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30 of the Most Clever Group Halloween Costumes

Get the whole gang together and dress to impress this Halloween!

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Girl with mother in red superhero costume at homeStígur Már Karlsson/Heimsmyndir/Getty Images

Quaranteam costumes will make Halloween better than ever

Trick or treating and Halloween parties may look different this year, but encouraging your quaranteam or socially-responsible friendship pod to dress as one cohesive costume theme will make it the best holiday yet. The best group Halloween costumes offer modern nods to pop culture and spooky Halloween traditions—and there’s something for everyone. Just make sure you bring a big enough bag to hold all your treats because costume ideas this cute are sure to score extra sweets.

Bubble boys and girls

Bubble boys and girls

$177.99 for 2

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If you spent the early part of the year sending care packages to long lost friends, grab one of these hysterically-appropriate bubble costumes to maintain your social distance and air space as you trick-or-treat or take memorable photos for social media. Fair warning: these bubbles are definitely not indoor costumes, but definitely fit the best group Halloween costumes bill for those looking to give strangers a chuckle.

little mermaid cast halloween costumesvia (2), via

A whole cast of popular movie characters


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It’s hard to agree on everything, but if you all agree on a favorite movie, picking the best group Halloween costumes should be easy enough. Pick your movie, assign each group member a character from the film, and roll out as an entire cast. We’ll give you bonus points for giving your cute lap dog the lead role, like this little nugget playing Ariel from The Little Mermaid and round out the cast with the little one as Flounder and mom as Ursula.

A menagerie of mythical creatures unicorns costumesvia (3)

A menagerie of mythical creatures


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The unicorn trend is still going strong, and the world needs a little more magic than ever, so it’s a good time to make your group dress up as their favorite positivity-inspiring mythical creatures. It’s easy to find children’s unicorn and centaur costumes, but less common to find truly jaw-dropping adult versions. You’ll stick out like a glittery rainbow on a rainy day when the adults in your group don this inflatable unicorn costume, which also comes in a pretty exciting full-body version. Need to add a reptile into the mix? Here’s how to make a DIY dinosaur Halloween costume.

Go together like peanut butter and jellyvia

Go together like peanut butter and jelly


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Two halves of the iconic peanut butter and jelly sandwich are always a hit when it comes to couples, siblings, and best friends. If your group is bigger though, encourage several pairs within your group to be timeless food duos. Black and white cookies, macaroni and cheese, burgers and fries, or donuts and coffee are all fun ideas onlookers will get a kick out of.

wheel chair accessible costumesGetty Images, via

Inclusivity is always more fun


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It used to be hard to find a cool, well-made costume for kids with wheelchairs, but one company is letting kids of all types get in on the best group Halloween costumes thanks to their range of wheelchair cover costume designs. This air high five-worthy Adaptive wheelchair dragon costume is just what the group needs to offer a full medieval fantasy folklore costume experience. It pairs just as well with the unicorns and magic scene.

Tiger King & his crewGetty Images, via

Tiger King & his crew


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Are you Carole, Doc, or Joe Exotic himself? One of the best group Halloween costumes for 2020, if not the most popular, is definitely going as the cast of Tiger King. There’s something for everyone from a glittery Joe Exotic to a cheetah-print dressed Carole Baskin. It’s easy enough to pull these costumes off in a home-grown way, and if you encourage a few friends to buy big cat costumes you’ll be all set.

hocus pocus Sanderson sisters, unite!Getty Images, via

Sanderson sisters, unite!

Starting at $49.99

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Vintage movie buffs love Hocus Pocus for its timeless Halloween movie charm, and groups of girlfriends can easily go as the Sanderson sisters from the movie. Whether you choose to play the wicked Winifred Sanderson witch played by Bette Midler (here’s how to pull off her makeup look) or the endlessly-pretty Sarah Jessica Parker witch, you really can’t go wrong. If you have more than three friends pulling this group costume look together, add some kids in 90s clothes, and a black cat to the mix!

20's costume decade costumevia

Use a specific decade as your theme

Starting at $67.99

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Here’s an easy idea: pick a decade and build all your costumes around it. Get groovy with lava lamps, bell bottoms, and feathered hair to complete your 70s looks, or currently-easy-to-find shiny leggings, oversized sweatshirts, and headbands to go as a group of 80s girls. If you really want to impress the competition, go for glam with an art deco-inspired look from the 1920s. Moment-in-time themes are some of the best group Halloween costumes because they don’t have gender, age, or size limits and are generally fun for everyone.

