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These Guinea Pig Costumes Exist as an Early Christmas Gift for Your Soul

If the holiday season is stressing you out already, don't worry, Christmas-themed guinea pig costumes exist to restore all the cheer you're missing. We're bringing the visual proof, and a few guinea pig costume options in case you have a fashion-loving rodent at home.

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santaCourtesy PetSmart

Ho, ho, holy moly you can dress your rodent as Santa

If the leading rodent in your life is known to bring cheer to your children, drop little “presents” everywhere, and has a big belly, these Santa Claus guinea pig costumes will be life-changing for you. If your kids are begging to know if Santa is real, you can show them your fur ball and insist life is what you make of it.

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Courtesy PetSmart

For the naughty boy or girl in your cage

We’re talking about guinea pigs dressed as the devil, obviously. If your little guy has been known to get his or her dietary fiber by way of chewing through their wooden cages, a devil costume will be adorably appropriate. This one is available in limited supply, and we’re not even sure who decided it needed to be made, but it’s extremely necessary and we have no idea how the human race made it this far into the guinea pig domestication game without naughty outfits. Just don’t leave a lump of coal in the cage, OK?

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Courtesy PetSmart

The cutest angel to hit the nativity scene

If you clicked this article thinking that there’s no reason for guinea pig costumes to even exist, let this little angel outfit be all the proof you need to endorse their existence. Also, we’d like to pour a bucket of blessings on Petsmart for bringing guinea pig clothes into fashion. It’s about time.

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Courtesy PetSmart

Ugly holiday sweater piglets should’ve existed a long time ago

Remember at the beginning of 2017 when everyone was all hopeful and optimistic that this year would be different, brighter, and bolder? And then a few months passed and we all became disillusioned—it was like every other year. Just kidding, here’s a dose of proof that 2017 doesn’t suck at all. Guinea pigs wearing ugly Christmas sweaters are all the peace on Earth we need.

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Courtesy PetSmart

Put this elf on your shelf

No! Don’t put him on a shelf. Give him a perfectly loving, cozy environment, and oodles of wood chips. But OMG, rodents dressed as Christmas elves.

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Courtesy PetSmart

Positivity and unicorn dust all around

If you ran to Starbucks over the summer for unicorn fraps and unicorn lemonades, there’s no reasonable excuse to not buy this small animal unicorn costume—especially since it’s cheaper than the average latte. Don’t let life hold you back when magic like this exists in the world. Just think of all the Instagram possibilities.

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Courtesy PetSmart

What’s all the buzz about?

Guinea pig outfits, that’s what. Can you even handle the level of cute happening with this bumble bee furry friend right now? Sorry, we just exploded from cuteness overload. Honey is one of the best home remedies for infections and other ailments, so bumblebee costume-clad piglets must be a remedy for holiday stress, right?

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