen, with the Butterfingers.

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Guy Fieri Halloween costume

Guy Fieri has one of the most distinctive looks on television (hello, flame shirts!), but what really sets the guy apart is his enthusiasm and passion. That said, you’re going to need a platinum wig and some sunglasses at the very least. Borrow one of your dad’s shirts, and grab a burger on the way to the Halloween party. And when you’re there, further the fun with these (candy) corny Halloween jokes.

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Care Bears Halloween costume

Sure, it’s nice to have furry onesies to wear. But if you’re really in a rush for easy Halloween costumes, all you need is the following: a white T-shirt with a heart painted on it, some paint on your nose, and a headband with bear ears. Then, it’s hugs all around! Sporting a baby bump this year? These are the best pregnant Halloween costumes to show it off.

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Turning Red Halloween costume

Adulting may be hard, but being a teen? Now that’s scary. Hint at Meilin’s red panda alter ego with a red shirt and furry ears headband, and let Miriam’s green flannel and beanie do the talking. Abby’s pink overalls make a statement, while Priya’s stripy yellow shirt and glasses round off the look. Voila! Your awkward teen years aren’t that far behind you. Chilling.

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Men in Black Halloween costume

The Men in Black may be the best-kept secret in the galaxy, but there’s no mistaking their look. Even better, this costume is extra easy to pull off if you’re heading to a Halloween party or parade straight from work—just neaten up that tie, don those black sunglasses and make sure you have your memory-erasing Neuralyzer in your inside jacket pocket, just in case you experience any scary Halloween events.

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President Loki Halloween costume

The second season may have just dropped, but the first season of Marvel’s Loki offers so much for Halloween too. The looks are iconic, from Crocodile Loki to Tour de France Loki to a super easy last-minute Halloween costume: President Loki. You’ll need a suit, a green tie and the god of mischief’s iconic horned helmet, but the most important part of this costume is the “Loki for President” button on your lapel. Create one on your computer and print it out, and your outfit is sure to inspire fear in all who encounter it. Now vote!

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M3gan Halloween Costume
via merchant

M3GAN Halloween costume

We can’t get enough of scary dolls, and this year’s spookiest robot is so unsettling, no one will have any idea you’re wearing a last-minute Halloween costume. Sure, the costume is cute to have, but you can pair any loose dress in your closet with a giant bow and leave your hair down, and you’ll be scaring people left and right.

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The Winx Club Halloween costume

This might be the ultimate when it comes to easy Halloween costumes for you and your BFFs. Based on the original cartoon series, it just requires a dress or skirt and top in your favorite color (pink, orange, blue, red or purple) and some sparkly fairy wings for you to become Flora, Stella, Bloom, Musa and Tecna. Not only will your crew be able to find one another all night, but you’ll also save money on the Uber home by flying instead.

Shop Fairy Wings

Arthur Halloween costume

Having fun isn’t hard when you’ve got a library card, but it is hard to have fun when you don’t have a Halloween costume to wear. Fortunately, Arthur’s got your back—and your front and your feet too. You’ll need a yellow sweater, red shoes and glasses to become this adorable aardvark. The meme-referencing clenched fist is optional, but the library card isn’t.

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Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure Halloween costume

Be excellent with these incredibly easy Halloween costumes. Bill and Ted’s iconic looks rest on a few key elements: Ted’s waistcoat and rolled-up sweatpants, Bill’s ’90s shirt and big jeans, and air-guitar skills. If you can find a shaggy Ted wig and a curly Bill wig, even better.

Shop Ted Wig

Wayne’s World Halloween costume

Speaking of the 1990s, what about our two favorite TV-show hosts, Wayne and Garth? Their plaid-focused regular-schmo outfits almost certainly exist in your closet already, and it’s really the wigs and hats that make these lovable loafs come to life. Plus, if you’re headed to a party where you don’t know anybody, your interviewing skills will come in handy. These Halloween quotes make great openers too.

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Recess Halloween costume

Join the bravest kids on the playground this Halloween by dressing up as a Recess character. If T.J., Ashley, Gus, Vince, Gretchen and Mikey accompanied you through your childhood, now they can be here for you in adulthood. You probably already have most of the right clothes in your closet too! Remember to focus on key aspects of each character’s outfit, like Ashley’s iconic orange beanie. Grab your besties and head out for playtime—Miss Finster doesn’t do Halloween.

