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25 Adorable Pictures of Baby Animals You’ll Love Instantly

We dare you not to smile while looking at these baby balls of fluff and feathers.

Three ducklings on strawImage Source/Getty Images

We can't get enough

If you're having an off day, or just need some smiles, taking a few minutes to squeal at these adorable pictures of baby animals will instantly put you in a good mood. Keep reading for some serious cuteness. Speaking of adorable creatures, check out these adorable animals you didn't even know existed.

Polar Bearfhm/Getty Images

Polar bear

Baby polar bears don't develop their fluffy, thick white fur until about two months of age. This is also the month that they start to walk and grow teeth. These animals look nothing like their baby pictures.

Chimpanzee babyManoj Shah/Getty Images


Chimpanzees and humans share 95 to 98 percent of the same DNA. Don't those eyes just make you melt?

Woman holding 3 male golden retriever puppiesRon Levine/Getty Images

Golden Retriever puppies

Golden Retrievers are a very popular family dog. One of the reasons is most likely that Goldens keep their puppy personality for a very long time. They tend to mature much slower than other breeds so they are playful and silly all the way into adulthood. These adorable animals can sleep pretty much anywhere.

Meerkat with Pups, NamibiaPaul Souders/Getty Images


A mother meerkat protects her new pups in the Namib Desert in Africa.

Sergey Ivanov/Getty Images

Brown bears

Brown bear cubs are born during hibernation. They are typically born in pairs. When spring arrives they venture out of their den with their mother to learn survival skills. These are the tiniest animals from around the world.

Baaaa!Hanneke Luijting/Getty Images


Even though this newborn lamb can't walk very well yet, he's still all smiles. These baby goat photos are sure to brighten your day.

A nursery group of Emperor penguin chicks, huddled together, looking around. A breeding colony.Mint Images - David Schultz/Getty Images


Baby penguins are born with fluffy gray plumage making them extra cute. As they get older they start to shed their fluffy feathers to reveal their black and white coat. Here are some more pictures (and facts) that prove penguins are the most adorable animal.

Enn Li  Photography/Getty Images


At birth, baby elephants weigh an average of 250 pounds! They drink about three gallons of milk a day helping them grow into the large, magnificent creatures that they are.

Two chicks sitting on grassDanielle Kiemel/Getty Images


Fun fact: Female baby chickens are called pullets and male baby chicks are called cockerels. Don't miss these scary facts about 10 of the world's most adorable animals.

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