25 Funny Relationship Tweets That Are Hysterically Accurate

Updated: Apr. 22, 2024

Whether you're single (and waiting to mingle) or you've managed to survive lockdown with your partner, these funny relationship tweets are way too accurate.

Ah, romantic relationships. There’s so much we can learn from them. There’s even a lot we can learn from the absence of them! All relationships have their ups and downs: Being single, dating, breaking up, dating again, getting married, having kids, not having kids, growing old together, and remaining young at heart together! All that drama means that there’s a pithy tweet for every stage of love.

It’s just a fact that relationship tweets make up some of the funniest tweets on the Internet. Who hasn’t had a crush that persisted even after you knew they weren’t quite right for you, or been the only single one out of all your friends for a few months? Even when you find true love, the person you love most might also be the most annoying person to live with. These are the kinds of subjects that make relationships tweets into funny relatable tweets.

Whatever goes wrong (or right!) in your love life, however, you know you’ll always have your best pals to lean on. Or, if they’re a little held up, you can rely on the funniest best friend tweets for those same laughs and commiserations. Whether you’re madly in love, comfortably settled, or still waiting for the one to appear in your life, these tweets about relationships will strike a chord of recognition that you can practically hear. Or was that your phone going off? Maybe you have a new dating app match!

Relationship tweets about parenting

Nothing brings you closer together than a shared goal. Like getting the kids to finally sleep.

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Tweets about relationships (when you’re single)

Sure, being single can be rough, but these relationship tweets might remind you that dating can be… equally rough.

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Long term relationship tweets

There’s nothing like getting to know someone over many years, understanding their fears, dreams, and foibles, and becoming accepting of each others’ flaws. And then using that hard-won knowledge to write funny tweets about relationships.

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