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65 Halloween Costume Ideas for Women That Are Scary Good

Updated: Apr. 17, 2024

Girls run the world, and now you can win Halloween too with one of these fantastic Halloween costume ideas for women

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Creative Halloween costumes for women

It’s true that Halloween is one of the spookiest nights of the year, but there’s one thing that makes it even scarier: turning up to a party to find three of your friends wearing the same costume—when you didn’t plan any kind of group look. That’s why we’re lending a helping hand with tons of scary-cute Halloween costume ideas for women.

It can be hard to get creative when it comes to Halloween costumes, but figuring out if you want to go for a punny Halloween costume or scary Halloween costume is a good first step. After all, Halloween is the perfect time to cut loose, try out a new look or dress in a totally different way than you usually do.

But if you’re more of a last-minute kind of gal, these easy Halloween costumes can be pulled together in time to hit the trick-or-treat circuit. From goth to glam, clever to quirky, these Halloween costume ideas for women are sure to take your All Hallows’ Eve outfit to spooky new heights.

Barbie Halloween costume

Live in your own pink world this Halloween with this cute look from the Barbie movie. In this outfit, every night is girl’s night, and that includes the spookiest night of the year!

Wednesday Addams Halloween costume

The Netflix series Wednesday has been a smash hit, and now you can get the look with this perfectly chilling Nevermore Academy uniform. Just remember not to smile all night. In fact, the only smiles in your life should be on a carved pumpkin.

Rd Ecomm Women Of Marvel Halloween Costume Via Maddy.krenek Instagram via @maddy.krenek/instagram

Women of Marvel Halloween costume

Girl gang, assemble! These powerful Halloween costume ideas for women will come in handy should you need to save the world between parties. Even better, you’ve got lots of options, including Captain Marvel, Black Widow, Gamora and Scarlet Witch. Here are more Disney Halloween costumes to choose from.

Rd Ecomm Schitt's Creek Halloween Costume Via Adrienneelliott Instagram via @adrienneelliott___/instagram

Schitt’s Creek Halloween costume

Hide your diamonds, hide your exes and be a little bit Alexis (or Moira, or Twyla, or Stevie, or Jocelyn) this Halloween with these Rose family costume ideas. Make sure to bring along your very own David so you can say the line. You know the one. These getups work great if you’re looking for plus-size Halloween costumes too.

Rd Ecomm Scooby Doo Costume Via Tbhnoemi Instagram via @tbhnoemi/instagram

Mystery Inc. Halloween costume

Jinkies! These monochromatic outfits make perfect women’s Halloween costumes—and great best friend costumes too. It’s purple for Daphne and orange for Velma, of course.

Rd Ecomm Medusa Costume Via Chasing Greatness Instagram.com via @_chasing_greatness/instagram

Medusa Halloween costume

Searching for a sssspecial costume idea this year? Look no further. Seriously, don’t—you’ll turn to stone. Just order this snake-adorned headpiece, then take a look at these Halloween memes instead.

Cruella de Vil Halloween costume

This outfit is perfect for puppy lovers … as long as they were born bad. Now seems like a good time to bring up the fact that we also have loads of Halloween costume ideas for dogs.

Uhura Halloween costume

Pay tribute to the magnificent late Nichelle Nichols with this Halloween costume idea for women from the original Star Trek series. If you need some professionalism on the bridge, try these work-appropriate Halloween costumes.

Rd Ecomm Bridgerton Costume Via Ladythera Instagram via @ladythera/instagram

Bridgerton Halloween costume

Channel the big hair and empire-waisted glam of the hit series for a look everyone will be buzzing about. Pair up with your very own Duke of Hastings on the big night for a fun couples costume.

Rd Ecomm Leg Avenue Women's Cozy Bat Costume Via Amazon.com via merchant

Bat Halloween costume

Halloween costumes are often meant to be scary, but there’s nothing frightening about this adorable fuzzy version of one of our most important pollinators and pest-control pals. Plus, a bat makes an easy DIY adult Halloween costume with a black outfit, wings, and ears if you don’t want to buy a full getup.

Rd Ecom To Halloween Costume Via Princesspartymx Instagram via @princesspartymx/instagram

Encanto Halloween costume

Felíz Halloween! Mirabel, Isabella, Louisa and Dolores make terrific Halloween costume ideas for women—especially women who love singing along to one of the best movie soundtracks all night.

Skeleton Halloween costume

Feeling spooky, but want to be cozy too? This skelly onesie makes a great costume for a chilly October night. Tickle your funny bone with these Halloween jokes.

