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What April Fools’ Day Prank to Pull, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Looking for the perfect prank to pull on the big day? Your zodiac sign holds the key to success on April Fools’ and beyond!

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The funniest April Fools’ pranks, tailor-made for you

You don’t need to wait until April Fools’ Day to joke around and laugh more … but it certainly gives you a great excuse to up the ante. April Fools’ pranks can be tailored to your personal brand of humor, whether you love over-the-top slapstick comedy or clever storytelling—and that’s something that is built right into you. If you’re looking to get a little mischievous on the big day this year, you’re going to love this list of pranks to pull based on your zodiac sign.

“Each sign of the zodiac has a unique sense of humor,” explains astrologer Danelle Ferreira, and the perfect prank isn’t just about yours. “If you want to play the best April Fools’ Day prank on each sign and be sure to make them laugh, you must understand their personalities.” Translation: Your mark’s style of humor is just as important as your own, if you’re looking for a surefire hit. And with this inside info, you don’t even need to be the funniest zodiac sign to pull them off successfully.

Ahead, you’ll find astrologically tailored pranks they’ll never see coming, from situational humor that will totally confuse them to old-school pranks they can’t help but laugh at. Even better? We’ve got plenty of options for everyone in your life, with April Fools’ pranks for parents and April Fools’ pranks for kids, as well as plenty of April Fools’ pranks for your unsuspecting friends and co-workers. Happy pranking!

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Aries (March 21–April 19)

Aries is the feisty, bold leader of the zodiac, and people born under this sign have a playful and mischievous personality. They love pushing boundaries, and they’re known for witty one-liners and pranks that involve fake-outs and surprise attacks. “Aries has a spontaneous sense of humor—they like to keep things lively and exciting,” says astrologer Tiffany McGee. “A good prank for Aries might involve something unexpected and over the top.”

One idea? A surprise glitter attack! Simply grab a funny card to give to your selected target, and then carefully fill the envelope with ultra-fine craft glitter. Place it on your co-worker’s desk for an office prank or leave it for your friend to find, and watch as they get the surprise of their life.

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Taurus (April 20–May 20)

With a practical and detail-oriented sense of humor, Taurus is very observant and notices the little things that other people might miss. Since bulls are low-key and laid-back, their pranks tend to be the same. “Taurus enjoys poking fun at everyday situations and mundane activities,” explains Ferreira. “They may pull pranks that involve making subtle changes to someone’s routine or surroundings, such as rearranging their desk or room, putting duct tape on the bottom of someone’s computer mouse or hiding their phone.”

To pull off the mouse prank, cut a tiny piece of duct tape in the same color as the person’s mouse and attach it to the bottom. When your mark starts complaining about tech issues, try giving them bogus advice on how to fix it for some added laughs. Take your prank one step further by directing them to one of these numbers to prank call when they need “help.”

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Gemini (May 21–June 20)

Fun-loving, playful and intellectual, Gemini has a very active imagination and excels at pulling off clever pranks. That’s because people trust you—but you can be a very convincing liar when the occasion calls for it. “Geminis are known for their quick wit and communication skills,” says McGee. “They enjoy being the center of attention and making people laugh.” On April Fools’ Day, that translates to pulling pranks that involve confusing others.

What’s a great prank to pull based on your zodiac sign? Try placing a “Please Honk!” sign on the back of your car to confuse your fellow carpoolers. Print out a sign, or use washable window markers to make your odd directive really stand out. Similarly confusing signs (with different messages) also work in the office or classroom, or you can try these hilarious text pranks on friends.

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Cancer (June 21–July 22)

Known for being the sweet and sympathetic jokesters of the zodiac, Cancer has a fluid personality and knows how to adapt their sense of humor to match. And while this polite sign likes to do their fair share of pranking, they avoid anything mean-spirited or too sneaky. “Cancer enjoys making others feel good and bringing joy to those around them,” says Ferreira. “They are likely to pull pranks involving food or snacks, like surprising their friends with a box of treats … with a twist.”

You can pull off this prank in a few ways—like offering a box of jelly doughnuts that have vegetables hidden inside. Or if you’re looking for a gross-out factor, try freaking out unsuspecting friends with some edible bug lollipops in a normal-looking lollipop bag.

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Leo (July 23–Aug. 22)

If you’re a Leo, this will come as no surprise to you: You love being in the spotlight. And that means the people in your life had better watch out when you start scheming and planning a prank, because it’s going to be a big one! “Leo enjoys being the center of attention and entertaining others, so they might pull pranks that involve grand gestures and a huge payoff,” says Ferreira. The best prank to pull based on your zodiac sign? One that is well rehearsed and delivered with some serious flair. We’re talking full-on drama and something that causes a scene in public.

