Brace yourself for Halloween chills, thrills, and all sorts of bewitching fun! We’ve got you covered for the entire spooktacular season, with the best costumes for the whole family, the wildest decorations, the coolest party ideas, the most binge-worthy Halloween movies, and, of course, the scoop on the best candy to pass out. Let the festivities begin!

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    40 Easy Halloween Crafts Your Kid Will Love to Make

    Trick-or-treating is only half the fun. Pump your kids up for frightful night with these easy Halloween crafts your little monsters will love.

    23 Witch Movies That Will Put a Spell on You

    Get ready for a little magic—and the ultimate guilty pleasure—with these witch movies you won’t be able to resist.

    13 Spooky Ouija Board Stories That Will Give You Chills

    Get ready to get freaked out by these true tales.

    The 34 Best Halloween Costumes for Families

    Halloween costumes are so much more fun when the whole family gets involved! Here's what you need to put together...

    35 Halloween Face Paint Ideas to Try This Year

    Get ready to take your costume to a whole new level with these spooky, simple, and unique Halloween face paint...

    35 Scary Halloween Costumes That Will Give You Nightmares

    Scare the living daylights out of anyone and everyone you encounter with one of these terrifying Halloween costumes…if you dare.

    30 Disney Halloween Movies That Aren’t Too Scary

    Halloween movies with Mickey Mouse, Maleficent, the Hundred Acre Wood squad, and all your favorite Disney characters offer up loads...

    The 36 Best Cat Costumes for Halloween

    Looking for the pur-fect Halloween cat costume? Check out these fun, hilarious outfits you and your pet will love.

    40 Vintage Halloween Costumes That Could Still Be Worn Today

    Hello, nostalgia! These vintage Halloween costumes might make you long for the past.

    40 of the Best Halloween Costumes for Dogs

    Who says Halloween is just for humans? Your pup will be scary cute in any of these dog Halloween costume...

    32 Punny Halloween Costumes You Should Totally Try This Year

    Take your creativity to the next level with a punny Halloween costume that makes your friends groan with laughter.

    20 of the Spookiest Halloween Movies on Hulu

    Grab your favorite goblins and settle in for a frightfully good streaming fest on Hulu.

    The Origins of the 14 Spookiest Halloween Monsters

    We love to dress as our favorite scary monsters for Halloween. But where did they come from, anyway?

    55 Halloween Quotes to Get You in the Spooky Spirit

    These Halloween quotes will have you in the spooky spirit all season long.

    50 of the Best Halloween Movies for Kids

    Scare up some fun with these Halloween movies for kids.

    50 Scary Halloween Movies to Deliver the Fright of Your Life

    From slashers to seances, we've rounded up the best scary Halloween movies for a truly frightening night in.

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    What Are the Halloween Colors and What Do They Mean?

    Here's why Halloween celebrants bedeck their homes in these contrasting colors.

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    35 Halloween Party Games to Get You in the Spooky Spirit

    At your next Halloween party, play these new and fun games that are great for kids and adults alike.

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    The History of Jack-o-Lanterns and How They Became a Halloween Tradition

    Why do we carve pumpkins on Halloween? This fun tradition dates way, way back to ancient customs and a spooky...

    Why Do We Bob for Apples on Halloween?

    Compared to other Halloween traditions and legends, its origins aren't as spooky. Learn more about how bobbing for apples came...

    20 Halloween Memes That Will Have You Howling with Laughter

    Trick-or-treat yourself to these hilarious Halloween memes.

    Your Favorite Halloween Candy Based on Your Zodiac Sign

    Even your sweet tooth might be swayed by the stars! Find out your sign's favorite candy before Halloween.

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    13 Photos That Show How Disney Parks Around the World Celebrate Halloween

    You’ll get unique Halloween experiences at the various Disney parks around the globe, but they all have one thing in...

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    20 Scary Good Halloween Riddles

    These spooky Halloween riddles will get you ready for October 31.

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    Is Your Canned Pumpkin Actually Made of Pumpkin?

    You would NOT want to make a Jack-o'-lantern from a Libby's squash.

    What Can You Do with Leftover Pumpkin Puree?

    Don't let leftover pumpkin puree go to waste! We'll show you how to use up that extra pumpkin at the...

    This State Reports the Most Ghost Sightings in America

    If you're intrigued—or freaked out!—by the idea of the paranormal, you'll want to know which U.S. state has racked up...