Rd Ecomm Beetlejuice Costume Via Kieraplease Instagram via @kieraplease/instagram

Beetlejuice Halloween costume

Who says Beetlejuice has to be a mister? Wear some black-and-white stripes, spray your hair yellow and get creative with black-and-white face paint. Done and done! If this feels too complicated, try these other face paint ideas that are surprisingly simple.

M3GAN Halloween costume

If the other hot doll costume this year (you know the one) isn’t quite creepy enough for you, this outfit should do the trick.

Rd Ecomm Romy And Michele's High School Reunion Halloween Costume Via Halloweencostumes.com via merchant

Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion Halloween costume

Dress in this classic ensemble, and everyone will believe you invented Post-it notes.

Rd Ecomm Ariana Grande Halloween Costume Via Msbolier Instagram via @msbolier/instagram

Ariana Grande Halloween costume

Staying warm in an oversized hoodie while eating lollipops all night “for your costume” is what Halloween is all about. Don’t have super-long hair? Don’t worry—just get an inexpensive ponytail extension from Amazon.

Rd Ecomm Flintstones Costume Via Toopster Instagram via @toopster/instagram

Flintstones Halloween costume

Looking for some great Halloween costume ideas for women? Well, if you put together a Wilma, Betty or Pebbles costume, you’re Yabba-Dabba-Done. Next step: Halloween party games.

House Of The Dragon Halloween Costume via merchant

House of the Dragon Halloween costume

There’s plenty of amazing female Halloween inspiration in this Game of Thrones prequel, including Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen, Alicent Hightower, Lady Laena Valeyron and more. One thing’s for certain, though: You’re going to need a platinum-blonde wig to pull off this costume!

Rd Shego Costume Via T4trash Instagram via @t4trash_/instagram

Shego Halloween costume

Oct. 31 is a night for villains, which is great news for women’s Halloween costume ideas, and even better news for Shego from Disney’s Kim Possible. She is evil—has she made herself clear? You can certainly get your point across with a black and neon-green spandex suit and some dramatic makeup.

Rd Ecomm The Shinning Via Target.com via merchant

The Shining Halloween costume

Grab your bestie and prepare to freak out your friends dressed as the iconic Grady twins from The Shining, one of the scariest horror movies of all time.

Greek goddess Halloween costume

Hera, Aphrodite, Hestia, Demeter—it’s your choice. But no matter which goddess you choose, this stunning costume will make mere mortals bow down before you.

Tinkerbell Halloween costume

Eavesdrop to your heart’s content at the Halloween party with this sweet costume idea for women.

Rd Ecomm Top Gun Via Amazon.com via merchant

Top Gun Halloween costume

Do you feel the need for speed? If you don’t have time to head to a thrift store or DIY your own costume, just order this flight suit for a speedy solution to your Halloween costume woes. If you’re still undecided, find out what you should be for Halloween, based on your zodiac sign.

Mandalorian Halloween costume

Anyone can be a Mandalorian. All you need is the costume, a willingness to be paid in Halloween candy and a deep parental instinct. If you’ve got a little one, dressing them up as Baby Yoda/Grogu would make for the cutest Halloween ever!

Rd Ecomm Carebear Costume Via Hauteholly Instagram via @hauteholly/instagram

Care Bears Halloween costume

Fun-size candy bars only? No thank you! Unleash the Care Bear Stare this October while donning a cozy, colorful onesie.

Rd Ecomm Spider Gwen Halloween Costume Via Amazon.com via merchant

Spider-Gwen Halloween costume

Halloween is your chance to get into the Spider-Verse with this sleek look.

Rd Ecomm Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Halloween Costume Via Lilithvonbat Instagram via @lilithvonbat/instagram

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Halloween costume

There’s no need for a witch’s hat if you want to dress as these Weird Sisters, but you will need a lace collar and your BFFs for the perfect group Halloween costume.

Orange Is the New Black Halloween costume

Do Halloween right with a bad-girl outfit that will help your friends find you in a crowd.

Rd Ecomm Bobs Burgers Costumes Via Lookwhatkatemade Instagram via @lookwhatkatemade/instagram

Bob’s Burgers Halloween costume

Oh, burger, you’re cute—or at least, you will be once you’re outfitted like one of the Bob’s Burgers crew. An apron, red glasses and flipped-out hair will do the trick for Linda, while for Tina, it’s all about the blue outfit, black glasses and tube socks. (Oh, and don’t forget the barrette!)

Rd Ecomm Little Red Riding Hood Via Amazon.com via merchant

Little Red Riding Hood Halloween costume

Fairy-tale characters make amazing Halloween costume ideas for women. Red is a classic, and if you have a little one and are looking for a coordinating kids costume, dress them up as the cute little … er, big, bad wolf.