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Balloon beer Halloween costume

This costume is so hopping cool, the other trick-or-treaters will be foaming with envy. Best of all, you can wear whatever you like underneath. You’ll need brown and white balloons, some string and a lot of patience. A balloon pump might also be a good idea to avoid a lung workout. Once you’ve blown up your balloons to the desired size, tie them together in pairs and loop one long string around the ties to make the shape of the beer glass. You can make this costume more wearable by attaching the balloons to the front of a pair of overalls.

Shop Balloons

Bob Ross Halloween costume

A quick trip to the wig store and a nice beard is pretty much all you need to pull this look together for a last-minute Halloween costume. You might even feel a sense of peace and calm washing over you with your head topped with Ross’s signature curls. Tuck a denim shirt into your jeans and add a cardboard or paper-plate palette to embody the nation’s favorite artist. Bonus points if you can make a beautiful collage out of your Halloween candy wrappers.

Shop Bob Ross Wig

Encanto Halloween costume

Luisa Madrigal was one of the breakout characters of Disney’s Encanto, and as a bonus, she also makes an amazing last-minute Halloween costume. A white shirt, a blue skirt and a bicep flex (or two), plus some stuffed donkeys, make this a look all middle children can relate to—wait, no, that was her storyline. Either way, we love a strong woman, for Halloween and every day. Just don’t blame us if you can’t get the soundtrack out of your head.

Shop Blue Skirt

Raising Arizona Halloween costume

Featuring one of the best on-screen couples of all time, Raising Arizona stars Nicolas Cage and Holly Hunter as H.I. and Ed McDunnough, an ex-con and a police officer who meet, marry and want a baby. H.I.’s amazing mugshot look makes for an easy Halloween costume (Hawaiian shirt, white tank and letter board), while Ed just needs the classic navy blue uniform and camera to invoke the character.

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Howie Ratner Halloween costume

With a yellow polo, black blazer and plenty of gold chains and rings, you can transform yourself into Howie Ratner from Uncut Gems. If you need to break the ice (pun intended) at a Halloween party, you can evaluate the other guests’ carats and clarity for them. You never know, it could be one of the ways Halloween is celebrated around the world.

Shop Yellow Polo

Shego Halloween costume

Shego from the hit animated series Kim Possible is arguably one of the Disney Channel’s most fashion-forward villains. All you need is black and green clothing and the classic black upper lip to turn into this nostalgic cartoon character.

Shop Black Lipstick

Comic book character Halloween costume

Your face is your canvas for this easy Halloween costume. Use makeup to transform yourself into a comic book character, and pair with a simple black shirt and pants. You’ll find other interesting costume ideas in the pages of your favorite graphic novel or scary book.

Shop Face Paint

Sandy and Danny Halloween costume

You’ll be singing “You’re the one that I want!” to this ridiculously easy yet cute couple costume. Turn into Sandy and Danny from the classic movie Grease by wearing head-to-toe black—and some bright red lipstick and shoes, if you’re going as Sandy. Bonus points if you do your hair in the classic 1950s style!

Shop Red Pumps

Powerpuff Girls Halloween costume

This easy Halloween costume is most certainly sugar, spice and everything nice. To transform into the Powerpuff Girls, grab your two besties and wear anything pink, blue and green. And don’t forget the socks!

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The Ashleys Halloween costume

Dress up like the original mean girls this Halloween season by linking up with three friends to recreate The Ashleys from Disney’s Recess. All you need is preppy, color-coordinated clothing. The Ashleys aren’t the only DIY Disney costumes for all you Magic Kingdom fans.

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Cher and Dionne Halloween costume

Ugh, as if we wouldn’t be able to find a quick and easy Halloween costume we could make on our own! This Cher Horowitz and Dionne Davenport duo from the classic 1990s movie Clueless is perfect for last-minute besties looking for a double costume. All you need are preppy (preferably plaid) clothes to complete this look.