Rock, paper, scissorsvia

Rock, paper, scissors


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If you’re looking to dress three friends in something less-expected than Musketeers, how about a smile-worthy dose of everyone’s favorite childhood gamble? Rock, paper, scissors! This one is easy enough to recreate with black leggings or fitted denim and a solid black long-sleeved tee topped with appropriately cut and decorated poster board. Or, if you’re low on time and energy for DIY costumes you can find pre-made costumes and other essential everyday products on Amazon.

outlet power couplevia

Be a power couple


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Show the world how powerful you are with witty technology-themed costumes like this outlet-themed costume set. Add additional group members with homemade extension cables made of gutter tubing and cardboard, a giant phone charger, or even the head of your household going as a full-on breaker panel. Check out these other adorable couple-themed Halloween costume ideas.

willy wonka chocolate factoryGetty Images, via

The whole chocolate factory


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If you’re all chocolate lovers and know candy is the most important Halloween tradition deep in your soul, going as Willy Wonka himself and a whole ensemble of Oompa Loompas is definitely one of the best group Halloween costumes you won’t be able to forget. Break out the big, wacky hats, brightly colored wigs, white overalls and face paint, or a little orange bronzer from the drugstore—and don’t forget to include candy-themed props.

cobra kaiGetty Images, via

Cobra Kai


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Chances are you’ve already watched all the great classic shows on Netflix (and movies, too), but if you haven’t caught up on Cobra Kai yet, now is the time. The series takes you through exactly where the stars of everyone’s favorite 1980s blockbuster, The Karate Kid, would be now if the cameras never stopped. It’s now one of Netflix’s most popular shows, and we’re pretty sure updated Cobra Kai group costumes featuring all the modern cast characters will be a big hit everyone in the family can appreciate at any age.

emojisvia (2)

Your recently-used emojis list


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Gather the group and decide which emojis you use the most—then dress up as them. Choose from various LOL options, angel-themed smiles, hearts, flowers, or even that giant solid black checkmark. Get creative by insisting the whole team wear black pants and shirts and use cardboard to create the emoji of their choice. Or you can buy pre-made popular emojis to stack on your all-black outfit.

zoom costumeGetty Images, via

Your Zoom crew


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Remember when groups used to get a kick out of going as The Brady Bunch in screen-themed little rectangles to form an entire, collective screen? Swap Jan and the family out for your very own real faces—this year you’re going as the group Zoom meeting! The best part of this costume is how easy it is to make and assemble, and it never has to be a popularity contest with Marcia, Marcia, Marcia! Be sure to add realistic props like noise-canceling headphones and other tech gifts you’d keep on your desk to really seal the deal.

superhero capes group costumesGetty Images, via

Everyday heroes

$37.99 for 10

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Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and all the other tried-and-true comic book heroes will forever be popular costume choices—but this year going as a real-life superhero could be the dose of positivity your group needs. Consider dressing up as a teacher, postal worker, nurse, supermarket clerk, first responder, or doctor, and then add a cape. You can order bulk packs of multi-colored capes on Amazon for as little as $4 each. It’s that easy, and a beautiful way to say thank you to essential workers while still having Halloween fun.

Things One, Two, Three, and so onvia

Things One, Two, Three, and so on


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Dr. Seuss fans will love the simplicity and hilarity of going as Thing One and Thing Two, and there’s no reason you can’t add a third, fourth, fifth, and so on to this budget-friendly idea that’s certainly one of the best group Halloween costumes. Make sure you dress in solid red from head to toe, add a blue wig or brightly-colored blue hairspray, and tape or draw your cut-out “thing” number to your chest. You can also buy iron-on transfers to transform your inexpensive red tees.

russian dollGetty Images, via

Russian nesting dolls


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If your group is loaded with gals of all ages and sizes, consider a heart-warming Russian nesting doll costume for the whole gang. It’s ideal for groups with a variety of ages to consider, and fun if you love feminine details like floral prints. You can buy ready-made costumes, of course, or give the entire group a base color to wear like forest green or burgundy and top the look with floral headscarves and Matryoshka doll aprons.

pacman costumeGetty Images, via

Pac-Man or Ms. Pac-Man and ghosts

Starting at $13.99

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This playful take on an arcade favorite is one of the best group Halloween costumes for those looking to accomplish both humor and a dose of ghoulish fun. You can create your own DIY Mr. and Ms. Pac-Man costumes or buy them ready-made, but the easiest part of this group costume is simply scooping up some brightly-colored plain long tees to make the additional ghosts from the game. Cut triangles out of the bottoms of each tee to create a sort of frayed ghost-like bottom, use a Sharpie to create a ghoulish outline, add drawn or googly eyes, and pair with black or pre-themed leggings. Voila! You’ll score a lot of points with this one.

beesGetty Images, via

Buzz-worthy bees


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You’ll be the sweetest group of all when you’re dressed as buzz-worthy bees, complete with a tiara-wearing queen, a honey bear, and a beekeeper (this is why honey comes in little bears, by the way). This one is easy enough to pull off with lots of black and yellow clothes, store-bought wings, and added royal accessories for the queen. If you really want to impress the competition, consider loading treat bags up with individually portioned honey sticks instead of the usual candies.

holidaysvia (2)

