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20 Costume Ideas for Men He’ll Love

You won't want to wait until the last minute this year thanks to these cool costume ideas for men.

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Costume ideas for men

When it comes to finding the perfect Halloween costume, waiting until the last minute can be downright scary. Then again, what is Halloween without a mad dash down a picked-apart store aisle and the realization that there’s not a single decent costume in your size? This year, do yourself a favor and make your choice well before fright night. These costume ideas for men are a good place to start.

Not only did we find what are sure to be the year’s most popular Halloween costumes, but we made sure to include a range of options, including easy DIY Halloween costumes, couples Halloween costumes, and clever group Halloween costume ideas.

While you’re in planning mode, don’t forget about dog Halloween costumes. And you might as well find the purr-fect cat costume too. Now, without further ado, here are 20 of the best Halloween costume ideas for men.

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Walt Disney costumeJustin Baker/Getty Images

Walt Disney Halloween Costume

On October 31, the streets are littered with Disney characters. For a more original take, go as the man behind the mouse. All you’ll need for this costume is a sweater vest or sports coat and, of course, the mouse! Rather go as a character? Check out these DIY Disney costumes.

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Superhero Mickey Halloween Costumevia

Superhero Mickey Halloween Costume

If you’re looking for a Disney couples costume, get creative with a themed Mickey and Minnie. Captain America Mickey and Spider-Man Minnie are easy, fun, and affordable to put together. The pairing works well with a lot of Disney-inspired baby costume ideas, making it great for families.

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Two Men Wearing Newsboy Caps and Smoking PipesOrbon Alija/Getty Images

Sherlock Holmes Halloween Costume

Track down those missing files, staplers, and the office candy stash dressed up as the world’s most famous detective. A newsboy cap, pipe, and magnifying glass are all you need to pull off this work-appropriate Halloween costume.

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Willy Wonka CostumeGilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images

Willy Wonka Halloween Costume

Who better to dress as on Halloween than the candy man himself? Some khakis, a busy vest, and a purple coat will take you to a world of pure imagination.

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Westley and Inigo Montoya Halloween CostumeTaylor Hill/Getty Images

Westley and Inigo Montoya Halloween Costume

Halloween costume ideas for men that you can throw together in a matter of minutes? As you wish. These ensembles from The Princess Bride are easy to create using what you already have in your closet. All you’ll need to complete the look is your Princess Buttercup. Here are more great best friend Halloween costumes.

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Michael Myers Halloween CostumeVia Baptismonfire/

Michael Myers Halloween Costume

Like slasher films? Then you’ll be excited to know that Halloween Kills, a new Michael Myers film, is slated for release just days before Halloween. Dress as the famous fictional killer (we’d make fake blood for added effect) and scare the pants off your pals. For more chilling options, browse these scary Halloween costumes.

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Party Pooper Halloween Costume via

Party Pooper Halloween Costume

There’s always one! Poke fun at the resident party pooper with this hilarious inflatable costume. Costume ideas for men can be edgy, but they can also be fun, like these punny Halloween costumes.

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Homelander Halloween Costumevia

Homelander Halloween Costume

They say that nice guys finish last, so why not try your hand at being the villain? Grab your crew and lead them to the party in a Homelander costume worthy of The Boys. Arrive at the party armed with surprising superhero facts that’ll impress even the biggest comic book nerds.

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T Rex Halloween Costumevia

T-Rex Halloween Costume

This inflatable costume has become a Halloween favorite. It comes in adult and children’s sizes, so making the neighborhood scream (or, let’s be honest, laugh) can be a family affair. It’s a no-fuss option when it comes to family Halloween costumes.

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Dr. Alan Grant Halloween Costume Via Halloweencostumes.comvia

Dr. Alan Grant Halloween Costume

If you’ll be the one chasing dinos around this Halloween, then you might as well do it while dressed as famed paleontologist Dr. Grant. It makes for an easy DIY adult Halloween costume too: Pair some khakis with a denim shirt, safari hat, and red bandanna, and you’re ready to hit the streets.

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Black Panther Halloween Costumevia

Black Panther Halloween Costume

We’re still about a year away from the release of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, but you can still dress up as this iconic character and pay homage to the actor who so brilliantly portrayed him. Because let’s be honest: Chadwick Boseman was the hero we all needed.

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Billy Butcherson Halloween Costumevia

Billy Butcherson Halloween Costume

You’re bound to come across a Sanderson sister (or three) on Halloween night. (Who doesn’t love a good Hocus Pocus costume?) A black jacket, wig, and some easy Halloween face paint are all you need to become Winnifred Sanderson’s ex-boyfriend.

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Elvis Halloween Costumevia

Elvis Halloween Costume

Shake, rattle, and roll your way through Halloween dressed as none other than the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Add your favorite pair of aviators to complete the look. Did you know that Elvis Presley was the most popular Halloween costume in 1970? In case you were curious, here’s the most popular Halloween costume from the year you were born.

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Loki Halloween Costumevia

Loki Halloween Costume

Halloween is the perfect time to dress up as the God of Mischief. Get ready to trick-or-treat (but mostly trick) in this Loki costume, which includes a jumpsuit, belt, cape, helmet, arm guards, and boot covers. Considering the runaway success of Loki on Disney+, it’s a great option for teen Halloween costumes.

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Bob Ross Halloween Costumevia

Bob Ross Halloween Costume

Who doesn’t love some happy little trees? This costume is both easy and affordable to create. Throw on your favorite jeans, a blue button-down shirt, and a Bob Ross wig to turn yourself into this beloved artist. Here’s a fun fact for you to share at your costume party: Bob Ross made three copies of every painting on his show.

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Soda Jerk Halloween Costumevia

Soda Jerk Halloween Costume

Halloween costume ideas for men can skew toward horror, but this is a simple, family-friendly option. And you can put it together using what you already have in your closet. Just grab a toy ice cream cone and some card stock to make a hat, and you’re good to go. If this has you feeling nostalgic, you may also like these vintage Halloween costumes that could still be worn today.

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Frank From Jungle Cruise Halloween Costumevia

Frank from Jungle Cruise Halloween Costume

Some khakis, a striped button-down, and yellow suspenders will turn you into Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. At least for a night. Pick up a captain’s hat to complete the look. Did you know that the movie Jungle Cruise is based on the popular theme park attraction? Here are real places that inspired Disney rides, including Jungle Cruise.

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Randy Watson From Coming To America Halloween Costumevia

Randy Watson from Coming to America Halloween Costume

The sequel to this romantic comedy was over 30 years in the making, and its release is definitely worth celebrating. Dress up as your favorite soul singer this Halloween, and get your crew to join you as Prince Akeem and King Jaffe Joffer for the ultimate throwback group costume. If you liked Coming 2 America, you’ll also get a kick out of these new comedy movies we can’t wait to watch.

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Area 51 Escapee Halloween Costumevia

Area 51 Escapee Halloween Costume

We’ve heard a lot about “unexplained aerial phenomena” this year, so there’s never been a more perfect time to dress up as something from out of this world. If you’re skeptical that the truth is out there, these chilling UFO sightings may change your mind.

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Retro Mail Carrier Halloween Costumevia

Retro Mail Carrier Halloween Costume

Postal Service workers have gone above and beyond over the past year and a half. You might not understand what it’s really like to be a mail carrier, but you can probably appreciate their ability to deliver your must-have packages. So why not show your appreciation by dressing up as a retro mail carrier?

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