Take a look at your smartphone—it’s hard to imagine the possibilities of such a small, powerful device in your pocket. If you’re a social media guru, work-from-home grinder, or someone who really only ever makes calls—we’ll teach you how to make the most of your smartphones with hacks, tips, and tricks to blow you away.

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    Significant Locations: How Your iPhone Knows Where You’ve Been

    This feature has existed on the iPhone for years, but hardly anyone knows about it. Here’s how you can see...

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    If You Charge Your iPhone Like This, You Could Be Ruining Its Battery

    Oh, no! Most people do this every day, and they have no idea the consequences could be this bad.

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    If You Think You’re Depressed, Try Doing This on Your Phone

    A new algorithm can actually tell you if you’re depressed—via your social media posts.

    Your Cell Phone Could Help Detect This Type of Cancer One Day

    This could help a lot of people—pancreatic cancer is an especially deadly and hard to identify disease.

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    Here’s What Makes 200,000 iPhone Users Happy

    A new survey of 200,000 iPhone users reveals that some apps can make you very happy, and some, well, some...

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    8 Simple Tricks That Can Save a Wet Cell Phone

    Accidents happen. Here's how to keep a moment of klutziness from destroying your phone.

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    Say These 8 Words to Siri, and She Will Break Out Into Song

    The iPhone digital assistant can set alarms, set up reservations, look up words, and apparently sing to you in a...

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    This Common Battery-Saving iPhone Hack Actually Hurts Your Charge

    Your whole iPhone-owning life has been a lie.

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    This Cell Phone NEVER Needs to Be Plugged In to Recharge—Seriously

    Ever get frustrated because your cell phone battery seems to drain super quick? Researchers are coming up with a solution...

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    This Amazing Feature on Your iPhone Could Save Your Life One Day

    If you give iPhones a thumbs down, you might swallow your words after seeing what this incredible feature can do.

    Apple Debuts New iPhone Feature to Stop Texting While Driving for Good

    The tech giant is putting a stop to the deadly distraction.

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    7 Brilliantly Easy Ways to Protect Your Smartphone at the Beach

    A beach day = countless photo ops for Instagram. But the same trip can also mean an untimely end for...

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    Should You Be Worried About Your Cell Phone Catching a Virus? (Spoiler Alert: Yes!)

    You might want to think twice about before storing your credit card numbers in your phone.

    Thinking of Ditching Your Landline? Read This First

    Once upon a time, it went without saying that a home would have a phone and a cell phone was...

    10 Ways to Get Your Kids Off Their Phone That Don’t Require Bribery

    Talk may be cheap, but overage charges, not so much. Teens text over 3,000 times each month, according to the...

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    Apple or Android? Here’s What Your Phone Choice Can Reveal About Your Personality

    Researchers have linked certain personality traits to different smartphone users.

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    10 Hacks to Free Up Space on Your iPhone (Without Deleting Photos!)

    Tired of the message, “There is not enough available storage"? Read on.

    This Teen Will Revolutionize Smartphone Battery Life

    Supercharged smartphone battery life might be 30 seconds away thanks to a young woman's clever new invention.

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    Mother, Stop “Liking” Me: The Latest Social, Email, and Cell Phone Etiquette

    You asked, she answered. Here's a helpful cheat sheet on phone and internet etiquette from our resident voice of reason.

    Beyond Distracted Driving: When Texting Is a Bad Idea

    Text messaging can be a legitimate health risk, even outside of distracted driving. Here, tips to curb the bad habit.

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    Are You Allergic to Your Phone?

    You might not say "achoo!" but it turns out your cell phone can lead to allergic reactions.

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    10 Cell Phone Rules to Help Save Civilization

    After hundreds (if not thousands) of rides on public transportation, I’ve realized that the only thing more annoying than delays

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    Why We All Need a ‘Designated Texter’

    Have you seen any of the sobering anti-texting-and-driving commercials for AT&T’s “It Can Wait” campaign? The heart-breaking videos of such

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    How Bill Gates Predicted the iPhone … in 1995

    if you could gaze into the future...

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    Why Checking Your Smart Phone Can Become Compulsive

    Are you always checking your phone while you’re waiting in line at the supermarket, or stopped at a traffic light?

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    6 iPhone Apps for Nature Lovers

    Before you set out on your next picnic, nature walk, or hiking adventure, download these helpful, informative, and incredibly cool...