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packed suitcase


11 Suitcase Packing Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Vacation

A poor packing job (not enough undies, the wrong shoes) can mess up your getaway. Here, personal… >>

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7 of the Best Pieces of Advice for a Happier, Stronger Relationship, As Seen On Reddit

We mined the social networking site for what a few of its 7 million registered users had… >>



Doing This Can Improve Your Marriage In Just One Day, Says Garrison Keillor

Word of advice: Go make yourself miserable, and then come home. >>

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Away From Your Partner? 8 Tricks You Can Try to Strengthen Your Relationship

Not all couple-building occurs when you're with your significant other. "Time apart offers the… >>

Jon Stewart Life Advice

Work & Career

12 Smart Jon Stewart Quotes That Reveal His Wit and Heart

After 16 years at the desk, Jon Stewart delivers his final The Daily Show broadcast on August 6th… >>

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This Simple Test Can Predict The Future of Your Relationship

Will a couple who paddles a canoe together stay together? >>

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10 Parenting Tips From Susan Sontag’s Journal In 1959 That Still Ring True Today

The writer Susan Sontag gave birth to her son, David Rieff, in 1952. After his mother died in 2004… >>



7 Photos That Prove There’s Nothing Better Than Being a Dog on Cape Cod

For our four-legged friends, heaven is a place called Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Just take a look at… >>

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Can Your Dog Read Your Mind? 13 Astounding Secrets Your Dog Knows About You

Dogs notice when you're sad, mad, or suspicious. They can even detect cancer. Turns out, dogs know… >>

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Saving Money

6 Things to Absolutely Always Buy at Big-Box Stores (And 4 to Get at Retail)

Need prescription drugs? Cleaning supplies? Here's when warehouse club prices are worth it, and… >>

babysitter secrets make my job easier


20 Silent Thoughts Your Babysitter Has About You, But Won’t Say To Your Face

From what they know about your marriage (hint: it's a lot!) to your parenting habits that drive… >>

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7 of America’s Most Stunning Trails to Hike Right Now

Be warned: These gorgeous photos of our National Scenic Trails may fill you with the irresistible… >>

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So, That Friend Who Won’t Stop Talking? How to Deal With a Chatterbox

Over-talkers dominate dinner parties and hijack work meetings. Here, effective strategies to deal… >>

Have You Heard of Delayed Drowning


8 Quiet Signs of Someone Drowning

Drowning doesn't mean flailing arms and calling for help. Knowing these silent signs of drowning… >>

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Saving Money

6 Easy Life Hacks That’ll Make Your Summer Breezier

Save time and money this summer with these homemade hacks for cleaning, organizing, and keeping… >>

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11 Dr. Ruth Quotes to Boost Your Sex Life, Confidence, and Bold Thinking

America’s most beloved sex-pert—and Holocaust survivor, former Israeli sniper, author of dozens… >>

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How to Be Polite: Here’s Proof That Good Manners Can Change Your Life

Paul Ford, a model for modern etiquette, makes a case for being polite—and explains exactly how… >>

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20 Secrets Amusement Parks Won’t Tell You About Saving Money and Avoiding Crowds

From how to beat the crowds to the real reasons rides get shut down, former and current amusement… >>

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Work & Career

4 Daily Emotions You Feel At Work and How They Can Make You More Productive

Happy? Sad? Anxious? Mad? Each emotion may be perfectly suited to improve your performance on… >>

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Work & Career

Naturally Successful People Do These 5 Things At Work Every Day

Small tweaks to how quickly you fire off emails, take breaks, and ask questions can make all the… >>