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32 Punny Halloween Costumes You Should Totally Try This Year

Take your creativity to the next level with a punny Halloween costume that makes your friends groan with laughter.

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Mother and son looking for punny halloween costumes to wearmediaphotos/Getty Images

Punny Halloween costumes you’ll laugh at

If you’re searching for a clever, ironic, and all-around funny Halloween costume this year, these creative minds have you covered. If you’re the jokester of the group, you likely want to show off your wit and have one of the best Halloween costumes. Look no further. From a holy cow to a deviled egg and a bureau-cat, these unBOOlievably punny Halloween costumes will surely get a few laughs. There are even a few family Halloween costumes that even the kids will think are amusing.

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a chip on your shoulder costumeCourtesy officialkyliemcdonald/instagram

A chip on your shoulder

A costume that doubles as both a joke and a snack? Sign us up! Don’t miss these cheap Halloween costumes for adults that anyone can DIY.

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A blessing in disguise costumesCourtesy lindiholden/instagram

A blessing in disguise

You’re a blessing and everyone knows it. Just add some funky glasses and a stick-on mustache to give your friends a chuckle. See more Halloween costumes for couples that are just too clever.

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Oh deer and a holy cow halloween costumeCourtesy britt.brat3/instagram

Oh deer and a holy cow

These two went above and beyond making their own costumes from scratch and surely made many people smile along the way. Don’t miss these easy Halloween makeup ideas that anyone can master.

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Bureau-cats halloween costumesCourtesy prlc85/instagram


Spice up your go-to black cat costume with a pun that everyone will love. If you want to dress up your actual kitty, check out these cat costumes for Halloween that are just purrfect.

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Vine is dead halloween costumeCourtesy rachelyohe/instagram

Vine is dead

Dress up as your favorite app that no longer exists as a spooky joke. Maybe TikTok will be next. If you don’t want to buy anything extra, learn how to make your own DIY fake blood.

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Spring fever punny halloween costumeCourtesy saphire154/instagram

Spring fever

Nothing like a little reminder of the warm weather in the heart of chilly fall. Don’t miss these vintage Halloween photos with costume ideas that you can still use today.

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social butterfly halloween costumeCourtesy mrsrunser/instagram

Social butterfly

Your unhealthy social media habit can actually make a pretty cute costume! These last-minute Halloween costumes are absolutely genius and you already have everything you need right in your closet.

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when life gives you lemons costumeCourtesy dom.creates/instagram

When life gives you lemons…

Hand them out to confused pedestrians on the street. If creepy is more your thing, don’t miss these scary Halloween costumes that will give everyone nightmares.

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Shark week halloween costumeCourtesy sb_smo/instagram

Shark week

Only the best week is solely dedicated to the predators of the sea.

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deviled egg punny halloweenCourtesy rachelchanelno5's profile picture rachelchanelno5/instagram

Deviled egg

You can finally put those devil ears you wore in college to good use again with this simple and hilarious punny Halloween costume. If you’re looking to create an outfit for your little one, take a look at these cheap kids Halloween costumes that you can DIY.

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dr. pepper punny halloween costumeCourtesy thinkingcloset/instagram

Dr. Pepper

The most adorable Dr. Pepper you will probably ever see.

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pig in a blanket punny costumeCourtesy cristinadoikos/instagram

Pig in a blanket

Get your friends together for a cozy take on everyone’s favorite hors d’oeuvre.

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chilly pepper costumeCourtesy @lolalambchops/instagram

Chilly pepper

For this one, you can use clothing you already own and get crafting for a DIY pepper. You can also just buy one from the grocery store to carry around.

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greyhoynd bus costumeCourtesy fledglingstudios/instagram

Greyhound bus

A much cuter version of the dreaded bus that smells like a mix of fast food and sweat. See more of the best dog Halloween costumes that will make everyone stop and stare.

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bearista punny halloween costumeCourtesy milibabes/instagram


This one is beary-clever and beary-easy to pull together for a last-minute punny Halloween costume.

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spice girls punny halloween costumesCourtesy kas529/instagram

Spice girls

Channel your inner nineties teen and your love for flavor with this amusing costume for your girl squad. Check out more clever group Halloween costumes for you and your squad.

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ice ice baby halloween costumeCourtesy sydneyoverlien/instagram

Ice, ice, baby

Baby Vanilla Ice is indisputably the highlight of this costume, but as a family, you’ll undoubtedly receive many compliments. Don’t miss these baby Halloween costumes that will make every say “awww!”

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Bee-yonce, Hawaiian punch, fantasy football, and a ceiling fan halloween costumesCourtesy swapna_99b/instagram

Bee-yonce, Hawaiian punch, fantasy football, and a ceiling fan

Group photo! I would personally grant all these kids the award for “best costume.”

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taco belle pun costumesCourtesy heathersrad/instagram

Taco Belle

Perfect for Disney lovers and taco aficionados! If you want to go full-on Mickey Mouse, check out these Disney Halloween costumes for all the superfans.

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identity thief halloween costumeCourtesy jennyree86/instagram

Identity Thief

Plaster a bunch of “Hello my name is…” stickers all over yourself for this easy and comical costume. A little effort with big results.

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avocado toast punny costumeCourtesy courtneymatesic/instagram

Avocado Toast

A cute spin on this millennial favorite.

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kevin bacon costumeCourtesy ecl87/instagram

Kevin Bacon

Skip Footloose this year and just go as the star himself.

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dominos pizza punny costumeCourtesy cm_taylorphila_pt/instagram

Domino’s Pizza

This clever costume is perfect for the pizza-loving couple. Bonus points if you have real pizza with you. To keep the laughs going (in addition to your punny Halloween costume), share these Halloween memes that are just too relatable.

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judy garland costumeCourtesy hannahsopranah/instagram

Judy Garland

For the Wizard of Oz fans, instead of dressing like Dorothy, try Judy Garland instead for a unique twist.

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wonder bread woman punny halloween costumeCourtesy heathersharpmack/instagram

Wonderbread Woman

A creative spin on your favorite superhero.

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honey boo boo punny costumesCourtesy britt.graves5/instagram

Honey Boo Boo

Everyone knows Honey Boo Boo and even the haters will think this the clever.

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Casamigos Halloween PartyMichael Kovac/Getty Images

Morning’s Suck

Zoe Kravitz is always an inspiration, but she really hit the nail on the head with this one. Don’t miss these Halloween party games that will get everyone in the spooky spirit.
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Black Eyed Peas halloween costumeCourtesy The Thinking Closet

Black-Eyed Peas

Feel free to also dress like an actual pea, but using a “P” is just a little simpler. See more ideas like this at Thinking Closet.

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Copy Cat costumeCourtesy The Thinking Closet

Copy Cat

Another punny Halloween costume idea from Thinking Closet that you’ll just want to copy (cat).

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Cereal Killer Costumevia

Cereal Killer

Who wouldn’t want to be Tony the Tiger holding an ax?

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Party Animal Costumesvia

Party Animal

You’ll really be showing off your inner self with this one. Plus, you’ll be comfy too!

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Dunkin Doughnuts Halloween Costumevia

Dunkin’ Donut

Just add a jersey and maybe a basketball to your donut costume for the ultimate punny Halloween costume. Once you’ve picked out your costume, check out these cheap Halloween decorations that will make your home looking spooky, festive, and creative.

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