Mean Girls Halloween costume

Channel Christmas in October with this Mean Girls ensemble. “Jingle Bell” dance optional but strongly encouraged!

Rd Ecomm Everything Everywhere All At Once Via Gemmasaur Instagram via @gemmasaur/instagram

Everything Everywhere All at Once Halloween costume

Somewhere in the multiverse, you’re having the best Halloween ever. Self-adhesive googly eyes, of course, will make the outfit—and make it simple for you to pull off.

Rd Ecomm Hocus Pocus Costume Via Linzhinzstudio Instagram via @linzhinzstudio/instagram

Hocus Pocus Halloween costume

You and your besties dressed up as three kindly old spinster ladies, complete with the perfect wigs? Sounds like a spellbinding Halloween to us. Make sure to dole out these Hocus Pocus quotes when the opportunity arises.

R2-D2 Halloween costume

Even droids deserve a night off to celebrate all things spooky and scary! This adorable R2-D2 dress also gives you the perfect out to leave a boring conversation … Beep, boop, bye!

Rd Ecomm Minions Costumes Via Vieloftssm Instagram via @vieloftssm/instagram

Minions Halloween costume

If you don’t look cute in yellow, you’ll probably look cute in purple. It’s all about the attitude anyway with these Halloween costume ideas for women, and a pair of Minion goggles certainly helps! You can also confuse your enemies with these Halloween riddles.

Spice Girls Halloween costume

Whether you go as Ginger Spice or another distinctively dressed Spice Girl this Halloween, your catchphrase will be “girl power”!

Rd Ecomm Stranger Things Via Elliejoypanic Instagram via @elliejoypanic/instagram

Stranger Things Halloween costume

Get ready for a trip to the Upside Down! Stranger Things provides a bunch of Halloween costume ideas for women (and for a group), and you can have a ton of fun putting together a costume for Eleven, Barb or Robin. Plus, Stranger Things just happens to be one of the most popular Halloween costumes of 2023. Pro tip: If you go as Eleven, don’t forget the fake blood!

Rd Ecomm Holly Golightly Via Saradujour Instagram via @saradujour/instagram

Holly Golightly Halloween costume

You’ll feel just like Audrey Hepburn in a little black dress, long black gloves and oodles of pearls. For true authenticity, munch on croissants all night. Even better, you can look like a million bucks while pulling most of this costume right out of your closet!

Rosie the Riveter Halloween costume

Start working on that eyeliner flick now to pull off this classic wartime women’s Halloween costume idea. Buy a denim jumpsuit costume, or DIY the look with your own denim and a red bandanna.

Rd Ecomm Emily In Paris Via Vick Duarte Instagram via @vick__duarte/instagram

Emily in Paris Halloween costume

Could there be a Halloween costume idea for women with more je ne sais quoi? Mais, non! The red beret makes this look, of course.

Shark Halloween costume

Lady shark, do-doo, doo-do-doo, lady shark, do-doo, doo-do-doo. We could go on, but you’ll probably want to listen to these Halloween songs instead.

Rd Ecomm Winx Club Costume Via Simplyjustchristina Instagram via @simplyjustchristina/instagram

Winx Club Halloween costume

Y2K and 2000s fashion are having a moment, and these fairy fashionistas from our favorite animated show from the early aughts make great Halloween costumes.

Jessie Halloween costume

Some cowgirls may get the blues, but this cowgirl gets the Halloween candy. Pair up with Woody, Buzz or any of the other Toy Story characters for an instantly recognizable group costume.

Ghostly bride Halloween costume

This bridal getup would be amazing practice if you’re engaged or even just serious with your significant other (and also want to scare the bejeezus out of ’em). If horror’s your thing, you’ll also want to check out these scary Halloween costumes that will spook everyone.

Rd Ecomm Clue Costume Via Edenneville Instagram via @edenneville/instagram

Clue Halloween costume

Put the “you done it” in “whodunit” with a costume from this classic board game. Miss Scarlet may be everyone’s favorite, but don’t forget about Mrs. Peacock, Yvette the maid and the cook.

Maleficent Halloween costume

It’s good to be the queen. Tell your neighborhood who’s boss this October with this all-black Maleficent ensemble.

Celia Halloween costume

Halloween is a monster’s favorite night out, and everyone’s favorite receptionist from Monsters Inc. deserves to hit the town as much as you do. If you’re looking for age-appropriate family fare, try these Halloween movies for kids in addition to this animated flick.

