Sure, they roll around at the same time every year, but somehow it’s still easy to be caught off-guard. Never again! Whether you’re planning ahead or at the very last minute, these handy holiday guides will help you make the most of your celebrations all year long.

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10 Things You Might Not Know About Kwanzaa

Kwanzaa, a time for people around the world to celebrate African-American history and culture, lasts from December 26 to January 1 each year. If you've never participated in the holiday before, you may be confused about its traditions, symbols, and true meaning. Here's what every American needs to know about the holiday.

13 Things You Never Knew Were Invented by Hispanic People

From your bathroom to your doctor's office, you'll find some of the greatest innovations of science, technology, and imagination. To...

12 Real-Life Exorcisms That Actually Happened

The belief that evil spirits can possess humans has been terrifying people throughout history. That's probably why the history of...

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12 Questions People Still Have About 9/11

Many Americans believe we'll never know everything there is to know about the 9/11 attacks. Here are some of the...

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100 Things Turning 100 in 2020

2020 has been a tough year for us all, but these milestones are something to celebrate! Happy Birthday to the...

35 Black Americans You Didn’t Learn About in History Class

It's about time these incredible Americans get the acknowledgment they deserve.

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The Real History of Cinco de Mayo (It’s Not a Celebration of Mexico’s Independence)

Before you start making margaritas, let's settle what the holiday is really celebrating, shall we?

13 Heroes of Space You Didn’t Learn About in School

These astronauts and scientists deserve to be household names.

11 St. Patrick’s Day Traditions That Will Bring You Luck

You've heard of the luck of the Irish, but how can you get as much good fortune as possible on...

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How “Women’s History Week” Became “Women’s History Month”

In America, we celebrate women's incredible contributions to our nation's history throughout the month of March. But the celebration began...

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The History of 12 Popular Mardi Gras Traditions

The details aren't random. Every bit of this legendary celebration has a story.

Why Do Mardi Gras Float Riders Have to Wear Masks?

There's a reason Mardi Gras in New Orleans is called "The Greatest Free Show on Earth." It's a larger-than-life party...

Why Are the Mardi Gras Colors Purple, Gold, and Green?

If you want to unearth the history of the origins of Mardi Gras colors are a good place to start.

The Surprisingly Dark History of Valentine’s Day You Never Knew

The color red is associated with Valentine's Day because it's scientifically linked to passion and sexuality. But given what we...

Chinese Dragons: Why They’re So Important in Chinese Culture

There’s a lot more to the mythical creature that shaped Chinese history than you probably realize.

Here’s the Surprising History Behind Your Favorite Christmas Carols

"Reginald The Red-Nosed Reindeer"? Frosty and the "One Horse Open Sleigh" had nothing to do with Christmas? These and more...

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White House Christmas Ornaments Through the Years

Here's the history behind every official White House Christmas ornament ever made.

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Famous Female Firsts: Aretha Franklin and 57 Trailblazing Women Who Made History

Celebrate the history-making women who have blazed the trail toward equality.

9 Myths and Legends About Easter Traditions

Multicolored eggs. Cute bunny rabbits. Learn the history behind some of this Christian holiday's most popular traditions.

The 16 Best St. Patrick’s Day Parades in the United States

Here are the best places to celebrate the rich history of Ireland—in America.

17 Things You Never Knew About Mardi Gras

Everyone's heard of this lively day of parades, masks, and beads—but most people don't really know why it's celebrated. Here's...

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United States Trivia Your History Teacher Never Taught You

When was Christmas illegal in America? Which state did Congress forget to officially add to the Union for 150 years?...

The Fascinating History of the Snowman

Miracles, massacres, and Michelangelo; see how snowmen had a frosty hand in them all.

What Are the Ides of March Anyway?

You might remember from your history class that the Ides of March are a big deal, with a sinister reputation....

10 Thought-Provoking Movies to Watch on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Revisit the history of the Civil Rights era and the incredible legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in these...

13 Things You Never Knew About the Rockettes

For more than eight decades, the Rockettes have lit up Radio City Music Hall with their precise legwork and boundless...

4 Veterans’ Stories: A Look at Heroes Returning Home

These service members show that heroism continues off the battlefield, too.