Shop Plaid Skirt

Tiana and Prince Naveen Halloween costume

You won’t have to kiss any frogs to get the scoop on this DIY look. To recreate our favorite New Orleans Disney princess, all you need is a yellow dress with an apron tied around the front. Naveen needs a tie, sweater vest and a pageboy hat for good measure.

Shop Pageboy Hat

Winnie the Pooh Halloween costume

This easy Halloween costume won’t be a bother. Pair a red shirt with a yellow skirt or pants to dress in Pooh Bear’s classic colors, and top the look with a beanie hat with pompom ears. Before you head out for the night, get in the mood with these classic Winnie the Pooh quotes.

Shop Pompom Hat

Sprinkles Halloween costume

Whether or not sprinkles are your favorite ice cream topping, they definitely make a great last-minute DIY Halloween costume. Simply glue colored Popsicle sticks to any white article of clothing to create this clever look.

Shop Colored Craft Sticks

Scarecrow Halloween costume

‘Tis the season! Scarecrows are a fall staple—and super easy to DIY on Halloween. Whether you go as a cute scarecrow, a scary one or everybody’s favorite from The Wizard of Oz, you’ll need a few basics. Sew scrap fabric patches to an old pair of overalls, and use either corn husks, felt or yarn to replicate hay peeking out of your sleeves and hat. Drawn-on freckles and a distinctive nose bring the look together even more.

Shop Scarecrow Hat

Miss Universe Halloween costume

Forget queen of the world—try queen of the universe with this fun and easy costume. Sew or glue planets onto a black dress, and throw on a sash to complete the look. Costumes aren’t the only way to get the party started. Take a look at these fun Halloween party games, whether you’re hosting or heading to someone else’s soiree.

Shop Sash

A chip on your shoulder Halloween costume

A quick and punny Halloween costume? Sign us up! This last-minute DIY costume is as tasty as it is easy. Thanks, Lays!

Shop Chips

A blessing in disguise Halloween costume

No one will recognize what a blessing you are when you’re wearing a faux mustache and glasses. Your secret is safe with this easy Halloween costume … for now.

Shop Disguise Glasses

Vine is dead Halloween costume

Not only can you put this costume together in under five minutes (just print out the old Vine logo and throw on some fake blood and makeup), but it also mourns the loss of one of the greatest social media apps of all time. You could make your own fake blood for this get-up too!

Shop Fake Blood

Chilly pepper Halloween costume

Bundle up while walking around with a chili pepper for this clever and quirky costume. Bonus: You likely won’t see another “chilly” pepper at your Halloween bash!

Shop Red Gloves

Spice Girls Halloween costume

Throw on your favorite ’90s-inspired clothing that corresponds to your favorite Spice Girl, and spice up your life—and your Halloween!

Shop Union Jack Dress

Identity thief Halloween costume

As any Office fan can tell you, “Identity theft is not a joke, Jim.” But with this easy Halloween costume, it is. Just stick a bunch of name tags to your shirt, and you’re good to go!

Shop Name Tags

two people dressed as ghosts for halloween
Crispin la valiente/Getty Images

Ghost Halloween costume

There’s nothing more classic (and easy) than a ghost costume for Halloween. Cut two eye holes in a sheet, put the sheet over your head and you’re ready to hit the streets to trick-or-treat. While we’re on the subject, have you ever wondered if dogs can see ghosts? We investigated!

Shop White Sheet

funny clown halloween costume
FG Trade/Getty Images

Silly clown Halloween costume

Remember when clowns were fun and not completely terrifying? It was true once upon a time! For this decidedly not-scary clown, all you need is face paint, a hat and striped suspenders. It’s fun, festive and sure to make your fellow partygoers rethink their coulrophobia.

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girl in witch halloween costume
Nikola Stojadinovic/Getty Images

Witch Halloween costume

Talk about simple. Throw on a witch hat and call it a day. Even better? You can break this out every year, for a day at the office or a proper party.

Shop Witch Hat

girl dressed as a cat for halloween
SolStock/Getty Images

Black cat Halloween costume

This black cat isn’t going to bring any bad luck this season. Use eyeliner to paint on whiskers, and don a pair of cat ears for this classic can’t-go-wrong Halloween costume. If you actually have a cat, dress it up in one of these purr-fect cat costumes.

