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5 Photos That Prove Pugs in Costume Will Bring It for Halloween This Year

Those smushy faces! Those puppy-dog eyes! The only thing cuter than a pug, of course, is a pug ridiculously dressed up, as demonstrated by the book, 'Pugs in Costumes.'

Russell Scheid

Captain Pug

He’ll use his shield to fight off the bad guys (cats), save the damsel in distress (the cute poodle next-door), and still make it home in time to enjoy his kibble. Just find out if your dog really wants to dress up for Halloween before you start envisioning your own pugs in costume.

Pugs and Kisses

Flapper Pug

Some pugs in costume have a more sophisticated style, like this flirty flapper. Turn on some jazz and you’ve got yourself a pug puppy dance party!

Phillip Lauer

Sweet Pug O’ Mine

Guns N’ Roses will definitely want this dog to join in on their next tour. Who wouldn’t?! If you’re pup isn’t a rocker, no worries. Go for one of these tried-and-true Halloween costumes for dogs.

ZUMA Press/Alamy

Moo Pug

That pug sure makes one convincing cow! All she needs is a loving farmer to complete her look. The good news is, dressing up as a cowboy or cowgirl is one of the genius Halloween costumes you can whip up last minute. Everything you need is right in your closet!

Phillip Lauer


These pugs in costume may not have their own TV show, but they’re a whole lot cuter than the Baywatch cast. Who would dare misbehave in the water with those big, droopy eyes watching?

Etsy shoppers, check out this irresistibly cute animal plushie. 

Pugs in Costume

Dying to see more of the best-dressed pugs on the planet? Get the new book Pugs in Costumes. And if you’re thinking of owning your own pugs in costume, here’s why having a pet is good for your health.

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