Happy holidays


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These group Halloween costumes are great because each individual getup is different enough, but together, the whole ensemble is delightful. Have everyone pick their favorite holiday and go all out with festive fun. For a few examples, dress up in a bunny costume for Easter; grab angel wings and a toy bow and arrow and channel Cupid for Valentine’s Day; wear red, white, and blue from head to toe for Independence Day; and wear sparkly glasses and a top hat to be New Year’s Eve. Here are 17 more simple costumes that are easy to put together last-minute.

stick personvia (2)

Stick it to ’em

Starting at $21.95

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This is one of the easiest homemade Halloween costume ideas out there because all you need to pull it together is a totally white outfit and some black electrical tape. Form a “stick person” by attaching lines of tape to the arms and legs of your white shirt and pants (the “paper”). Cardboard faces are optional! This is one of the best group Halloween costumes because it’s so easy to modify based on age, gender, and size. Find out some secrets Halloween costume designers want you to know.

disney princessesvia (2)

Disney princesses

Starting at $35.86

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Get your girl gang together and dress up as Disney’s most iconic ladies. Whether you’re feeling classic, like Snow White or Cinderella, or a little more modern, like Belle or Rapunzel, there’s a costume out there that’ll transform you into Disney royalty! And, of course, if some significant others want to join the fun, too, pair up your princesses with their princes! Plus, check out some more perfect costumes for lovers of the House of Mouse.

the zoovia (2)

It’s a zoo!

Starting at $25.90

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Have everyone in your group dress up as their favorite bird or beast and have a roaring good time this Halloween. Whether you’re loco for lions, passionate about pandas, or obsessed with owls, you’re sure to find a creature-themed costume that you love. Or, if you’ve got a really big group, pair up and have each pair dress as the same animal to be Noah’s Ark!

mario kart costumevia (2)

Mario Kart


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Even people who aren’t regular gamers have probably at least heard of Mario, Luigi, Peach, and their fellow Mario Kart racers, so these group Halloween costumes are sure to be a hit with one and all. Simply dress up as the game characters, or, if you really want the full effect, put together cardboard “cars.” Not that crafty? Use even more props, like plush Mario mushrooms and banana peels, to really round out the look.

scooby doovia (2)

Meddlin’ kids


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With their iconic, distinctive wardrobe styles and colors, the Scooby-Doo gang has become something of a staple for lovers of group Halloween costumes. Plus, the spooky-but-funny cartoon makes for perfect Halloween inspiration. Get Daphne, Shaggy, Scooby, and the rest of the gang together and go trick-or-treating for some Scooby Snacks! Bonus points if you get an actual dog to be Scooby. Here are some more adorable dog costumes that let your pooch join the party.

shark weekvia (2)

Shark Week


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Forget ghosts and zombies—here’s a Halloween costume that’s really scary! And, of course, it’s fun and punny, too. Channel the toothy predator we all love to fear with this Shark Week costume. It works best with a group of five or seven—have everyone wear a different “day of the week” shirt (fake-blood-smears optional) and a shark hat! For some more getups that won’t break the bank, check out these costumes you can get on Amazon for $25 or under.

the price is rightvia (2)

The Price is Right for this easy costume


Shop Now

“Come on down!” Bring the beloved game show to life with these simple “Price is Right” contestant costumes. Choose a variety of colors and scores, and even have that one friend who’s a really good sport dress up as the big wheel! And it’s easy to take the DIY approach for these group Halloween costumes, too. If you’ve got access to plain colored tees, some permanent markers, and cardboard, you can definitely put together your own Bob Barker-approved costumes.

crayonvia (2)


Starting at $20.61

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This simple costume couldn’t be easier—just pick your favorite color and you’re good to go!—but it’s still cute and quirky, especially if you get a group together and dress as the full rainbow! In addition to different colors, there are plenty of styles to choose from, too. Whether you prefer a traditional crayon costume, tank dress, or sparkly skirt-dress, there’s a hue for you. Now that’s thinking outside the box! If your favorite group to dress up with on Halloween is your family, here are some great ideas for family Halloween costumes.

cluevia (2)


Starting at $15.99

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Talk about a killer costume! Keep everyone guessing “whodunnit” when you go as the colorful crew from this classic mystery game. If you own lots of one color, be it scarlet, plum, or mustard-yellow, you might even be able to DIY this costume. But if not, there’s plenty of monochromatic clothes online for every suspect, from Yvette the maid to Mrs. Peacock. Don’t forget the magnifying glasses!

spice girlsvia, Shutterstock

The “Spice Girls”

Starting at $5.10

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What we want, what we really really want is… Halloween candy! This punny costume is sure to get a laugh. Just get four of your besties together, start with plain white shirts, and each print out a picture of a different spice rack staple to put on the shirt. (Of course, dressing up as the real Spice Girls is a great group costume idea, too!) Here are some more great punny Halloween costumes that will make people do a double take.

For more fun facts, costume ideas, traditions, candy inspiration, spooky entertainment, and updates on how October 31 will look different this year, check out our Halloween Guide.

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