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17 Best Face Masks for Halloween

Just because Halloween is going to look different this year doesn't mean you still can't get into a spooky (yet CDC-safe) mood with these festive face masks.

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Trick or treat!

We all know Halloween is going to look a little different this year, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still get into the holiday spirit, albeit in a CDC-approved way. These fun and spooky face masks are the perfect way to celebrate Halloween for the new normal. Just be careful you don’t scare anyone! After, read up on these 12 things you probably never knew about Halloween.

Nightmare Before Christmas purple maskvia

Nightmare Before Christmas purple mask

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Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas has become a cult classic for Halloween lovers everywhere. So why not wear the iconic Jack Skellington (along with some other goblins and ghouls) on your mask? This handmade mask gets bonus points for being made of 100 percent cotton so you can breathe easy while feeling spooky. Read up on these 14 spooky Halloween superstitions and how they came to haunt us.

Beetlejuice maskvia

Beetlejuice mask

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Maybe The Nightmare Before Christmas isn’t your thing…and instead, Beetlejuice is! Another Halloween movie classic, this mask comes in sizes for both kids and adults so you can be matching with your little ones. And how sweet (and spooky) is that? Beetlejuice ranks as just one of the 25 best kids’ Halloween movies.

Candy corn maskvia

Candy corn mask

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If you’re not a huge movie buff, a classic Halloween print may be more your style. Let us introduce you to this adorable candy corn printed mask. And as if the candy corn print isn’t enough for you, this mask is actually reversible. The inside is a cute black and orange polka-dotted print. Safe, stylish, and in the spirit—what could be better! Keep in mind that this mask is in women’s sizing. And speaking of candy corn…these are 12 mind-blowing things you didn’t know about Halloween candy.

Glow in the dark ghost maskvia

Glow in the dark ghost mask

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Are you afraid of ghosts? Even if you are, you’re going to want to get your hands on this cute ghost mask that also glows in the dark. Can you get more Halloween spirited than that? And like the candy corn mask, this glow in the dark special has two designs in one: One side holds the Glow in the Dark Ghosts, while the other is home to Crazy Pumpkins. Talk about a combo we can get behind! It’s time to get in the Halloween mood: These are the spookiest ghost stories from each state.

Pumpkin spice latte maskvia

Pumpkin spice latte mask

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So maybe you’re not into the “trick or treat” part of Halloween. That’s OK, we hear you. But maybe you are into all of the delicious flavors that encapsulate the fall season. If that’s the case, what better way to show your love than with this pumpkin spice latte mask? With sugar, spice, and everything nice, this adorable mask is going to be our go-to for the holiday season. These are 10 fresh pumpkin recipes you’ve never tried before.

Jack o' lantern face maskvia

Jack o’ lantern face mask

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Transform into the jack o’ lantern of your dreams with this face mask designed to look like the mouth of a carved pumpkin. Because why would you carve your own pumpkin when you can just wear one on your face? Just kidding, we know you want to do both—so here are our tips on how to perfectly carve your pumpkin.

Sparkling spider web mask and scrunchievia

Sparkling spider web mask and scrunchie

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Calling all fashionistas! What could be better than a glittery spider web-printed mask for Halloween, you may ask? A matching scrunchie that goes with it, of course! This super trendy set can be made for either adults or children, so everyone can get their hands on this fashionable combo. And the best part of all is that the mask alone is $5 and with the added scrunchie it’s $8. Talk about looking good on a budget! And speaking of doing the holidays on a budget, check these 16 cheap adult Halloween costumes nearly anyone can DIY.

Resting witch face maskvia

Resting witch face mask

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There are two things we love more than anything in this world: The holidays and puns. We’re sure yours will too with this adorably punny mask that reads “resting witch face.” These 15 Halloween puns will have you laughing till you’re coffin.

Bat maskvia

Bat mask

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Do you consider Batman to be an idol of yours? If so, you’re going to want to pounce on this bat printed mask. These simple but super cute cotton masks come in purple, black, and white and are imprinted with the outlines of bats, moons, and stars. The clean but fun design will add an extra level of chicness to your holiday shenanigans. These are 13 ways Halloween is celebrated around the world.

boo maskvia

Boo mask

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Honestly, nothing sums up Halloween than the classic “Boo!” So why not get the iconic saying on a mask? These boo masks (with pumpkins taking the place of both “o”s) come in a variety of background colors and are the perfect way to greet the season. Ever wondered why black and orange are the colors of Halloween? We’ve got you covered.

Black cat and pumpkins maskvia

Black cat and pumpkins mask

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Is your child a sucker for our furry friends? If so, they’ll absolutely love this Halloween-themed mask dotted with fuzzy black cats and pumpkins. Because who says Halloween can’t be adorable? And speaking of your little ones: These are 15 spooky, silly Halloween books for kids.

Minions Halloween maskvia

Minions Halloween mask

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It seems like the Minions craze may never end. And with a new Minions movie set to be released in July 2021, it’s the perfect time to celebrate Halloween Minion-style. Featuring one Minion dressed as a vampire and another one hypnotized, this mask is sure to bring laughs (and just a sprinkle of spookiness) to the holiday. These are the spookiest towns to celebrate Halloween in America.

Vampire mouth maskvia

Vampire mouth mask

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We’ll be the first to admit it: Most of us have gone through a vampire phase at some time in our lives. Whether it was The Lost Boys or Twilight for you, there’s something intriguing about those vampires. With this face mask featuring the mouth of a vampire with fangs dripping blood, give the life of the undead a try. Just don’t bite anybody! These are 12 of the spookiest vampire legends from around the world.

Wednesday Addams maskvia

Wednesday Addams mask

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Wednesday Addams is known for her dark sense of humor, which is why we love this mask emblazoned with her image and the words “socially distant.” If being punny is your thing, you’re definitely going to want to pick up this piece for the holiday. These are 30 vintage Halloween costumes that could still be worn today.

Spooky Mickey maskvia

Spooky Mickey mask

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Come on, who doesn’t love Disney? This adorably spooky face mask features a black and white drawing of vintage Mickey with a menacing (but really just too cute) skeleton, bat, spider, and giant eyes peering out from behind the iconic Mickey Mouse ear shape. We’ll take two! Check out some insider information on Disney World’s Halloween celebrations.

Tim Burton mashup maskvia

Tim Burton mashup mask

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It wouldn’t seem right if a Halloween roundup didn’t include multiple references to Tim Burton, the master of spookiness. This colorful handmade mask features iconic characters such as Edward Scissorhands, Jack Skellington, Alice in Wonderland, the Mad Hatter, and Victor and Victoria from The Corpse Bride. These 20 Halloween movies will scare you senseless.

It's Halloween maskvia

It’s Halloween mask

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And finally, nothing quite says “Halloween” like a face mask that literally says “It’s Halloween.” What’s so great about this seemingly simple mask is that you can customize both the font color and mask color, making it as pretty or spooky as you want. Next, read about the hidden origins of Halloween’s spookiest creatures.

For more fun facts, costume ideas, traditions, candy inspiration, spooky entertainment, and updates on how October 31 will look different this year, check out our Halloween Guide.

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