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50 Halloween Party Ideas for a Scary Good Time

Updated: Jan. 25, 2024

Give your friends pumpkin to talk about with these spooky, festive, and creative Halloween party ideas.

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woman decorating house for halloween party
M_a_y_a/Getty Images

If you’re planning a Halloween bash at your (haunted) house this year, figuring out the details can be a little overwhelming—especially when there are so many Halloween party ideas to choose from. Even if you have one of the most popular Halloween costumes ready to go, you want to make sure you have the coolest Halloween decor (both indoor and outdoor) and the best food on hand. We’ve narrowed down the best of the best Halloween party ideas for you. Get ready to get this party startled—oops, we mean started!

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Witches Brew Exps Thso18 138269 D04 25 5b 7
Taste of Home

Witches’ Brew

This green cocktail looks exactly like what you might imagine is in a witch’s cauldron. Bonus points if you serve it in one! You can also make some without the vodka for the kids to try too. Brush up on these corny Halloween jokes to get everyone laughing.

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Candy corn and peanuts in bowl
Lisa Kaminski/Taste of Home

Candy corn and peanuts

Here’s the combo you didn’t know you needed. This sugary and salty mix is addicting and you’ll have guests eating it by the handful. Plus, you can’t get an easier recipe than this one. Learn these Halloween candy facts you probably didn’t know before.

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bat mobile halloween decoration
Courtesy Audrey Kuether/ohsolovelyblog.com

Bat mobile

This simple and festive decor from Audrey Kuether is just adorable! All your party guests will get a kick out of this. If you want to get creative with the little ones, check out these Halloween crafts for kids that are fun and easy.

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woman drawing on mirror with red lipstick
Supat Tidnor/Getty Images

Bloody mirrors

Lipstick doesn’t only have to be for your lips. Red lipstick specifically can resemble blood. Leave your guests a spooky note on the bathroom mirror when they use the restroom. Don’t miss these cheap Halloween decorations anyone can DIY.
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Children playing mummy wrap Halloween game
Elva Etienne/Getty Images

Set up some games

Get everyone involved in the party with some fun Halloween party games including Halloween-themed trivia, Pass the Pumpkin, Halloween bingo, or the Mummy Wrap. While you’re at it, learn some of these Halloween pick up lines to impress that special someone you might meet at the party.

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candy apple martini
Taste of Home

Candy apple martini

How cute are these? These cocktails are festive, seasonal, and absolutely delicious. Don’t worry if you spill, because we’ve got you covered on how to remove stains—all of them.

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halloween cutout cookies
Taste of Home

Halloween party cutout cookies

The kids will absolutely love these. And let’s face it, so will the adults. They’re super fun to make too. While you’re baking these with your kids, try out some of these Halloween riddles.

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black halloween menu
kemalbas/Getty Images

Spooky menu

Create the perfect Halloween party menu including all your favorites like Candy apple martinis, Frankenguac, and roasted pumpkin seeds. Show your guests how witty you are (beyond just a spooky menu) with these punny Halloween costumes.
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halloween party with string lights decoration
svetikd/Getty Images

String lights

Dim the lights and add some string lights! The darkness with the subtle lights twinkling will create the spooky ambiance you’re looking for. Make sure you have these chilling ghost stories on hand to creep everyone out even more.

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Pumpkin Pie Shots
Taste of Home

Pumpkin pie shots

These grown-up treats will leave them wanting more. Made with canned pumpkin and butterscotch schnapps, these gelatin shots are a great party starter.

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pumpkin garland wreath on front door
Courtesy Audrey Kuether/ohsolovelyblog.com

Pumpkin wreath and garland

Halloween decor doesn’t always have to be orange and black. Add some color to your party with this fun wreath. You’ll want to leave it up long after the party.

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Frankenguac; guacamole and chips arranged to look like frankenstein's face for a halloween party dip idea
Taste of Home


Guac, anyone? A crowd favorite with a spooky twist. It’s also very easy to make so you’ll look as if you tried a lot harder than you actually did. It’s a win-win!

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Apple Cider Smash
Taste of Home

Apple Cider Smash

Fruity, bubbly, and super refreshing. There’s no better time for sparkling cider than the fall. And you’ll even get to use up some of those freshly-picked apples from the orchard. Find out where you can go apple picking near you with the best place to go apple picking in every state.