Rd Ecomm Turning Red Costume Via The Adventurelanders Instagram via @the_adventurelanders/instagram

Turning Red Halloween costume

Nothing’s scarier than puberty. Go as Mei Lee with a pair of furry ears and a tail, and grab your BFFs to round out the Turning Red crew from one of our favorite new animated movies from Disney.

Creepy clown Halloween costume

If you’re looking for scary Halloween costume ideas for women, nothing is more terrifying than a killer clown. Nothing.

Rd Ecomm Cheetah Girls Via Blackgirlhalloween Instagram via @blackgirlhalloween/instagram

Cheetah Girls Halloween costume

You’ve conquered Barcelona. Now conquer Halloween with these purr-fectly color-coordinated tracksuits.

Rd Ecomm M And M Costume Via Akmillie Instagram via @akmillie/instagram

M&Ms Halloween costume

Let your costume tell everyone exactly what Halloween candy you prefer this October. All you need is a colored shirt with an M on it, though tutus and color-coordinated gal pals never hurt!

Bring It On Halloween costume

Why would you want to be a cheating Toro when you could be a creative Clover? Brush up on those cheerleading moves for this movie-inspired costume.

Rd Ecomm Alice In Wonderland Costumes Via Ebberinflow Instagram via @ebberinflow/instagram

Alice in Wonderland Halloween costume

We’re all mad here—mad for this idea, that is! Even better: If you’re late, very, very late, in looking for a Halloween costume, these come together easily, whether you want to go as Alice, the White Rabbit, the Cheshire Cat or the Queen of Hearts.

Pink Power Ranger Halloween costume

Relive the ’90s and become the Power Ranger you always wanted to be. It’s Morphin’ time!

Coraline Halloween costume

Coraline may be cute as a button … even if those creepy button-eyed doppelgangers give you nightmares. Blue hair and a yellow raincoat and rain boots do the trick to recreate the protagonist of this spooky Halloween movie for kids.

Rd Ecomm Clueless Via Halloweencostumes.com via merchant

Clueless Halloween costume

Matching plaid skirts and blazers are, like, so totally back this October. Would you be caught in anything else this Halloween? As if!

Rd Ecomm Heathers Halloween Costume Via Ayla.ty Instagram via @ayla.ty/instagram

Heathers Halloween costume

Channel the original mean girls this October with plaid miniskirts, bold blazers and colorful tights. And you can never go wrong with a scrunchie! Sift through these iconic Mean Girls quotes to fully get into character for your costume.

Rd Ecomm Golden Girls Costume Via Target.com via merchant

Golden Girls Halloween costume

Feeling like you’re too old for Halloween? There’s no such thing! But you can poke fun at your, ahem, advanced age as Rose, Blanche, Dorothy or Sophia. Better yet, round up your friends for the ultimate sitcom-inspired costume.

Mary Poppins Halloween costume

Practically perfect in every way? You will be this October as everyone’s favorite English nanny. Her big carpet bag will also come in handy for stashing all the Halloween candy you collect.

Marilyn Monroe Halloween costume

Watch out for those pesky subway grates! The iconic white dress paired with a platinum ‘do, beauty mark and red lipstick will turn you into Marilyn for the night. This is one of those classic Halloween costume ideas for women that will always be a hit.

Rd Ecomm Trollz Costume Via Gphonda Instagram via @gphonda/instagram

Trolls Halloween costume

Rainbow colors? Check. Sparkles? Check. Big hair? Check, check! A little (or a lot of) face paint and the perfect Trolls wig will let your true colors shine through.

Scarecrow Halloween costume

Sometimes you really want to switch off your brain, you know? This scarecrow is the perfect costume for those times. Add some easy Halloween makeup to complete the look.

Rd Ecomm Flo Progressive Via Amazon.com via merchant

Progressive Flo Halloween costume

Flo from Progressive knows everything there is to know about insurance. You might call this an expert Halloween costume idea for women. (Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves.)

Rd Ecomm Breakfast Club Costume Via Aus Cos And Fitness Instagram via @aus_cos_and_fitness/instagram

The Breakfast Club Halloween costume

Channel the ultimate misfit crew from one of our favorite ’80s movies. Go as the Beauty with a prim pink sweater, skirt and red wig, or as the Basket Case with an all-black outfit and loads of eyeliner.

A League of Their Own Halloween costume

Knock it out of the park this Halloween in this Rockford Peaches dress—just in time for the Amazon TV series based on the 1992 film. Just remember: There’s no crying in baseball … or on Halloween!

And now that you have the whole Halloween costume thing sorted, it’s time to turn your attention to easy Halloween decorations.