Shop Cat Ears

two people wearing Paper bag jack-o-lantern Halloween costume
Ghetea Florin/Getty Images

Paper bag jack-o’-lantern Halloween costume

All you need for this last-minute DIY is a jumbo brown paper bag and a Sharpie. Before you create your paper-bag masterpiece, find out why we carve pumpkins in the first place.

Shop Paper Bags

woman dressed as a skeleton at halloween party
wundervisuals/Getty Images

Skeleton Halloween costume

A little makeup can go a long way, but in this case, a lot of makeup goes even further. Don’t be shy about layering on the ghastly white makeup and the black around your eyes to create a spooky skeleton. A “stitched” look across your mouth brings it up a notch—and is surprisingly easy to pull off.

Shop Skeleton Makeup Kit

Senior woman dressed up as devil for halloween
Betsie Van der Meer/Getty Images

Devil Halloween costume

The devil is in the details with this quick and easy Halloween costume! Just wear something red, then stick on a pair of matching devil horns to complete the look.

Shop Devil Horns

child dressed in mummy halloween costume
Jodie Griggs/Getty Images

Mummy Halloween costume

It’s a classic for a reason—and part of that reason is that it’s incredibly easy to pull off. Just wear white clothing, and wrap toilet paper or white gauze around your body, from head to toe. You don’t even have to be neat about it!

Shop White Gauze

young woman dressed in pirate halloween costume at a party
SolStock/Getty Images

Pirate Halloween costume

Ahoy, matey! This is one treasure trove of an idea that you’ll want to steal. Wrap a bandanna around your head and line your eyes with smudged eyeliner to transform yourself into a sailor of the high seas. For an extra fun twist, twin with your dog: Dressing your pup as a pirate is just one of many cute dog Halloween costume choices.

Shop Pirate Bandanna

Casey Becker Halloween costume

What’s your favorite scary movie? If that famous line gives you goosebumps, this is the Halloween costume for you. Wear jeans and a sweater and carry around a prop landline telephone to recreate Drew Barrymore’s iconic character in the original Scream movie. Add a few “stab wounds” and fake blood for the full effect.

Shop Retro Phone

Pineapple Halloween costume

It’s never been easier to wear your favorite fruit. Throw on a yellow dress, and craft the leafy green headpiece out of felt and a toilet paper roll in under five minutes.

Shop Green Felt

Birthday boy and gift Halloween costume

Remind your beau what a gift you are—and how lucky he is—with this adorable last-minute DIY. A pretty gift bag, tissue paper, an oversize bow, a balloon and a party hat make these coordinating Halloween costumes come together easily.

Shop Party Hats

Operation game Halloween costume

Remember Operation? You can wear the classic game with this crafty DIY. An all-gray outfit provides the backdrop for glued-on red felt “body parts” and a totally nostalgic Halloween costume. Have your partner or bestie dress up as a doctor with a stethoscope for extra points.

Shop Stethoscope

Soda jerk Halloween costume

It’s time to throw it back to the 1950s with this classic DIY, made easy with a retro soda jerk hat. We’ll take a scoop of ice cream with that, please! Speaking of decades, these were the most popular Halloween costumes from 1950 to 2005. See what everyone was dressing up as the year you were born!

Shop Retro Hat

The Muses Halloween costume

The Muses in Disney’s animated Hercules sang the praises of the Greek champion for years to come, and that’s exactly what people will be doing when they see you and your BFFs don white dresses for this easy group Halloween costume. Round up your favorite gal pals, and get to it!

Shop White Dresses

Citrus slices Halloween costume

You and your besties go together like peas in a pod … or lemon, lime and orange slices. This simple DIY takes only minutes to pull together with the right colored dresses, and it’s super cute, to boot.

Shop T-Shirt Dresses

Milk and cookies Halloween costume

Who can resist this classic combo? Pick up some old-fashioned milk bottles, and pair up with your partner or best friend to put your own spin on this timeless costume.

