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12 of the Most Clever Group Halloween Costumes

Get the whole gang together and dress to impress this Halloween!

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Happy holidays

These group Halloween costumes are great because each individual getup is different enough, but together, the whole ensemble is delightful. Have everyone pick their favorite holiday and go all out with festive fun. For a few examples, dress up in a bunny costume for Easter; grab angel wings and a toy bow and arrow and channel Cupid for Valentine's Day; wear red, white, and blue from head to toe for Independence Day; and wear sparkly glasses and a top hat to be New Year's Eve. Here are 17 more simple costumes that are easy to put together last-minute.

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Stick it to 'em

This is one of the easiest homemade Halloween costume ideas out there because all you need to pull it together is a totally white outfit and some black electrical tape. Form a "stick person" by attaching lines of tape to the arms and legs of your white shirt and pants (the "paper"). Cardboard faces are optional! This is one of the best group Halloween costumes because it’s so easy to modify based on age, gender, and size. If you really want to stand out, you can also get a fancy LED version of the stick figure costume that'll light up the Halloween night! Find out some secrets Halloween costume designers want you to know.

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Emoji-fy your Halloween routine

If your group is low on time and enthusiasm, rounding up a bunch of emoji tees is easy enough, and it lets each group member find an appropriate face to match their personality. Or, if you can't quite find the perfect face for your mood, make your own emoji with a circle of cardboard and yellow paint! These comfortable costumes are perfect for a group outing–spend Halloween with your buddies at the world's spookiest theme parks!

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Disney princesses

Get your girl gang together and dress up as Disney's most iconic ladies. Whether you're feeling classic, like Snow White or Cinderella, or a little more modern, like Belle or Rapunzel, there's a costume out there that'll transform you into Disney royalty! And, of course, if some significant others want to join the fun, too, pair up your princesses with their princes! Plus, check out some more perfect costumes for lovers of the House of Mouse.

the zoovia (2)

It's a zoo!

Have everyone in your group dress up as their favorite bird or beast and have a roaring good time this Halloween. Whether you're loco for lions, passionate about pandas, or obsessed with owls, you're sure to find a creature-themed costume that you love. Or, if you've got a really big group, pair up and have each pair dress as the same animal to be Noah's Ark!

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Mario Kart

Even people who aren't regular gamers have probably at least heard of Mario, Luigi, Peach, and their fellow Mario Kart racers, so these group Halloween costumes are sure to be a hit with one and all. Simply dress up as the game characters, or, if you really want the full effect, put together cardboard "cars" (check out this tutorial from Tamara's Joy). Not that crafty? Never fear, all you need is a Wii Wheel to show everyone that your squad is ready to hit the racetrack. Use even more props, like plush Mario mushrooms and banana peels, to really round out the look.

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Meddlin' kids

With their iconic, distinctive wardrobe styles and colors, the Scooby-Doo gang has become something of a staple for lovers of group Halloween costumes. Plus, the spooky-but-funny cartoon makes for perfect Halloween inspiration. Get Daphne, Shaggy, Scooby, and the rest of the gang together and go trick-or-treating for some Scooby Snacks! Bonus points if you get an actual dog to be Scooby. Here are some more adorable dog costumes that let your pooch join the party.

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Shark Week

Forget ghosts and zombies—here's a Halloween costume that's really scary! And, of course, it's fun and punny, too. Channel the toothy predator we all love to fear with this Shark Week costume. It works best with a group of five or seven—have everyone wear a different "day of the week" shirt (fake-blood-smears optional) and a shark hat! For some more getups that won't break the bank, check out these costumes you can get on Amazon for $25 or under.

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The Price is Right for this easy costume

"Come on down!" Bring the beloved game show to life with these simple "Price is Right" contestant costumes. Choose a variety of colors and scores, and even have that one friend who's a really good sport dress up as the big wheel! And it's easy to take the DIY approach for these group Halloween costumes, too. If you’ve got access to plain colored tees, some permanent markers, and cardboard, you can definitely put together your own Bob Barker-approved costumes.

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This simple costume couldn't be easier—just pick your favorite color and you're good to go!—but it's still cute and quirky, especially if you get a group together and dress as the full rainbow! In addition to different colors, there are plenty of styles to choose from, too. Whether you prefer a traditional crayon costume, tank dress, or sparkly skirt-dress, there's a hue for you. Now that's thinking outside the box! If your favorite group to dress up with on Halloween is your family, here are some great ideas for family Halloween costumes.

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Talk about a killer costume! Keep everyone guessing "whodunnit" when you go as the colorful crew from this classic mystery game. If you own lots of one color, be it scarlet, plum, or mustard-yellow, you might even be able to DIY this costume. But if not, there's plenty of monochromatic clothes online for every suspect, from Mrs. White to Mrs. Peacock. Don't forget the magnifying glasses!

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The "Spice Girls"


What we want, what we really really want is... Halloween candy! This punny costume is sure to get a laugh. Just get four of your besties together, start with plain white shirts, and each print out a picture of a different spice rack staple to put on the shirt. (Of course, dressing up as the real Spice Girls is a great group costume idea, too!) Here are some more great punny Halloween costumes that will make people do a double take.