The Master of Pranks needs an over-the-top gag to match that title—which is why the classic broken-car-window gag is perfect for you. Place a fake broken-glass decal on the window of a friend’s car, then make sure to approach the car with them from a distance and watch as they freak out before they realize it’s just an April Fools’ prank. Your zodiac sister sign might really appreciate this one!

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Virgo (Aug. 23–Sept. 22)

Virgo has a practical sense of humor and appreciates a good joke that also serves a purpose. And because this sign is known for always seeing the little details, the best pranks to pull will seem small but have a major impact. “Virgo is the most serious zodiac sign, but they love to prank,” explains astrologer Emily Newman. “And they are successful because people think they will never prank.” She adds that Virgos might enjoy a prank that involves the clever use of everyday items, like swapping sugar and salt or filling shampoo bottles with bubble bath.

Or you could go old-school with a classic jump scare. Try swapping the potato chips with this snake-in-a-can prank that is sure to have people screaming.

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Libra (Sept. 23–Oct. 22)

Libras are known for being sensitive and kind, but they also have a sharp wit and a way with words, and they like to use their intelligence to make other people laugh. “Libra enjoys using humor to diffuse tension,” says Ferreira. “They pull pranks that involve bringing different groups of people together or creating unexpected situations.”

That’s why we recommend launching a surprise confetti attack on your spouse or children on April Fools’ Day. You’ll just need some pre-cut paper confetti to place on top of your ceiling fan. Then wait for your unsuspecting victim to turn on the fan and be showered with a fun surprise. (Just make sure you’re the one doing the vacuuming afterward if you want them to really appreciate this one!)

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Scorpio (Oct. 23–Nov. 21)

Scorpios are very smart and clever, so it should come as no surprise that they’re among some of the best pranksters around. They gravitate toward humor that’s dark, twisted and a bit sarcastic. “Scorpio has a mysterious and intense sense of humor,” says McGee. “They enjoy a good prank that involves some secrecy and intrigue.” Translation: They love pushing boundaries and may use humor as a way to shock or provoke others.

Since you love pranks with a good scare factor—so long as you’re not the one getting spooked!—your ideal prank might involve scaring your friends based on their fears. For example, if you know someone with a touch of arachnophobia, put a realistic-looking fake spider in their shoe or on their plate for dinner.

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Sagittarius (Nov. 22–Dec. 21)

Sagittarius has an adventurous and daring sense of humor—and loves to crack jokes and pull pranks. Their favorite type? Those that are spontaneous and sometimes outrageous. “Sagittarius can create the best pranks,” says Newman. She notes that they’d enjoy putting notices on board with fake news, a “no parking” sticker on a regular parking space or an “out of service” message on the elevator.

For that last one, you’ll just need a handy roll of caution tape and a convincing story to tell your building maintenance team. Then simply tape up your warning signs, and watch as your co-workers have to take the stairs!

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Capricorn (Dec. 22–Jan. 19)

With a dry and very subtle sense of humor, Capricorns might view silly gag gifts as a waste of time … though even they like to let loose every now and again. But as you might have guessed, they tend to prefer more subtle and clever pranks. That means they always play the long game to get an over-the-top reaction. “Most of the time, you’re the first in and the last out in the office, so you know what is essential for everyone to do their job,” says Newman. “A good prank for a Capricorn could be an office prank like hiding or replacing supplies and waiting for everyone else to get frustrated.”

Another idea? Swapping the plush, two-ply in the bathrooms with this no-tear novelty toilet paper. Just make sure there’s a real roll in the stall too, so they’re not completely stuck!

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Aquarius (Jan. 20–Feb. 18)

Known for their zany and eccentric sense of humor, Aquarius is the rebel of the zodiac who enjoys shocking others with unexpected acts of chaos. They can see the humor in almost any situation, which is why they’re the most original pranksters of the bunch. “Aquarius enjoys pulling pranks that are out-of-the-box and unexpected,” McGee says. “A good prank for an Aquarius might involve creating a fake news story to shock their friends.”

The trick to this one is creating a crazy headline that could actually happen—like a kid running for mayor in your hometown. All you’ll need to pull this one off is a customizable newspaper template and a talent for telling a story!

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Pisces (Feb. 19–March 20)

There’s no way Pisces would ever pull a prank that someone would take personally. Sensitive, empathetic and dreamy, people born under this sign like using their imaginations to create whimsical pranks that leave a touch of magic in the air. “Pisces lives in a fairy-tale world, and they are always imagining something dramatic but ultimately light-hearted,” says Newman. “So, any prank involving silly string is a perfect fit—and will feed their desire to be a kid at heart.”

This perfect prank to pull based on your zodiac sign is a classic that takes almost no planning. Just grab a can of silly string and hide in a closet or another inconspicuous spot. Then wait for your April Fools’ victim to find you, and unleash your can of silly string! Not only will they get a big scare, but you’re also sure to get a laugh or two. You also won’t want to miss these funny prank videos that will leave you in stitches.

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