Shop Milk Bottles

“It’s Raining Men” Halloween costume

Hallelujah! A last-minute Halloween costume DIY that surrounds you with your favorite celebrity crushes while you hold a cheery umbrella and sing a classic song all night long? Sounds like the perfect idea to us! By the way, these are the best Halloween songs to add to your party playlist.

Shop Umbrella

Cat emoji Halloween costume

Cat got your tongue? That’s OK, because you look purr-fect as everyone’s favorite emoji. Heart-shaped sunglasses seal the deal!

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Tina Belcher and Jimmy Jr. Halloween costume

Tina Belcher and Jimmy Jr. of Bob’s Burgers are the power couple we never knew we needed. And with a few cleverly coordinated clothing items and a bob wig, you and your partner can easily transform into these animated favorites.

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Dancing emojis Halloween costume

It’s time to show off your best moves with this dancing emojis costume. All you need is a black leotard, a hair bow and a bestie to dress up with. Here are some Halloween captions for the inevitable Instagram photos—and whatever you do, don’t forget to add the matching emojis!

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Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones Halloween costume

The best thing about dressing up like these Archie comic characters from Riverdale is that nearly everything can be found in your own closets, with the possible exception of a Jughead hat. Last-minute Halloween costumes crisis averted!

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Elle Woods Halloween costume

What, like it’s hard to find an easy Halloween costume? Not with this idea featuring the heroine from Legally Blonde. All you need to do is think pink to recreate Harvard Law’s most stylish student.

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Deviled egg Halloween costume

Punny and easy? We’ll take it! Just like we’ll take this egg hard-boiled, with a red cardigan. Don’t miss these Halloween jokes that will tickle your funny bone.

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Pac-Man Halloween costume

Pac-Man never looked so good—and neither have you! This no-sew DIY made with felt will make you nostalgic for everyone’s favorite 1980s video game.

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When life gives you lemons Halloween costume

When life gives you lemons, it’s time to make an easy Halloween costume! All you need is a yellow dress, a name tag with “Life” written on it and a basket of lemons to create this play-on-words costume.

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Halloween Thief Portrait
svetikd/Getty Images

Burglar Halloween costume

You’ll really steal the spotlight with this low-key Halloween costume. All you need is a striped shirt, black eye mask and sack to complete the look. Just make sure you don’t steal anyone’s candy.

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Girl Sitting In A Pile Of Leaves Dressed As A Deer
harpazo_hope/Getty Images

Deer Halloween costume

Oh, deer! This easy Halloween costume can be thrown together in a breeze. Grab some brown clothes, a deer antler headband and some makeup. You’ll be prancing around the Halloween bash in no time.

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Teddy Bear Sleepover halloween costume last minute idea
Matthew Cohen/Rd.com

Big kid Halloween costume

Some say trick-or-treating is just for kids, so let out your inner child this Halloween. All you need for this easy Halloween costume is a pair of matchy-matchy PJs (or a giant tie-dye onesie!) and a big teddy bear. If you’ve got an actual kid (or even if you don’t), check out these baby costumes that are too cute.

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Sailor halloween costume with life ring and sailor hat
Matthew Cohen/Rd.com

Sailor Halloween costume

Ahoy, trick-or-treaters! Landlubbers will flip for these seaworthy last-minute Halloween costumes. Just throw on a striped shirt and red handkerchief, add a costume hat and you’re done. Back at home, put together these DIY Halloween decorations.

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Carmen 'carmy' Berzatto Costume
Courtesy FX

The Bear Halloween costume

One of the hottest TV shows of the year also makes for a super easy Halloween costume. The answer to “Trick or treat?” will be “Yes, Chef!” once you’ve tied an apron over a plain white tee and whatever pants you feel like wearing. A little hair gel for that “hours over a hot stove” look, a gold chain to drive home the Carmy vibe and you’re ready to hit the town. Maybe get a sandwich on the way, just in case.

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Cowboy halloween costume with boots and straw hat
Matthew Cohen/Rd.com

Cowgirl Halloween costume

Looking for a simple couples costume? Cowboys and cowgirls alike can pull off this Western look. The hat and boots transform a plain flannel and jeans—even better if you have overalls—into a whole look in seconds.

