67 Halloween Greetings for All the Ghouls and Goblins in Your Life

There’s so much more to say than Happy Halloween! Whether you’re feeling cute, spooky, funny or flirty, we have the perfect Halloween greetings for you.

Welcome to the most boo-tiful, spooktacular and totally fang-tastic time of the year! One in four Americans say Halloween is their favorite holiday, and even those who answered differently might change their tune when presented with a bucketful of Halloween candy. But whether you’re a die-hard devotee or a casual reveler, it’s a ton of fun to send Halloween greetings to your favorite peeps.

From funny to flirty to flat-out adorable, these Halloween wishes will help you figure out just what to say to let your loved ones know you’re thinking about them on the scariest day of the year (after tax day, of course). Bonus: You can send these Halloween quotes as texts, put them in cards or even use them as Halloween captions for your favorite pics—and they’re pretty much guaranteed to conjure up a smile.

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Cute Halloween greetings for everyone

Halloween GreetingsRD.com, Getty Images

1. Happy Halloween to all you goblins and ghouls!

2. A big BOO to you from our crew!

3. It’s Halloween! Time to eat, drink and be scary!

4. Hope your Halloween is a real scream this year!

5. Excited to see you tonight for the Halloween party! Will you be arriving via broomstick, coffin or Batmobile?

6. Stay spooky, my fiend.

7. Happy Halloween! I think you’re pretty fang-tastic.

8. Wishing you a purr-fectly spooktacular Halloween!

9. You light up my life like a candle in a jack-o’-lantern. Happy Halloween!

10 No bones about it: You’re a fang-tastic friend. Happy Halloween!

11. Wishing you a spooktacular Halloween this year.

12. Hope you have a howling good time this Halloween!

13. Witching you the best Halloween ever!

14. May you have a hauntingly good time this Halloween!

15. ‘Tis the season to be spooky! Happy Halloween!

16. Happy Halloween. Stop in for a spell after trick-or-treating.

17. Here’s to a fun night of frights and delights!

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Funny Halloween greetings

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18. Hope your Halloween is as cute as those tiny hot dog costumes they put on dachshunds!

19. Interested in a Halloween treat? My cooking is to die for.

20. Remember: Halloween-candy calories don’t count as long as you eat them on Halloween.

21. Hope your Halloween is extra scary … as if the news isn’t scary enough every day.

22. Do you need a costume if you’re already batty?! Happy Halloween.

23. Looking forward to the Halloween festivities tonight, especially the boos!

24. I didn’t have time to put together a costume this year, so I’m going as a haunt mess.

25. Going to bed early tonight—I’m a Halloweenie!

26. You are the pumpkin spice of my life.

27. To all my favorite spooks: Creep it real tonight!

28. May your Halloween be as sweet as all that candy you’re going to regret eating tomorrow.

29. Hey, bestie! Ready for our ghoul’s night out?

30. Hip, hip, boo-ray—it’s Halloween!

31. What up, witch?

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Flirty Halloween greetings

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32. I’ll skip the tricks if you’ll be my treat.

33. You have the most bewitching smile. Want to cast a spell on me?

34. Are you a ghost? Because you’re so boo-tiful, it’s scary!

35. You’re the one who makes my heart go bump in the night!

36. Looking forward to a fang-tastic night with my ghoul-friend.

37. Want to meet up for some Halloween candy and boos tonight?

38. No tricks tonight—just kisses and happy Halloween wishes!

39. You look a-maize-ing, even in cobwebs.

40. Hope your Halloween is filled with treats as sweet as you!

41. You’re a treat I’d like to unwrap.

42. Today I’m purr-fectly happy to say that you sunk your claws into me!

43. You make every day feel like Halloween—full of treats, games and fun!

44. Looks like I found the one perfect pumpkin in the patch!

45. Down for a Halloween lunch? You bring the sand-witches, and I’ll bring the love potion.

46. You and me: just two lone wolves howling at the moon together.

47. I promise to put away the garlic if you promise to bite my neck.

48. Happy Halloween to the one who makes my life spooktacular all year round!

49. Want to get a little wicked this year? I’ll bring the boos.

50. For my costume this year, I’m dressing up as Mr./Ms. Right. How am I doing so far?

51. You’re as irresistible as a pumpkin-shaped peanut butter cup.

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Halloween greetings for kids

Halloween GreetingsRD.com, Getty Images

52. Don’t go casting too many spells tonight. Happy Halloween!

53. I know this may sound candy-corny, but Happy Halloween!

54. Don’t be a scaredy cat—it’s only Halloween!

55. Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat!

56. I’m batty for Halloween!

57. Your mummy thinks you’re awesome!

58. You’re my favorite treat in my trick-or-treat!

59. Happy Halloween to my favorite ghoul!

60. Love you, spookums!

61. Which witch are you? My favorite!

62. You are the best little pumpkin in the patch, and I’m so glad you’re mine.

63. Knock, knock, trick or treat, hope your Halloween is sweet.

64. Happy Halloween to my favorite little monster!

65. Trick or treat, you can’t be beat!

66. Boo to you, and happy Halloween too!

67. Have a fa-boo-lous Halloween, kiddo!

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