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Sure, they roll around at the same time every year, but somehow it’s still easy to be caught off-guard. Never again! Whether you’re planning ahead or at the very last minute, these handy holiday guides will help you make the most of your celebrations all year long.

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    40 Patriotic Quotes That Honor the United States of America

    You'll be filled with American pride after reading these patriotic quotes.

    40 Totally Tea-rific Gifts for Tea Lovers

    However your favorite tea lover sips—fast, slow, pinky up—these tea gifts are sure to impress.

    40 Great Gifts for Your Sister That She’s Guaranteed to Love

    Need a few ideas for the best gifts for sister that she's sure to appreciate? We've got you covered!

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    30 April Fools’ Day Memes to Make You Laugh After Getting Pranked

    These April Fools' memes will make this day of practical jokes a bit more bearable.

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    30 April Fools’ Day Jokes to Make Everyone Laugh

    'Tis the season for pranks and nonstop fun. These witty jokes and one-liners will keep you laughing all day long.

    The Best April Fools’ Day Office Pranks Anyone Can Pull Off

    You don’t have to be the office jokester to partake in these funny office April Fools’ pranks that will leave...

    What Is Passover and Why Is It Celebrated?

    Here's everything you've ever wanted to know about the Jewish holiday.

    The Perfect Mother’s Day Celebration, Based on Your Mom’s Zodiac Sign

    These Mother's Day celebrations are written in the stars.

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    April Fools’ Day: How Did It Start, and Why Is It April 1?

    The origins of the prank-lovers' favorite holiday are murky. In fact, it's possible that the entire concept of April Fools'...

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    15 Fun (and Harmless) April Fools’ Pranks for Kids

    On April 1st, everyone can get in on the fun. These easy April Fools’ pranks for kids are sure to...

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    25 of the Best April Fools’ Pranks to Play on Your Parents

    The best pranks for parents are ones that are easy, fun, and won’t get you grounded. Who said mom and...

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    50 Funny April Fools’ Pranks to Pull in 2022

    Jokesters are in their element on April 1st. These funny April Fools' gags will ensure that you're the prankster and...

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    30 Funny April Fools’ Pranks for Your Boyfriend

    April 1 may be the most hilarious day of the year, especially when you're the one orchestrating these practical jokes...

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    9 Hilarious April Fools’ Text Pranks to Play on Your Friends

    You don't have to see someone in person to pull a great April Fool's Day prank.

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    35 Best Mother’s Day Movies to Watch with Mom in 2022

    Curl up with some popcorn and chocolate (and don't forget the tissues) to watch the best movies that pay tribute...

    35 Hilarious Easter Memes That Will Make Any-Bunny Laugh

    Get ready to share some funny yolks with these Easter memes.

    35 Earth Day Quotes That Remind Us to Cherish the Planet

    Earth Day is on April 22—celebrate the day with these Earth Day quotes that remind us to take care of...

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    20 Sweet Stories About Moms (That Will Make You Want to Call Yours)

    Mother's Day 2022 is coming up on May 8. These readers' stories offer much-needed mom love and inspiration.

    25 Best Easter Movies for Kids to Watch in 2022

    Continue your Easter celebration on the small screen by watching these fun—and meaningful—Easter movies for kids.

    10 Best Easter Movies on Netflix to Stream Right Now

    Grab a snack and get comfy on the couch! These Easter movies on Netflix are perfect for Easter weekend streaming.

    25 Easter Nail Ideas That Will Perfect Your Holiday Look

    Hop on spring’s best trends with these stunning Easter nail ideas that you’ll want to wear all season long.

    40 Thoughtful Wedding Gifts They’ll Cherish Forever

    Creative (and useful) wedding gifts to celebrate their new lives together.

    60 Best Easter Captions for Your Hoppy Holiday

    For Peeps sake, your followers won't know what hit them when they see these Easter captions.

    14 Free and Printable Easter Cards For Everyone in Your Life

    These printable Easter cards make perfect bonus gifts for your loved ones. From cute to elegant, you'll find a little...

    Here’s Why the Poppy Is a Symbol of Memorial Day

    Memorial Day poppies appear every year and raise funds for a great cause. But what is the history behind wearing...

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    The 25 Best Easter Movies to Watch This Year

    Did your go-to family favorite make our list of the best of the best Easter movies to watch?

    45 Creative Easter Basket Ideas That Are Colorful and Fun

    Make Easter extra special this year with these easy, unique Easter basket ideas.