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Olympic gymnast gold medal halloween costume
Matthew Cohen/Rd.com

Olympic gymnast Halloween costume

Go for the gold! Throw gym shorts and sneakers over a leotard, and don’t forget to give yourself a medal. Hey, you deserve it for setting the record for the quickest costume yet. This is a winner for a kids costume too.

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Harry Potter hufflepuff halloween costume with glasses and wand
Matthew Cohen/Rd.com

Harry Potter Halloween costume

Do you solemnly swear to be up to no good on Halloween? Just throw on a striped scarf (red and gold for Gryffindor, if you have it!) and some round glasses to recreate Harry Potter‘s famous look. Don’t forget to draw on the iconic lightning-bolt scar and grab a wand for good measure.

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Audrey Hepburn breakfast at Tiffanys costume
Matthew Cohen/Rd.com

Audrey Hepburn Halloween costume

Audrey Hepburn might be a fashion icon every day, but on Halloween, you can channel her signature style with this incredibly easy Halloween costume. Break out your favorite LBD and accessorize with black gloves and pearls to become Holly Golightly in an instant.

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Rosie the Riveter easy DIY Halloween costume with red bandana and denim shirt
Matthew Cohen/Rd.com

Rosie the Riveter Halloween costume

Think you can’t get a Halloween costume together at the 11th hour? Fear not—we can do it! Throw on a denim shirt and red bandanna, and you’re ready to go. Check out these other vintage Halloween costumes for more inspiration.

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Steve Jobs easy Halloween costume
Matthew Cohen/Rd.com

Steve Jobs Halloween costume

Want to be a billionaire? For one night, you can at least pretend to be the late, great Steve Jobs. Grab some thin glasses and a black turtleneck, and voila!

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Man dressed as a painter for halloween costume
Matthew Cohen/Rd.com

Painter Halloween costume

How easy is this? All you need is a beret and a paint palette for this artistic rendering. Low on art supplies? Make your own palette out of a piece of cardboard and a few blobs of paint.

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Woman dressed as a bandit for an easy diy halloween costume
Matthew Cohen/Rd.com

Bandit Halloween costume

With the all-black ensemble and the mask, no one will know whose sticky fingers have been in the candy bowl—especially if you’re wearing black gloves and don’t leave any fingerprints behind. Bonus points if you use your burlap sack to carry your candy. Just don’t get caught! Craving sweets? Here’s where you can get the best deals on Halloween candy this year.

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Easter Bunny easy halloween costume dress up
Matthew Cohen/Rd.com

Bunny Halloween costume

Even if you choose chocolate over rabbit food on Halloween, a bunny costume is sure to be a hit. Keep cozy in a fur vest, then slip on your bunny ears.

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Scuba Diver Halloween costume diy
Matthew Cohen/Rd.com

Scuba diver Halloween costume

Get ready to make a splash at your costume party. A black shirt and leggings transform into a scuba suit when you add flippers and a scuba mask.

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3 people in Family Feud Halloween costume with nametags
Matthew Cohen/Rd.com

Family Feud contestants Halloween costume

What’s a winning last-minute group costume? Survey says … Family Feud contestants! Best of all, you can show up in whatever you’re wearing, slap on a name tag and you’re ready to go! For more fun, print out these free Halloween bingo cards.

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Man in an easy olaf DIY costume
Matthew Cohen/Rd.com

Olaf Halloween costume

Do you want to build a snowman? Dress up a plain white cap with construction-paper eyes and a carrot nose, then use pipe cleaners for the hair. Felt buttons and hands pull together this easy Halloween costume.

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Woman in retro biker halloween costume homemade
Matthew Cohen/Rd.com

Biker Halloween costume

Got a leather jacket and a bandanna? Great—you’re ready to let your bad biker out. Add some sunglasses and fingerless gloves (chains and spikes encouraged!), and get revved up for Halloween.

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Man in Tacky tourist Halloween costume DIY
Matthew Cohen/Rd.com

Tourist Halloween costume

Ready for a real trip this Halloween? Grab your Hawaiian-print shirt and camera—and for once, socks with sandals are encouraged. As always, don’t forget the sunscreen! Next, check out these creative pumpkin-carving ideas and these no-carve pumpkin ideas.

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Additional reporting by Lucie Turkel.

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