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orange and black halloween balloons against a wall
Elena González Hontoria/Getty Images

Black and orange balloons

Balloons can turn any space into a party! Just get the classic Halloween colors like orange, black, or even purple to turn your house into a party.

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children making toilet paper roll monsters at a halloween party
Cavan Images/Getty Images

Toilet paper roll monsters

Goblins and witches and mummies, oh my! Use your leftover toilet paper rolls to create some decor for the table. You can even have the kids get creative and paint them for a fun Halloween activity. Check out the spookiest Halloween creatures for inspiration.
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people dancing to music at halloween party
gorodenkoff/Getty Images

Create a spooky playlist

What’s a party without music? Queue up “Monster Mash,” “Ghostbusters,” and all your other Halloween favorites to get guests in the Halloween mood. If you need more ideas for festive tunes, take a look at these Halloween songs that are perfect for any Halloween party.

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Mini Martian Burgers
Taste of Home

Martian sliders

Another one the kids will adore! These mini hamburgers are fun for Halloween and great for parties as guests can just grab and go.

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Halloween Marquee Lights spell out "BOO" and sits on a table surrounded by jack-o-lanterns, pumpkins, and candles
Courtesy Audrey Kuether/ohsolovelyblog.com

Halloween marquee lights

Why buy marquee lights when you can just make them yourself? You can even stick these in the window or at your doorway to welcome guests as they arrive.

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Cranberry Orange Sangria
Taste of Home

Cranberry-orange sangria

What could be better than a Halloween-themed sangria? The cranberry and the orange will make you feel like you’re sipping autumn straight out of a cup.

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Candy Corn Quesadillas
Taste of Home

Candy corn quesadillas

Have no fear: there isn’t actually any candy corn in these cheesy melts. The recipe just calls for extra queso, crushed Doritos, and sour cream to make the quesadilla look like candy corn. Genius and delicious.

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Skeleton hand holding cauldron with candy for halloween party decor
CatLane/Getty Images

Cauldron candy display

Fill up a cauldron with treats for guests to grab. Even the adults can look forward to candy on Halloween!
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halloween skull wreath
Courtesy Audrey Kuether/ohsolovelyblog.com

Skull wreath

Similar to the pumpkin wreath, this skull version is just a little spookier, even though it’s still bursting with color. You can even darken the colors to make it even creepier.

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Li'L Lips halloween treat with apples and peanut butter and marshmallow teeth
Taste of Home

Li’l Lips

If you’d like to add some healthy snacks to the party, take your standard apples with peanut butter and transform them into these little monster mouths.

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halloween pumpkins with candles and candlesticks and other halloween decor on wooden table
Maya23K/Getty Images


Set some candlesticks around the house to create that eerie ambiance. You can also use fake ones if there are a lot of children—either will do the trick (or treat!) If you want to really get into the Halloween spirit, check out these real events that actually happened on Halloween.

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Light Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
Taste of Home

Roasted pumpkin seeds

Nothing says fall like some roasted pumpkin seeds! These are perfect to pair with one of the festive cocktails on this list.

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Halloween Bat Neon Sign
Courtesy customneon.com

Halloween neon sign

Neon signs are “in” these days—and you can even get them customized! Choose your color and your shape for some eerie decor. If you’re looking for some decor that will come straight to your door, check out these Amazon Halloween decorations that are worth buying early.

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people in costume celebrating a halloween party with a costume contest
svetikd/Getty Images

Costume contest

Convince people to come to the party dressed up by having a costume contest. People will be more likely to show up in costume if they know that there’s a prize involved. If you haven’t picked out a costume yet, try one of these genius last-minute Halloween costumes.

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Caramel Apples
Taste of Home

Caramel apples

It wouldn’t truly be Halloween unless you got some caramel stuck in your teeth (but in the best way possible!). Caramel apples are irresistibly tasty, and all your party guests will likely agree.

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group of colorful pumpkins on dark background
REDA&CO/Getty Images


Pumpkins are a staple of Halloween so make sure you have plenty scattered around your house. They can even be plastic for an easy reusable option. If you plan on carving, make sure you read up on these pumpkin carving tips before you get started.

