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11 DIY Ways to Make Your Home Smell Like Christmas

Get that holiday scent even before you trim the tree.

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potpourriCourtesy Half Baked Harvest

Boil potpourri

You know how baking always makes your house smell divine for an hour or so? You can get that same deliciousness going all day without the effort of baking a batch. Just throw the right ingredients in a pot of boiling water and leave it simmering all day to let those scents waft throughout your home. If the stovetop makes you nervous, put them in a slow cooker on low for four to six hours instead. Get an orange cranberry version from Half Baked Harvest, plus check out these other 6 stovetop potpourri recipes.

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Citrus-PotpourriCourtesy Megan Porta from

Citrus potpourri

This stovetop potpourri recipe has a twist on your usual orangey citrus Christmas scents: grapefruit. The cozy result smells just like the holidays in a pot. Head to Pip and Ebby for the instructions, then find out how to make potpourri from your own garden plants.

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Air-FreshenerCourtesy Shaken Together

DIY air freshener

Forget the plug-in air fresheners and show off one of these DIY versions. If yours starts to lose its scent, just add a teaspoon of warm water and a few more drops of essential oil. Get the instructions from Shaken Together, and learn how to pick the best essential oil for every room in the house.

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Room-SprayCourtesy Kimberly Duran/Swoon Worthy

Room spray

Get Christmas scents on demand by mixing your own personal blend of essential oils, and adding just a couple ingredients to help them combine. This recipe from Swoon Worthy smells just like the holidays and even comes with a printable label for a giftable finished product. Check out these 12 clever ways to display the holiday cards you’ll get this season.

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Ornamentscourtesy Mitzy at Home

Holiday scented ornaments

Traditional homemade salt dough ornaments look off-white, but this baking soda version is bright as snow. A secret ingredient means they’re not just pretty, but also give off a lovely holiday scent wherever you hang them. Learn how to make your own from Mitzy at Home. Don’t miss these other 24 cheap DIY Christmas decorations anyone can handle.

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Scented-woodCourtesy One Project Closer

Scented wood

These rustic wood slice ornaments are adorable on their own, but the lovely Christmas scents they give off is an added bonus. Visit One Project Closer for the directions, plus ideas for holiday scent combinations. Check out these other easy Christmas ornament crafts for kids.

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PineconesCourtesy Where Your Treasure Is

Cinnamon-scented pinecones

Making your own scented pinecones to display in your home is way cheaper than shelling out for a premade version. Try this centerpiece-worthy version from Where Your Treasure Is, or head to Practically Functional to find out how to make them without essential oils. Just don’t make these 18 holiday decorating mistakes when you set your pinecones out.

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Scented sachet

Put those fallen needles from your Christmas tree to good use by turning them into holiday-themed sachets so you can get that pine scent all around the house—or give them as gifts. Learn how to make your own from The Cavender Diary. Find out the best home fragrance for every room in your house.

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Scented-Fire-BurnerCourtesy Hello Glow

Aromatic fire starters

The fire is so delightful—especially when you add homemade wax fire starters. Not only does the wick help get the flame going, but the fire starters give off Christmas scents as they burn. Get the directions from Hello Glow. Don’t miss these other 21 hacks for making your whole house smell incredible.

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CandleCourtesy Hello Glow

Layered candles

Can’t pick just one favorite scent? You don’t need to with these layered candles, which are even more personal than your usual Yankee Candle gift. Each color gives off a different holiday smell—think white for vanilla and green for fir. Visit Hello Glow to learn how to recreate your own at home. Make sure to follow these tips for making a candle last longer when you light it.

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oilCourtesy Hearth and vine

Oil lamp

If you find the idea of melting wax for a DIY candle intimidating, this olive oil-based version is for you. The scent is totally customizable, but find the base instructions from Hearth and Vine. Here are 11 more deodorizer ideas for a fresh-smelling home.

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