10 Halloween Costumes Only Science Nerds Would Appreciate

"Why can you never trust atoms? They make up everything!"

Basically, these girls don’t need help reading their pH scales.

Here’s why you should be paying attention to the pH levels in your skincare products.

Who said Iron Man needed an armored suit?

While we’re on the topic of iron, here are 11 vegetarian foods that are high in iron (one of them is pumpkin seeds!).

We could’ve mistaken this guy for the actual Orion constellation if we didn’t look twice.

If you really want to experience an unreal stargaze, add Death Valley National Park to your bucket list.

Fun fact: The planets on this girl’s solar system costume are actually accurately spaced out (no pun intended).

Have you ever imagined what it’d be like to send your wife to Mars? This guy actually has experience.

And of course, a mad scientist.

Here are six scientists who experimented on themselves…and it didn’t end well.

ConGRADulations to this graduated cylinder!

Sailor Moon: the Periodic Table edition.

Side note: here’s how every single element on the periodic table plays a role in our daily lives.

OK, the parent who helped their kid make this rainbow tardigrade costume must be pretty awesome.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to dress up as the most indestructible species on the planet?

If you have cardboard, a lime, a stone, and a credit card, this limestone deposit costume is kind of an obligation.

Science nerds unite—and make your whole family join, too!

Here are 20 more DIY Halloween costume ideas for your kids.

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