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halloween movie night in backyard
Pekic/Getty Images

Halloween movie

Set up a Halloween movie to play in the background of your party—it’ll add the perfect spooky background noise.
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Halloween pumpkin pinata hanging at a party
mtreasure/Getty Images

Halloween piñata

Since this holiday is all about the candy, make it more fun to get their hands on the tasty treats by adding a piñata. Even the adults will have fun taking a turn!
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Sour Candy Cupcakes
Taste of Home

Sour candy cupcakes

This is a sweet treat that combines the love of cake and sour candy. The first bite will make your lips pucker, followed by a rush of sugary sweetness.

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fog machine in dark room
Nagaiets/Getty Images

Fog machine

Talk about a creepy ambiance! This fog machine comes with a remote to turn it on and off as well as a setting to adjust the colors. Try one of these scary Halloween costumes for maximum creepy effect.

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Champagne Blood Shots
Taste of Home

Champagne blood shots

For the adults, shots don’t always have to be brutal. These champagne shots are delicious and refreshing. Since these require gelatin, make sure to get the prep out of the way before your guests arrive.

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Card My Yard Halloween Sign
Courtesy Card My Yard

Yard sign

Card My Yard creates unique and fun yard signs to festively greet your guests. Your house will be dressed up from inside out! Check out these creepy Halloween yard decorations you need this year.

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Pumpkin Pie Martinis
Taste of Home

Pumpkin pie martinis

Each sip of this warm and sweet cocktail tastes like a fresh bite of pumpkin pie. Your guests will be crawling back for more.

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halloween chocolate party favors
via amazon.com

Chocolate party favors

Don’t let your guests leave empty-handed. Especially not without chocolate on Halloween!

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Hot Dog Mummies With Honey Mustard Dip
Taste of Home

Hot dog mummies

Paired with a honey mustard dip, these pigs in a blanket, or should we say mummies, are almost too cute to eat. Almost!

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spider web table cloth for halloween party
via amazon.com

Spiderweb table cloth

Set the table on one of these spooky spiderweb tablecloths made of lace. You can even skip the table and just hang it on the wall for some more decor.

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Pumpkin Cheese Ball
Taste of Home

Pumpkin cheese ball

There is actually pumpkin in this cheese dish so you could basically say this is healthy food. Kidding, but this holiday is all about indulging. Enjoy it! While you’re setting up for the party, take a break and laugh at these Halloween memes that are hilariously relatable.

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scary halloween window decal
via amazon.com

Halloween window decal

Scare your guests with this Michael Myers window decal. It’s even creepier in the dark.

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Pumpkin Snack Mix
Taste of Home

Pumpkin snack mix

Perfect for those party munchies, this snack incorporates salty and sweet, all while being festive. You’ll be refilling this bowl throughout the night for sure.

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Pin The Spider On The Web
via amazon.com

Pin the spider on the web

Here’s a fun party game (especially after you’ve tried a few of those cocktails!) You’ll get everybody laughing.

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Orange Sherbet Party Punch
Taste of Home

Orange party punch

Perfect for all ages, this party punch is both sweet and refreshing. Besides, if you’re going to have a party, you have to have a party punch.

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Magic Wands
Taste of Home

Magic wands

Just because you aren’t Harry Potter (or maybe you are), doesn’t mean you can’t have magic wands. You can use any type of colors you would like, but make sure they sparkle! Even your pup can get in on the fun with these adorable dog Halloween costumes.

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Witches Fingers
Taste of Home

Witches’ fingers

Use some of the pretzels from the recipe above to create a creepier snack. But really, it doesn’t matter how you decorate the chocolate-covered pretzels. They will taste just as yummy either way.

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bloody halloween footprint decorations
via amazon.com

Bloody handprint clings

Stick these all over your house to creep out all your guests—and even your neighbors! These easily adhere to any smooth surface and pull over easily once the party is over. Need some more inspiration to decorate your house on Halloween? Check out these incredible Halloween house displays, including the creepiest Stranger Things house.

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halloween skeleton decal for bathroom door
via amazon.com

Skeleton restroom door cover

Keep the party going all the way to the bathroom with this hilarious door cover. Your guests will totally crack up.

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Jack O Lantern Pizzas
Taste of Home

Jack-o-lantern pizzas

Add something savory to all the sweetness at your Halloween party with these spooky mini pizzas. Feel free to switch up the toppings to your liking.

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yard tombstones for halloween decorations
via amazon.com

Yard tombstones

These tombstones for your front yard are easy to set up and will get people in the Halloween mood before they even walk through the door. Now that you have plenty of Halloween party ideas, figure out your costume with these cheap Halloween costumes for adults you can DIY at home.

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