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20 April Fools’ Day Memes to Make You Laugh After Getting Pranked

These April Fools' memes will make this day of practical jokes a bit more bearable.

Person slipping a spider into shoes. Meme text: It's that time of year again...

Ah, April Fools’ Day. A day for pranksters and practical jokes galore, sometimes even at your own expense. The true pranksters will execute some amazing April Fools’ pranks that have been brewing for weeks, bystanders will stifle their laughs, and the brunt of the joke will roll their eyes to hide their humiliation. But hey, a day dedicated to laughter is a beautiful thing, as long as everyone stays safe and no one gets hurt. If you like to hide from the pranksters gone wild on this cherished day, there’s no reason you can’t still get a few laughs in at these hilarious April Fools’ Day memes. Make sure you also check out these April Fools’ Day jokes for more laughs.

Woman looking skeptically at paper. Meme text: Me keeping a list of everyone who has wronged me

Makin’ a list…

Checkin’ it twice! Don’t miss these April Fools’ Day pranks that went horribly wrong.

Man laughing. Meme text: Remembering my whole life is actually a joke

Pranks for days

For me, every day is this holiday. If these April Fools’ memes are tempting you to join the fun, see these silly April Fools’ jokes you can play on your kids.

Man wearing a mask in the snow. Meme text: Happy April Fools’ to everyone who thought winter was over!

Is it spring yet?

You thought a light jacket was enough? Think again! Don’t miss these funny pictures that will instantly crack you up.

Skeptical baby. Meme text: When you realize you were born on April Fools' Day

So am I just a joke to you?

Mom and Dad swear this wasn’t on purpose, but we all know the real truth. Get them back with one of the best April Fools’ Day pranks you can play on your parents.

Woman laughing. Meme text: When your landlord asks for a check on April Fools' Day

It’s still April 1st

Rent is still due? You’re kidding, right? Check out history’s most shocking pranks over the past 600 years that will make your jaw drop.

Woman peeking through blinds. Meme text: Me at everyone today

Trust no one

The only person you can truly depend on is yourself. But we all know these practical jokes all stem from love. Don’t miss these love memes that will make that special someone laugh.

Person holding hand toward the camera. Meme text: Dad, stop. I know what day it is.

The king of pranks

The best day of the year for the most embarrassing man in the world. Beat him to the punchline with one of these dad jokes that are actually pretty funny.

Grumpy cat. Meme text: Trust no one, just like any other day.

Sounds familiar

Oh great, another day for lies and deceit. Check out 45 more hilarious cat memes that will make you laugh every time.

Man explaining something. Meme text: Explaining how I intend to use your kind, trusting nature for my own short-lived amusement

In a nutshell

This is why I like to hide on April Fools’ Day. Good thing hiding will be easier this year as many of us are working from home. See these 14 working from home memes that are hysterically truthful.

Mother holding baby, both smiling. Meme text: Mom has no idea I’m about to throw up.

The gift that keeps on giving

April Fools, Mom! Don’t miss these family jokes that all parents can relate to.

Dog with American flag glasses. Meme text: Feeling confident no one will prank me because everyone thinks it’s still March

Remind me what day it is

The days all blend together. If this made you chuckle, try these dog memes that will certainly crack you up.

Orangutan rubbing forehead. Meme text: I don’t take you seriously any other day of the year… why would I today?

When your joke falls flat

Is there such a thing as too many jokes? Check out more animal memes that are surprisingly very relatable.

Woman laughing at her phone. Meme text: Telling all my friends I’m going to leave the house today… my favorite trick!

What is fresh air?

April Fools! I’m staying home again. Embrace staying home with these quarantine jokes that are actually pretty funny.

Two people bumping fists. Meme text: Congratulations on effectively deceiving and humiliating me.

Well played

I didn’t realize you had a sense of humor. By the way, if you need a good prank to pull on your significant other, check out these funny April Fools’ pranks for boyfriends.

Man frowning and looking very serious. Meme text: My face at everyone on April Fools’ Day.

Expect the worst

I’m onto you. If you’re feeling frustrated and curious where this day even came from, read about the mysterious origins of April Fools’ Day.

Woman rubbing her eyes with hands. Meme text: Me after taking a bite of the chocolate chip cookie only to learn it’s oatmeal raisin.

Let’s do better

The most evil kind of disappointment.

Dog laughing. Meme text: I actually did eat their homework!

What’s for snack?

Who’s laughing now? Get all your virtual friends with these easy pranks you can pull on Facebook in a matter of seconds.

Man scratching his chin, deep in thought: What if April Fools' Day is actually April 2nd, and we've been fooled to believe it's April, Getty Images

The ultimate prank

The joke of a pure genius.

Man with head in his hands. Meme text: Wondering why there’s a day dedicated to fools when you see fools every day.

So true

Have you met my family?

Dog hiding under a bed. Meme text: Is April Fools' day a good excuse to call out of work?, Getty Images

Asking for a friend

I’ll be hiding until April 2nd.  Now that you’ve gone through all of these April Fools’ memes, send your practical jokester a hilarious thank you note with these funny thank you memes for every occasion.

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