39 Harry Potter Pickup Lines for Your Favorite Muggle

Updated: Aug. 09, 2023

But Sirius-ly, these Harry Potter pickup lines will definitely get the attention of that special someone

Looking for a Keeper? If you have ever struggled to find the right words to get someone’s attention, you’re not alone. Flirting can be really nerve-wracking, but sometimes all you need is a little something to break the ice, and using your love of Harry Potter may be just the ticket— along with a few cheesy pickup lines. Whether you’re looking for pickup lines for guys or pickup lines for girls, there’s something for everyone. These Harry Potter pickup lines will help you Slytherin to any conversation—and hearts—with ease.

Are you a snitch? Because you're by far the greatest catch out there.rd.com

For the Quidditch fans

1. Are you a Snitch? Because you’re by far the greatest catch here.

2. I’m just like Oliver Wood, baby. I’m a Keeper!

3. You must play Quidditch. I know a Keeper when I see one.

4. You must be a Snitch, because I’ve been Seeking you my whole life.

5. I’m a Seeker. Are you my Golden Snitch?

6. You must be a Nimbus 2000 because you’re sweeping me off my feet.

7. I’m not a Beater, a Seeker, or a Chaser. I’m a Keeper.

8. You must be a bludger because you knock me out.

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I might as well be under the imperious curse, because I'd do anything for you.rd.com


9. I might as well be under the Imperius curse, because I’d do anything for you.

10. Wow, when I said “Accio hottie,” I didn’t expect it to work!

11. Are you using the Confundus charm, or are you just naturally mind-blowing?

12. You must be my Horcrux because you complete me.

13. If I were to look into the Mirror of Erised, I’d see the two of us together.

14. When I look into the Mirror of Erised, I see you giving me your number.

15. Did you survive the Avada Kedavra curse? Because you’re drop-dead gorgeous.

16. I need to learn Occlumency because I can’t get you out of my thoughts.

17. Did you just use the stupify charm or are you a natural stunner?

18. Your smile is like Expelliarmus. Simple but disarming.

19. I would take a Marauders Map just to stare at you all night!

20. You’ve got my heart on lockdown like a Gringotts Vault.

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I may not be the boy who lived, but I can still be your chosen one.rd.com

All about Hogwarts

21. You had me at “Harry Potter.”

22. Do you like Harry Potter? Because I a-Dumbledore you!

23. I may not be the boy who lived, but I can still be your chosen one.

24. I am SIRIUS-ly into you.

25. Is this the Hogwarts Express? Because it feels like you and I are headed somewhere magical.

26. We may not be in Professor Flitwick’s class, but you sure are charming!

27. My wand has chosen you!

28. Harry Potter may be the Boy Who Lived, but you’re my Chosen One.

29. Are you sure you’re a muggle? Because you look magical.

30. Are we in the Room of Requirements? Because I require you.

31. Mind if I Weasley my way into your heart?

32. I want you more than Snape wanted to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts.

33. Me without you is like Fred without George.

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Are you a Dementor? Because you just took my breath away.rd.com


34. Are you a Dementor? Because you just took my breath away.

35. My love for you burns like a dying phoenix.

36. Are you a basilisk? Because when I caught sight of you, I froze.

37. Are you half-alive Voldemort? Cause you’re always in the back of my mind.

38. I’m not trying to impress you, but I say Voldemort out loud.

39. You must be a house-elf, because you clean up great.

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